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Amazing Spider-man 2 Trailer Gives Away Too much

Creating the perfect blockbuster trailer is an art. You want to get people excited about the next installment it whatever obviously lucrative franchise you’re marketing, but you want keep the thrills, chills, and reveals in tact. You want to promise a roller coaster ride. You don’t want to deliver an abbreviated version of the two hour experience in two minutes. At that point, you’re just spending $150 million dollars to create a short film. That’s just frustrating to everyone.


There have been a rash of trailers over explaining, over revealing, and over selling their films, as of late. From Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Escape Plan to Turbo, studios have been pushing the ‘No, let’s explain everything about the film up front’ model of marketing. Which, ultimately, is hurting their end product. Movie studios aren’t in the business  of making trailers, they’re in the business of making movies.

The trailer for Sony’s next Spider-man film, The Amazing Spider-man 2, is a text book case of ‘No, Let’s Explain Everything About The Film Up Front’.

The trailer not only gives away the villains of the film, the plot, and the mastermind behind everything, but also, it would appear, uses the Post-Credit sequence in the trailer as well.

In the trailer, there’s a sequence where a Shadowy figure, presumably Norman Osborn, is walking by Doc Ock’s tentacles, and Vulture’s wings, thus clearly stating in big bold narrative letters ‘WE’RE BUILDING TO THE SINISTER SIX’.

Thanks, Sony. I’ve been really excited about the prospect of the Sinister Six showing up together on screen, but this is such a lame, hamfisted way of trying to drum up excitement. Sony took a really good idea and just punted it. C’mon, guys. You could have done much better. Much much much better.

Additionally, the CG on Spidey looks really bright and kinda cartoony. I’m not opposed to this but it’s a radical departure from the last film.

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