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john cougar jack and diane

Rock Rewind: John Cougar (Mellencamp) “Jack & Diane”

First it was Johnny Cougar. Then just John Cougar. Then it was John Cougar Mellencamp. Then just John Mellencamp. Rarely has a musical artist gone through so many moniker changes over the course of a career (right up there with Sean Combs-Diddy-P Diddy-Puff Daddy). But regardless of the name changes, Mellencamp’s unique style of heartland rock has been a constant force, his songs evoking indelible images of the American Midwest. […]

twin shadow eclipse

Twin Shadow ‘Eclipse’ – Album Review

The first release since his move from cult indie label 4AD over to Warner Bros., Eclipse sees leather jacket-wearing hipster George Lewis Jr., aka Twin Shadow, further embrace his fondness for pomp and bluster on eleven tracks which practically beg to be belted out in front of a stadium crowd. Packed with super-sized echo-laden drums, chest-beating melodies and melodramatic tales of lost love, the follow-up to 2012’s Confess certainly isn’t […]


Tuxedo ‘Tuxedo’ – Album Review

An unlikely alliance between Grammy-nominated neo-soul crooner Mayer Hawthorne and Seattle boom-bap producer Jake One (50 Cent, G-Unit), the aptly-named Tuxedo couldn’t have timed the retro disco-funk of their self-titled debut album any better. Arriving just weeks after Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars propelled the sounds of The Gap Band, Steve Arrington and The Whispers back into the charts, these twelve unashamedly old-school tunes find the duo mining a virtually […]

mike porcaro

Mike Pocaro, Former Bassist for Toto, Dead at 59

Mike Pocaro, who played bass for Grammy-winning band Toto for more than 20 years, has died of ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease), according to his brother and fellow bandmate Steve Pocaro. He was 59. “Our brother Mike passed away peacefully in his sleep at 12:04 AM last night at home surrounded by his family, Steve posted on Facebook. “Rest in peace, my brother.” Mike was one of three Porcaro brothers who […]

purity ring another eternity

Purity Ring ‘another eternity’ – Album Review

Having been invited to remix Lady Gaga and collaborate with Detroit rapper Danny Brown since arriving on the scene with their bewitching brand of witch house back in 2012, Purity Ring, aka Canadian duo Megan James and Corin Roddick, now tiptoe further towards the mainstream with their second album, another eternity. Packed with warped synths, ominous bass-lines and spacious processed beats, these ten textured soundscapes might not be light years […]

robin thicke pharrell blurred lines

Jury: ‘Blurred Lines’ Ripped Off Marvin Gaye

After months (nay, years) of controversy swirling around “Blurred Lines,” the 2013 hit song by Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams, a jury decided yesterday that the song constitutes copyright infringement, and awarded a restitution of nearly $7.4 million to the estate of Marvin Gaye, according to Billboard. The family of the late R&B singer has long claimed that “Blurred Lines” is effectively a rip-off of Gaye’s 1977 song “Got To […]

jon hopkins late night tales

Jon Hopkins ‘Late Night Tales’ – Album Review

Following the success of his Mercury Prize-nominated breakthrough Immunity, along with his production work on Coldplay’s last record, ambient techno maestro Jon Hopkins continues to raise his profile by becoming the latest contributor to the most interesting compilation series on the market, Late Night Tales. Not that there’s anything particularly commercial about his choice of 21 tracks, with only a few names (Sigur Rós frontman Jónsi, indie shoegazers School of […]

the runaways

Billboard’s Girl Group Week: Apparently It’s a Thing

A whole week dedicated to paying tribute to all-girl acts? I’m in. For this entire week, March 2-6, Billboard Magazine has been featuring its second annual Girl Group Week, which officially makes it a “thing.” (If something happens more than once, it’s a thing. I just made that rule up, but whatever.) In fact, they’ve got a poll where you can vote for your favorites—and since the poll closes today, […]

skrillex and diplo present jack u

‘Skrillex & Diplo Present Jack Ü’ – Album Review

Dropped without any notice during their mammoth 24-hour Beatport DJ set last week, Skrillex & Diplo Present Jack Ü sees two kings of the EDM scene join forces for a surprise full-length LP which, unsurprisingly, isn’t exactly short on epic bass drops. The fratboy-friendly supergroup occasionally show signs that they’ve broadened their horizons since they first shared a stage together at the Mad Decent Block Party back in 2013. “To […]

the singles candy

The March 2015 Dance/Electronica Playlist

Featuring an Irish eccentric’s long-awaited return, a collaboration between a superstar DJ and Disney Channel graduate, and a Hollywood A-lister’s latest musical venture, here’s a look at five dance/electronica tracks you need to look out for in March. Roisin Murphy – “Gone Fishing” Eight years after the slinky synth-pop of Overpowered, former Moloko frontwoman Roisin Murphy finally returns with her third solo album, Hairless Toys, in the spring. Its first […]


Madonna Plays the ‘Ageism’ Card (Really?) -Editorial

If you’ve paid any attention to Madonna’s actions over the past several years (and more intensely in the past few months), one thing seems pretty apparent: this is a woman who doesn’t want to get old. Or at least, doesn’t want to be seen as such. May it please the court—we present the following as evidence: Her ripping of Lady Gaga (“She’s not me!”) in 2012 for the apparent similarities […]

dan deacon glass riffer

Dan Deacon ‘Gliss Riffer’ – Album Review

After addressing the state of the nation on 2012’s electro-orchestral America, Baltimore oddball Dan Deacon sets his sights a little lower on Gliss Riffer, a ‘back-to-basics’ affair in which he simply aims to prove that he can relax. Largely recorded on the road during last year’s support slot on Arcade Fire’s tour, these eight soundscapes may be a little less ambitious in scope, but they’re hardly the minimalistic and calming […]


Introducing: Ekkah

If Mark Ronson’s inescapable current hit “Uptown Funk” goes on to spearhead a retro funk revival, then British female duo Ekkah, a.k.a. long-time friends Rebecca Wilson and Rebekah Pennington, couldn’t have timed their arrival any better. At the forefront of a micro-scene which also includes Melbourne pair GL and stylish London trio Juce, Ekkah specialise in the kind of chic guitar riffs, slick basslines and smooth grooves that tore up […]

lady gaga oscars

Lady Gaga Channels Julie Andrews, Actually Sings at Oscars

Oscars this, Oscars that, blah, blah. Birdman, blah blah, can’t believe what she was wearing, blah blah…Save all that for somewhere else. Did anyone catch Lady Gaga’s performance??? Behind her onstage flamboyance, constantly-changing appearance and wild swings between outrageous clothing and no clothing at all, it turns out Lady Gaga can actually sing. I mean really sing, y’all. During the 87th Academy Awards last night, the surprise musical performance of the […]

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Guillermo del Toro Is Launching A Horror Film Contest

Guillermo del Toro. He’s one of the biggest names in the movie business. He writes, directs, and produces his films. He also produces other peoples films. Meaning he cherry picks brilliant works that wouldn’t be seen by a wide audience and he, through his fast connection network, is able to get them wider distribution. Well, now the man is taking his producer habits one step further. He’s launching a contest. […]


Watch David Fincher’s New Gap Ads

David Fincher is one of the greatest living directors. He’s created masterpieces like Fight Club, Seven, and Zodiac. He also directed Alien 3. But that’s neither her, nor their. He’s a man who, with some regularity, creates some of our culture’s most talked about films. And on occasion he directs commercials. It’s a fairly common occurrence. Directors working in commercials allows them to make smaller films, with less risk, at […]


Michael Fassbender Has Ideas For X-men: Apocalypse

Michael Fassbender is, arguably, one of the biggest stars on the surface of planet Earth, currently. He’s a leading man who can pull massive crowds into a theatre and simultaneously win numerous amounts of awards. We’ll have to wait till May 2016 to find out exactly what Fassbender, Kinberg, and company have in store for us. I, for one, am really excited to see what happens. I’m really into the […]


Donald Glover To Play Miles Morales in Ultimate Spider-man Cartoon

In 2010, the Amazing Spider-man was rumbling to life. People were saying that Sony was going to reboot the franchise and of course the topic of what actor could take over the role of Spider-man was an instant debate. One of the names the quickly became a source of heated discussion was Donald Glover. Fans of the actor-rapper-writer were convinced that he could play Peter Parker, while more conservative individuals […]


Ridley Scott Talks Prometheus and Blade Runner Sequels

Ridley Scott has a line of projects that seems to circle the block. He’s wrapping up Exodus: Gods and Kings, then he’s moving on to The Martian, with Matt Damon, and then he’ll finally be getting around to the films that everyone wants him to make Blade Runner 2 and Prometheus 2. Scott recently sat down with EW and had a few things to say about each of the upcoming […]


Bond 24 In Need Of A New ‘Iconic’ Henchman

Bond 24 is inching towards production. They have a script, they have a director and an established cast. What they don’t have is a cool new henchman, apparently. A casting call just went out for a man who is above 6’2”, age 30 – 45, and has a ‘ very unusual look’. What that means is they’re looking for someone who is taller than Bond, and has the capability to […]


Parks and Rec Blooper Reel

Parks and Rec is inching towards completion. And as such interesting odds and ends from is sixth season are ending up online. Check out this hilarious blooper reel from the season. Needless to say, Parks and Rec has one of the most comedically gifted casts currently on TV. Watching Chris Pratt, Amy Poehler, Adam Scott, Nick Offerman, and Aubrey Plaza in these bloopers makes me almost wish the show was […]


‘Young Ones’ Looks Absolutely Jaw Dropping

Young Ones is the second feature film from writer and director Jake Paltrow. It’s a futuristic western with an amazing cast that looks absolutely spectacular. The film appears to have gravitas and empathy in spades. Set in a futuristic dystopian world where drought has covered the United States, the film follows a family and their struggles to find equilibrium in this new unforgiving world. The cast includes Michael Shannon, Elle […]


Men, Women, and Children

Jason Reitman is one of those directors that you always need to keep an eye on. He’s always in the background, doing interesting things. While other directors with his level of clout would be attempting to direct Transformers 16, he’s out making interesting, character based pictures. His latest effort is entitled Men, Women, and Children. What’s it about? The intersection of technology and the human condition.  


Jackie Chan Needs To See A Script For Rush Hour 4

In the endless deluge of sequels, reboots, preboots, and remakes I can honestly say I’ve never heard anyone say ‘Man, I wish there was another Rush Hour movie’. Well, apparently there are plans slowly rumbling to life. Somewhere there’s a studio executive who is attempting to breathe new life into the franchise. While promoting the Chinese Zodiac, Jackie Chan sat down with Jonathan Ross and answered some questions. One of […]


William H Macy’s ‘Rudderless’ Looks Heartwarming

William H Macy is one of the few ‘that guy’ actors who has transcended character acting and become a household name. In films like Fargo, Magnolia, The Cooler and Mystery Men Macy has showcased his skills and verisimilitude at every turn. The man is an amazing talent. Well, now it looks like Macy is turning his skills to another aspect of filmmaking. Namely, being behind the camera.  


The Revenge of the Green Dragons

Crime movies are released pretty regularly. They’re easy to make from a logistical point of view. They don’t require tons of special effects and high profile actors. But, let’s be honest, most of them aren’t earth shattering. They’re just not. Yeah, of course there are amazing crime films made. But let’s be real. They’re few and far between. Well, the godfather of crime films is executive producing a new one […]


Guillermo del Toro Might Use TV’s Constantine For His Justice League Dark Film

Guillermo del Toro has been plugging away at his filmic ‘To Do’ list for a good while now. He’s slowly movie towards filming highly anticipated franchise installments Hellboy 3, Pacific Rim 2, and his Lovercraft love letter Mountains of Madness. However there’s one film that seems to still be lurking in the dark corners of Hollywood that has del Toro’s name still attached to it. Justice League Dark. With the […]


How Winter Soldier Impacts Age of Ultron

The best thing about the Marvel Cinematic Universe is that the films talk to each other. Sometimes that manifests in the characters from one film literally showing up in another. Sometimes it’s just the characters talking about events in other films. It’s wonderful. Absolutely wonderful. It’s everything I wanted when I was ten years old watching Superman The Motion Picture. Well, now we’re hearing some interesting news about how Cap […]

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