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A Guide to Snoop Dogg’s More “Interesting” Licensing Deals

Snoop Dogg’s Wikipedia page lists a whopping 32 products, events and services to which the perennial L.A. gangster has lent his name. Compare this to 50 Cent, whose branding activities have mostly confined themselves to acting and Vitaminwater.

Snoop, however, gets away with it. He might be the only rapper who can pull off appearances on WWE, The Price is Right and It’s A Very Muppet Christmas Movie while still stating with a straight face that he’s gangster to the core.

Whatever the secret is to Snoop’s magic, his protean public persona has allowed the Doggfather to escape from a preponderance of ridiculous promotional deals with his reputation intact.


Colt 45 Blast

Colt 45 Blast is malt liquor’s tweaker cousin. The colon-contracting mixture of caffeine and booze is guaranteed to keep its customers awake for hours after they actually wanted to go to sleep and ensure that during that time they make one of several regrettable decisions.

The video below shows a saturnine Snoop Dogg wandering through the hybridized (not to mention bizarre) promotional coupling of Adidas and Colt 45 Blast. Promotional models carry around cans of Blast sheathed in paper bags, making the product’s intended use perhaps too clear.

As a commenter has helpfully pointed out, “Snoop would promote a turd on a stick if he was paid.”

Snoop Dogg Youth Football League

While Colt 45 Blast holds the shining promise of causing damage to the lives of multiple East L.A. residents, those costs will be offset (at least in part) by the work of the Snoop Dogg Youth Football League, a nonprofit in which Snoop plays a surprisingly active role. Featuring inter-league play for children ages five to thirteen, the SDYFL culminates each year in a “Snooperbowl”.


Chronic Candy

Simple concept candy that tastes like weed. Yep, sounds gross, but a stateside ban on these Swiss-produced edibles means that we may never have to learn the true extent of their culinary unpleasantness.



iFizzle brings Snoop Dogg’s laconic brand of slang to the masses, using the power of chopped up samples. With a variety of clips, the iFizzle app provides a Dogg-based solution to all your lexicographical problems, directly from your smartphone. Or at least that’s what it would do if I could find it in Apple’s App Store.

In the meantime, a clip:

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