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missy elliott

Missy Elliot Releasing Game-Changing Album?

Is Missy Elliot cooking up new music since her last album The Cookbook almost a decade ago?  Word on the street is that the fabulously unpredictable emcee/producer is working with her long-time partner Timbaland to create a whole new futuristic sound. “It’s coming,” Timbaland told Rolling Stone. “It’s on her. She got the first single, it’s just a matter of when she wants to do it. We got the hollow-tip […]

diplo random white dude

Diplo “Random White Dude Be Everywhere” – Album Review

Named after a comment on one of his several provocative videos from a rather astute YouTube user, Random White Dude Be Everywhere sees super-producer Diplo serve up a mixed bag of twerk classics, brand new cuts and remixes in a bid to confirm that he’s still the master of organised chaos. With Bieber, Britney and Usher just a few of the artists who’ve recently chosen to utilise the 35-year-old’s speaker-blasting […]


Top 20 Greatest Hip-Hop Songs From the 1990s (Part 2)

… And we’re back.  Recently, we started our Top 20 countdown of hottest hip-hop jams of the ‘90’s.  With the likes of The Notorious B.I.G., Tupac Shakur, Coolio, M.C. Hammer and Lauryn Hill leading the way, the decade produced hit after hit – laying the foundation for a now international culture.  Both urban and suburban America hitched their rides to the meteoric rise of rap. We finished with Number 11 […]

billy joel uptown girl

Rock Rewind: Billy Joel “Uptown Girl”

We’ve featured Billy Joel before on the Rock Rewind, but seeing how this week it was announced that the Piano Man will be receiving the coveted Library of Congress Gershwin Prize for Popular Song (an honor shared by the likes of Paul McCartney, Stevie Wonder, Paul Simon and Carole King), it seemed appropriate to pull another of his many landmark hits from the vault. The second single off of 1983’s […]

Sir Mix a Lot

Top 20 Greatest Hip-Hop Songs From the 1990’s (part 1)

Every 20 years, it seems pop culture recycles itself.  That means the 90’s are back y’all.  Cue my childhood; grunge flannel shirts, ripped jeans, that Clueless movie, and the meteoric rise of rap. During the 90’s, hip-hop, like an eager adolescent teen, up and left its home in the Bronx and spread its wings for the West and East Coasts.  This sparked the infamous feud which took the lives of […]


“Hyperdub 10.2” (Various Artists) – Album Review

The second of four compilations released to coincide with the tenth anniversary of one of the dance scene’s most forward-thinking labels, Hyperdub 10.2 eschews the dark murky instrumentals of its predecessor to cast some sun on both its more conventional songwriting prowess and its roster of artists at the forefront of boundary-pushing electro-R&B. Several of the 14 cuts on offer will already be familiar to those who have immersed themselves […]

U2 Invisible

U2 Could Still Release New Album in 2014

Remember earlier this year when U2 was getting all that buzz about a new album release in the spring?  Remember when they won that Golden Globe for their song “Ordinary Love” from that Nelson Mandela biopic?  Remember when they released their song “Invisible” as a free download during the Superbowl and raised like a bajillion dollars for (RED)?  Remember their sparkling appearance during Jimmy Fallon’s debut broadcast as the new […]

la roux trouble in paradise

La Roux “Trouble In Paradise” – Album Review

Five years after kickstarting the whole nu-synth movement with their icy take on early 80s electro-pop, La Roux finally return, albeit with one member down, for their long-awaited second album, Trouble In Paradise. As its title suggests, the follow-up to 2009’s eponymous debut hasn’t exactly been an easy ride. Lead vocalist Elly Jackson’s anxiety attacks regularly interrupted its recording while producer Ben Langmaid’s acrimonious departure, essentially reducing La Roux to […]

Beyonce Drunk In Love

Beyoncé Leads MTV Video Music Award Nominations

Who is taking home a moon man this August?  It’s that time of year again when MTV takes over our living rooms and mobile devices with one of the liveliest awards shows in Tinseltown, the MTV Music Video Awards!  This year, Beyoncé leads the pack with eight straight nominations including the highly coveted Video of the Year for “Drunk In Love”.  She is also up for Best Female and Best […]


Bone Thugs to Say Farewell With Final, Million-Dollar Album

See you at the crossroads, so you won’t be lonely… Remember that heavenly rap video? Never has a group of thug rappers harmonized so sweetly about the grim reaper topic of death.  Ever since Layzie Bone, Krayzie Bone, Bizzy Bone, Flesh-N-Bone and Wish Bone (aka Bone Thugs n-Harmony) released their Grammy winning hit “Tha Crossroads” in the 90’s, there has never been a more melodic rap group to hit the stage.  Several albums […]

weird al yankovich mandatory fun

“Weird Al” Yankovic’s Big Week

This past week, the music news cycles have been dominated by one of music’s most unlikely candidates—namely, veteran popstar parodist “Weird Al” Yankovic. After a modest reception of his previous effort Alpocolypse in 2011, the jokester is actually aiming for his first No. 1 record ever with Mandatory Fun, which dropped this week. What’s different about this one?  Not much, really, as far as the content is concerned. It’s the […]

The Acid Liminal

The Acid “Liminal” – Album Review

Their name may suggest they’re the latest act to jump on the early 90s house bandwagon, but transatlantic supergroup The Acid – aka Aussie singer-songwriter RY X, Grammy nominated British producer Adam Freeland and Los Angeles Drake collaborator Steve Nalepa – in fact deal in the kind of fragmented post-dubstep more likely to soundtrack the early morning after than the heavy night before. Comparisons with the likes of Burial will […]

cash american iv

Rock Rewind: Johnny Cash “Hurt”

It might seem odd to feature a country singer in the Rock Rewind, but then again, Johnny Cash was “crossover” before crossover became a thing.  He’s always appealed to the counter-culture in some way, and when he released his cover of Nine Inch Nails’ “Hurt” in 2003, it was an indelible moment in music history that can’t be overlooked. Already in failing health while recording his American series of albums, […]

glassnote logo

Indie Labels Call for Transparency with Fair Digital Deals Declaration

Today marks what will hopefully be a meaningful first step in restoring balance in the emerging digital music realm, to help indie musicians be more fairly compensated for their work.  Over 700 independent labels have united in support of the “Fair Digital Deals Declaration” sponsored by the Worldwide Independent Network (WIN), a document that calls for more transparency and fair treatment for musical artists in the distribution of revenue from […]

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Street Fighter: Assassin’s Fist Gets Sequel

Street Fighter is one of the most successful video games franchises in history. It defined not only a generation of gamers but put a massive imprint no popular culture as well. The Street Fighter video games have spawned t-shirts, animated films, two live action movies, and a virtual avalanche of merchandise. However, within most of this media, most of the incarnations of Street Fighter seem to pale in comparison to […]


Who’s Psyched For Interstellar?

Intersteller, Christopher Nolan’s newest film, has just released it’s latest trailer. The actual plot of the film is still a mystery, however. During this trailer we get a few minor clues what the film is about but the fact that most of the footage of the film we’re seeing is from the first act is really interesting. I like the fact that they’re marketing this film as a ‘mystery box’ […]


Legendary Wants Joe Cornish For ‘Skull Island’

Joe Cornish has been a busy man, as of late. He’s written on Tintin and Ant-man, been considered for the Big Chair on Star Trek 3, and has a spy film Section 6 currently in Pre Production. He’s be a very busy man indeed. The latest news on Joe Cornish is during  Comic Con he’s been offered the job directing the King Kong prequel ‘Skull Island’ for Legendary. This is […]


Crime Comedy Baby Driver Will Be Edgar Wright’s Next Film

Edgar Wright has been working on Ant-man for a considerably long time. Since before Scott Pilgrim. He co-wrote and was set to direct the film about Scott Lang the man who could shrink to the size of an Ant. And then Marvel stepped in and well… the rest is history. Many had feared that Wright would take some time off to… well, recover from having his film taken away from […]


Dear White People Gets A Full Trailer

Dear White People is the new satirical film that has been causing a stir on the festival circuit. The film has been dividing audiences and starting race discussions all across the country. The film stars Tyler James Williams, Brandon P Bell, Malcolm Barrett, Brittany Curran,  Marque Richardson and Dennis Haysbert. Check out the full trailer below.


Space Station 76 Trailer

Space Station 76 looks to be one of the more original movies coming out in the near future. It also happens to take place in a retro inspired near future… so… y’know… that’s groovy. This unique film looks to be a scifi metaphor for growing up suburbs. It’s a film that has a sly sense of humor and a very specific voice. What’s more: the film was written through improv. […]


Ridley Scott Is Irrelevant

Ridley Scott has been the reigning overlord of the movie industry for almost thirty years. He’s been haled as a visionary director and one of the last true auteurs in western cinema. He’s created some of the most important films of this century. He’s an uncompromising man with an uncompromising view on narrative. And now… he’s old. Ridley Scott is so very, very old. Ridley Scott has officially stepped over […]


Roberto Orci Talks Power Rangers Movie

For a while now we’ve been hearing rumblings about what the newest Power Rangers feature film. Up until now there hasn’t been much information about what the film would deal with or who would star. Now, the film’s producer Roberto Orci has gone on record detailing what they’re thinking of doing with the franchise. When asked about the writing team and the franchise overall he said: “One of the first […]


Michael B Jordan Has A Lot To Say About ‘Fantastic Four’

Michael B Jordan has a lot to say about the currently filming Fantastic Four reboot. The film appears to be a slightly unconventional take on the four astronauts who gain powers through cosmic rays. Check out what Jordan has to say below. The first thing MTV asked about was the secrecy of the film’s set. Yeah, we have been pretty much in our own world, that’s really the only way […]


Universal Monsterverse Gains Chris Morgan

Earlier this year, it was reported that Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci were going to reboot the Universal films into a shared universe, just like the old Universal Monster movies. Well, a few months ago, Kurtzman and Orci had a creative split. The two long time collaborators when in different directions. Orci is directing Star Trek 3 and Kurtzman is writing half the franchise film under the sun. Well, there’s […]


First Look At Ultron in Avengers: Age of Ultron

Well, we finally have it. The costume for the villain in Avengers 2 has finally been revealed. The films titular villain, Ultron, is shown gracing the cover of Entertainment Weekly with Iron Man and Captain America.   We’ve also received an excerpt from the article which tells us even more about the film. For better or worse (trust us, it’s worse), his Tony Stark has devised a plan that won’t […]


Read About The Original Ending For ‘Dawn of the Planet of The Apes’

Slashfilm recently sat down with Dawn of the Planet of the Apes director Matt Reeves and an interesting tidbit came up. The ending that we’re seeing in theaters wasn’t the original ending of the film. PETER: I heard there was another ending to this movie that we’re not seeing. Is that coming out on the DVD and what is it? MATT: That won’t be on the DVD I don’t think, because […]


New Doctor Who To Go ‘Into Darkness’

Dr Who fans have been waiting for a long time to see some real footage from the new series. Well, now they have it. Dr Who series 8, starring Peter Capaldi, is about to be released on the world and this trailer showcases just how awe inspiring it is going to be. The tone of the next series of the long running Who franchise appears to be slightly darker than […]


Ryan Reynolds Stars In ‘The Captive’

The growing consensus seems to be that Ryan Reynolds shouldn’t play serious roles. He’s best suited for comedic parts that he can really show off his impressive timing in. Well, hopefully that line of logic is about to change. After the film Buried was released it became increasingly apparent that Reynolds only needed a few solid vehicles to convince the greater populous of his abilities in serious and dramatic role. […]

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