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Apparently, Morrissey Can’t Keep Tour Dates To Save Himself

Welp, now the entire South American tour is a bust.

To say this has been a bad year for Morrissey would be an understatement—and the year’s barely half over. After cancelling his tour this spring due to a combination of potentially life-threatening ailments, he had recovered enough to hit the road this summer in South America. Last week, however, things began to unravel when Morrissey cancelled yet another set of tour dates in Chile and Peru, due to alleged food poisoning.

This morning, Morrissey himself wrote a highly apologetic message in the fan site True to You, explaining that the entire tour has now been scrapped—not from illness, this time, but for financial reasons.

Eloquent as always, yet a bit less tongue-in-cheek than usual, Morrissey seemed not only genuinely apologetic, but quite tired of having to apologize in general:

“I am informed today that the projected tour of South America is snuffed out, thus euthanized,” he writes, “due, I’m reliably advised, to lack of funding. It’s quite easy to sell tickets, yet impossible to transport band and crew from F to G.
 In a year when far too many disappointments have been buried this really is the last of many final straws, and I am not alone in feeling this…my apologies are now so frequent as to be somewhat ridiculous, and it is I who apologize because no one else would bother…Cancellations and illness have sucked the life out of all of us, and the only sensible solution seems to be the art of doing nothing.”

Morrissey’s earlier tour cancellation came in March as a result of a combination of pneumonia, Barrett’s esophagus and a bleeding ulcer. When he has not been in the news due to his ailments, the headlines have involved the singer’s outspokenness against meat. At one of the few shows he did manage to perform this year—Staples Center in Los Angeles—he convinced the venue to ban the sale of meat products during the show. He also notoriously snubbed an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live in protest of the cast of Duck Dynasty, who were slated to appear the same night.

Sadly, for one reason then another, Morrissey is becoming primarily known for the times he doesn’t show up—a fact which apparently he himself is now lamenting.

(Photo: Charley Llewellin/Flickr/Wikimedia)

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