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20th Century Is Going To Open A Theme Park

Here’s an odd tidbit of news today, 20th Century Fox is getting into the theme park game. They’re planning to open a theme park based on some of their more lucrative franchises. Rides centering on Predator, Alien, Life of Pi, and  Night at the Museum are currently in the planning stages.

Fox is planning on erecting this venture on a 25 acre plot of land that they currently own. The going presumption is that there will be one ride per acre. They’re also planning on incorporating a “Dream Parade” which will be a massive themed parade with all of the characters from the various franchises.

This last element sounds either amazing or terrifiying. Are you really going to enjoy a parade with Xenomorphs and Predators hanging our with animated characters and the kid from Life of Pi? That could be a potential train wreck.

Another worrying aspect of this is that they’re only investing 125 million into it. That’s not a lot of money for an endeavor of this size. We’ll see what happens.


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