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Another Reason Why Your Music Should Be On Bandcamp Now (If You Needed Another Reason)

Confession: I’m a huge fan of the website Bandcamp as a tool for DIY musicians, and have been for some time. Bandcamp is free to join, incredibly simple to use, and it provides an instant link for you to share with fans where they can go to stream and download your music. You can charge what you want for your music (or nothing at all), and Bandcamp takes a small fee for anything you do sell—and you get paid through PayPal. It even allows your fans to “go social” with your music, allowing them to spread the word about you by sharing streams of your songs on Facebook and other sites through various embedding features. As a music blogger myself, I love when an artist or band points me to their Bandcamp page, because it makes it incredibly easy for me to share their songs.

So if I haven’t already made the case for why your music should be on Bandcamp, let me add yet another reason: Bandcamp has recently tweaked its site more toward music discovery, which means artists now have even more opportunities for people to find them.

This site has always been very heavy on direct-to-fan relationships, and that aspect hasn’t changed—but before now, Bandcamp basically served as more of a static hosting place where it wasn’t that easy to be discovered by new people—instead, you basically had to be the one to point people there, and once they were there, it was simple enough to find your way around. But with this new music discovery focus, people can now go to the Bandcamp home page and find a whole set of features designed to help them find new music—possibly even yours.

Perhaps the coolest new feature on the souped-up Bandcamp site is their Weekly Show, a music discovery show that just rolled out this week. Hosted by Andrew Jervis (a guy with both A&R and radio experience), the weekly feature will showcase, in the site’s own words, “exclusives, previews, recent faves, classics, and obscurities from around the world.” Set alongside the weekly show’s audio stream is a menu of all the artists featured in that week’s showcase, where fans can purchase the tunes without interrupting the live stream. It’s a brilliant design, to be honest. Look for a new Weekly Show every Tuesday.

If you’re a fan of indie music and are looking to connect with bands you probably wouldn’t find anywhere else—Bandcamp is now a great resource for you. And if you’re a DIY musician yourself, and you have some recorded music that could be helping to give you more exposure and income, you simply have no good reason not to get your stuff on Bandcamp.

And with the site’s new music discovery focus—that’s just one more good reason why you should.

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When he's not tinkering in his home studio or blogging for hours on his laptop at the local coffee shop (to the annoyance of the baristas), Jeff McQ enjoys taking in local shows, going on road trips, wandering aimlessly, and talking to himself.

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