MIMO - When Music is Your Fix

The Donald Haire Dairies #2

  I woke up on the couch.   That isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It happens a lot. I have this habit of watching movies, pouring MDMA, via a tricked out eyedropper, into my eyes and rubbing this frayed patch on the left cushion until I pass out.   I’m not exactly sure when I started doing this, but, nonetheless, it’s become something of a ritual for me.   Last […]


The Donald Haire Diaries #1

Driving back from Venice, CA. sucks. Plain and simple. I’ve got to find a Molly dealer who lives closer to me. I’m so sick of driving all the way from my nook in Reseda to get my stash of MDMA for the week. Or few days, as the case may be. Yes I love MDMA. As in tons. As in “life is bearable only when I can quiet my rapacious […]