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The BatFleck Speaks!

When Ben Affleck was announced the Batman in Zach Snyder’s Batman vs Superman the internet ripped itself in half. People ran screaming through the streets. petitions were created, message boards had people posting furiously, and nerds everywhere were in a bad mood for days. Well, Affleck has spoken out about the reaction to his casting. His even and measured response speaks volumes about his character. Hopefully he can pull off […]


Agent 88 (Film Review)

The internet is the great equalizer. Literally. So many interesting projects are coming to fruition  thanks to crowd funding sites like Kickstarter and GoFundMe. Previously, the internet was a means to distribute your work and connect with an audience. Now you can actually convert that audience into revenue. That’s exactly what filmmakers Digger T Mesch and Jan Utstein-O’neill did with their film Agent 88. Agent 88 is the story of […]


Walking Dead To Get Spinoff

The Walking Dead is one of the most popular comic books of the last decade. It also happens to be one of the most popular TV shows currently airing. The show and the comic both have hordes of dedicated fans who eagerly away the next installment of the adventures of Rick Grimes and his zombie killing cadre friends. Walking Dead is AMC’s most popular show. It pulls higher ratings than […]


Star Trek Geek Round Table

Right now is an interesting time to be a Star Trek fan. There’s a feature film franchise, TNG is about to celebrate its twenty-fifth anniversary, and the original seres is about to turn fifty. In that context, looking back and looking forward, what did Trek mean, what will Trek mean, and what does it mean currently. A virtual all-star panel of Star Trek writers and fans were gathered by GEEK […]


Turbo (Film Review)

Dreamworks has been hitting the animated feature film thing hard, as of late. They’ve released numerous pseudo-hallmark children’s films such as How To Train Your Dragon, Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs, and Despicable Me in rapid succession. Unfortunately, Dreamworks has also released a slew of duds. Films such as The Croods, Rise of the Guardians, and Turbo have all failed to strike a chord with viewers. Part of the […]


Warner Bros. Is Making Harry Potter Spinoff Films And J.K. Rowling Will Write Them

Harry Potter is the most lucrative film franchise in human history. It’s comprised of eight films, which have grossed nearly 8 billion dollars. And of course there’s the theme parks, merchandise, and blu ray and dvd sales. The franchise has become the new template for studios to mimic. Well, it would seem that the inevitable has happened. Warner Bros has announced that they’re going to purse creating spinoff films set […]


New Jurassic Park Film To Be Titled Jurassic World

The Jurassic Park franchise has been stalled without a new entry for over a decade. The lackluster reaction to Jurassic Park 3 caused Paramount to pump the breaks and stop actively producing sequels. Currently, in the age of franchise rebirth those feelings of reluctance are being abandoned in favor of the potential revenue that the studio could make on the backs of the CGI dinosaurs. After a long stint in […]


‘American Psycho’ Television Show To Be Produced by FX

American Psycho was a flop. It was a bomb. It did not succeed. It just flat out didn’t make money when it was initially released. But thanks to a heaping dose of violence, 80’s culture coming back into style, and a deeply committed performance Christian Bale the film has gained massive cult status. The film is so beloved and revered that FX is bringing a sequel to the show to […]


You’re Next (Film Review)

You’re Next is, quite possibly, this year’s most hyped horror film. Lion’s Gate has been plastering posters all over Hollywood. They’ve been hyping and touting the film as The Next Big Thing in the horror world for who knows how long. Those damn animal masks are everywhere. Unfortunately, the films poorly constructed first act and muddled third act prevent it from being the stellar horror innovator that we’ve all been […]


Terminator Reboot Lands Director

The new Terminator reboot trilogy, which will reportedly still feature Schwarzenegger, has officially landed Alan Taylor (Game of Thrones, Thor 2) as its director. The new Terminator reboot will be titled simply ‘Terminator’ and rumors have suggested that it will take place in the past. At this point, with Taylor just coming on board, I wouldn’t be surprised if a large portion of the previously laid plans are thrown out. […]


Robocop Looks Terrible

Robocop is one of the most iconic movie characters from the 1980’s. Paul Verhoven’s Robocop is a searing inditement of 80’s corporate policies, the media, and the overt violence of the time. Robocop is a brilliantly constructed film that is both enjoyable as an action film and as a satiric statement on the decade. The new Robocop reboot does not appear to have any intention of having any meta textual […]


FIMO INTERVIEW: David A. Prior & Ted Prior

David A. Prior and Ted Prior are the brothers behind such movies as Future Zone, Sledgehammer, and Deadly Prey. The brothers have created over thirty feature films together. David A Prior, writer and director, along with his brother Ted Prior, actor, have produced stories set in a myriad of genre. They’ve created everything from horror films to action pictures to scifi romps. The brothers produced most of their body of […]


Eric Bana Has No Regrets About Ang Lee’s Hulk

Eric Bana seemed like the perfect Bruce Banner in 2003. He was brooding, dark, and just nerdy enough to actually be believable as a scientist. Ang Lee was the guy who directed Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. It seemed like a dream team. Ang Lee’s Hulk is probably the worst comic book movie ever made. I’d put it right down there with Roger Coreman’s Fantastic Four and Catwoman. It’s disgustingly bad. […]

Daniel Craig - New James Bond movie Casino Royale

Daniel Craig Discusses The Tone Of Bond 24

Bond is a chameleon. I mean that both on the character side of things and the franchise end. Bond changes to fit the time in which he’s currently living. Bond in the 80’s is completely different from the 70’s and the 90’s. It’s just a fact. Bond re-molds himself to be what the times need. One of the trademark elements of the early Bond pictures was the ironic sense of […]


Deadly Prey (Film Review)

Thanks to the internet there have been numerous low-to-no budget films that have taken on serious cult status. Case in point, Troll 2. Troll 2 is the worst thing ever made but people love it for precisely that reason. It’s an artifact from a bygone era. Granted, that era wasn’t that long ago, but still. People have a serious cast of the 80’s nostalgia currently. A film that was released […]

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