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Adam Lambert Cranks the Glam on “Trespassing”

19 Recordings/RCA (2012)

Any fans who were hoping to hear more of Adam Lambert’s heavier-rock side on his new record Trespassing are likely to be disappointed. Those who prefer the glam-pop side of him, however, will be utterly delighted.

While Lambert’s debut album For Your Entertainment was created quickly in the chaotic whirlwind of his newfound American Idol fame, Trespassing was written and recorded as that first wave began to recede, so it’s safer to assume that this is the album that Lambert wanted to make. If that’s true—Adam Lambert definitely likes musical glitter, because that’s what this album is. Front to back, this is a symphony of glittery glam-pop.

Aside from staying pretty close to formula for a pop album track list, blending dance hits and ballads, Trespassing takes the listener on a winding journey, beginning with a series of high-energy club tracks (standouts include “Trespassing” and “Shady”) and gradually descending into more reflective, self-aware love ballads—eventually concluding with the mournful “Outlaws of Love.” Listening to the album progress, I could almost picture Lambert himself dancing the night away with frenetic determination, then when his energy is spent, laying on the grass, looking at the stars, and thinking about life and love. At the end of this journey, fans who buy the deluxe version of the album get an additional three tracks, which play together sort of like an encore.

Behind all the glitz and glam, the one thing that absolutely made this album for me is Adam Lambert’s own stellar, flawless voice. Whether or not you’re a fan of glam-pop, (and you can probably guess that I personally am not) Lambert’s talent and vocal range is indisputable. Not a misstep on the entire record, and that alone makes it worthy of respect.

All told, Trespassing will appeal more to some than to others, but it comes off as an emotional and honest expression, giving us a clearer picture who Adam Lambert is as the person behind the eyeliner. And although I’m not a fan of the musical style (I personally like it more when Lambert rocks), I appreciated the journey the record took me on. And I think you will, too.

ALBUM RATING: 4 Stars (out of five)


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