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Almost Human (Film Review)

The Beyond Fest in Los Angeles has been unleashing some exquisitely interesting films upon their audiences. With engagements such as showing a slew of Dario Argento’s film, having cult favorite horror rock band Goblin play, and showing Nightbreed: The Cabal Cut with a Q & A with Clive Barker the Beyond Fest has set an extremely high standard.

On last friday Beyond Fest chose to show a double feature of Joe Begos’ Almost Human and the Tales From The Crypt feature film Demon Knight. I had not seen any trailers or advertisement for the film, other than the poster. What I got was a rollicking good time and way more than I bargained for.

Joe Begos’ first feature film Almost Human is an immensely successful cocktail of Terminator, Species, Fire In The Sky, and Deliverance. The film is a slim and sleek narrative vessel that has no fat on its bones. The film knows exactly what it has to accomplish and it goes for it. Hard.

Almost Human is the story of a man named Seth (Graham Skipper) who witnesses his best friend Mark being abducted by aliens. Two years later, Mark mysteriously returns, but something is off.

The film starts with Mark’s abduction and quickly gives way to slasher style mayhem. Almost Human is one of those movies that has ten pounds of fun squeezed into a five pound bag. Almost Human is a quick paced and streamlined shotgun blast full of 80’s throwback goodness.

The protagonist Seth played by Graham Skipper serves as the emotional anchor for the film. His humanistic portrayal of Seth  is simultaneously wonderfully grounded and Willy Wonka Batshit Crazy. Josh Ethier, on the other hand, is terrifying as the mostly silent Terminator-esque Mark.

Almost Human is one of those low budget movies that you can’t help but love. The film’s simple premise, precise execution, and the compelling performances of Skipper and Ethier ensure that.

Director Joe Begos succeeds in crafting a wildly entertaining alien abduction/slasher film that will hopefully open numerous doors for him and his cohorts. Almost Human is such as fun film that you  leave the initial viewing desperately wanting to re-watch it.  I can think of no higher compliment.


4 / 5 stars     

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