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Amazing Spider-man 3 and 4 Coming in 2016 and 2018

The Amazing Spider-man franchise reboot was met with a somewhat warm reception. The film made money, and most critics liked it, but admitted that it was flawed. Well, Sony is going ahead and green lighting two more.

Amazing Spider-man 2 is currently in production and filming in New York. Spider-man 3 will be released on June 10th 2016 and Spider-man 4 will be unleashed on May 4th 2018.

The rumors circulating are that the notoriously beloved Spidey super villain team the Sinister Six is going to be formed throughout Amazing 2 and 3. Does that mean We’ll see all six characters and the villains in 4? Or will the team be put together in 3 and then the boss, presumably Norman Osborn, be the villain in 4?

I’m not a fan of Amazing. It was awful. I checked out right around the time that Parker was using his spider-powers to ollie over progressively bigger objects in a skateboard themed training montage. Amazing Spider-man feels like the implementation of what 40 year old men think teenagers did twenty years ago.

I mean, Parker wears a sweatshirt with thumb holes. What is he? A goth chick from 1992?

Hopefully Amazing 2, 3, 4 and on are better.

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