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David Bowie

Music Icon David Bowie Dead at 69

David Bowie, arguably one of the most influential figures in modern music for the past 40-plus years, died on Sunday, Jan. 10 after a battle with cancer. He was 69. While previous rumors of his death in years past were greatly exaggerated, the news has been confirmed by Bowie’s representatives and his son Duncan Jones (via Twitter). The following statement appears on Bowie’s official Facebook page: “David Bowie died peacefully […]

scott weiland

Stone Temple Pilots Frontman Scott Weiland Dead at 48

Scott Weiland, who rose to fame as the lead vocalist for grunge-rock band Stone Temple Pilots and supergroup Velvet Revolver, has died, according to multiple sources. He was 48. Weiland had been touring with his current band, the Wildabouts, when as TMZ reports, he was found dead on the tour bus at around 9pm on Thursday. An official statement was posted last night on Weiland’s Instagram account: “Scott Weiland, best […]

Shorts to Watch For: ‘Sic Transit Glory’

Going against the grain of the current glut of punchline-driven, quick-plotted short films trying to clamor for attention, Sic Transit Glory is an insightful piece dealing with human emotion at a depth many shorts fail to reach due to their limited runtimes. Set for release this fall, the fourth short by emerging writer/director Joshua McQuilkin is a moving visual poem reflecting on the pain of a dying friendship. From the […]

‘The Man From U.N.C.L.E.’-Cheesiness At Its Best

Yes, The Man from U.N.C.L.E. is cheesy. Yes, it’s totally a throwback to the 1960s, not just in content but in style. Yes, it’s predictable and unrealistic. And yes, if you like spy movies, you should totally go see it. Not because it’s artful, but because it’s fun–as was the 60s TV series from which it hails. If you want a movie with style, action and a bit of comedy, […]

Chris Squire

Chris Squire, Yes Bassist, Passes Away at 67

Iconic bassist Chris Squire, who co-founded rock band Yes with former lead vocalist Jon Anderson in 1968, passed away over the weekend. He was 67. The band confirmed the news with a statement on their official Facebook page: “It’s with the heaviest of hearts and unbearable sadness that we must inform you of the passing of our dear friend and Yes co-founder, Chris Squire,” the statement read. “Chris peacefully passed […]

bb king

Blues Legend B.B. King: Dead at 89

The King of Blues is gone. After an iconic career spanning nearly seven decades that influenced countless musicians after him, B.B. King passed away peacefully in his sleep on Thursday evening at his home in Las Vegas. He was 89 years old. Raised in poverty in the Mississippi cotton fields, Riley B. King learned to sing in church, and reportedly learned to play guitar from a great uncle. His signature […]

ben e king

Ben E. King, R&B Legend, Dead at 76

R&B legend Ben E. King, best known for his early ’60s hit “Stand By Me,” passed away Thursday at the age of 76, according to the singer’s publicist. The exact cause of death has not been released at press time. King got his start in music in the 1950s singing with a doo-wop group called the Five Crowns, but rose to fame when George Treadwell hired him, along with several […]

Soul Singer Percy Sledge Dead at 74

We’ve all heard his signature voice singing his signature song. On April 14, soul singer Percy Sledge—best known for his 60s smash hit “When a Man Loves a Woman”—passed away in his home in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, after a battle with liver cancer. He was 74. His was the storybook tale of an artist being discovered. Growing up in Leighton, Alabama, Sledge grew up working in the cotton fields, then […]

robin thicke pharrell blurred lines

Jury: ‘Blurred Lines’ Ripped Off Marvin Gaye

Analysis: Possible far-reaching ramifications from the copyright infringement lawsuit

After months (nay, years) of controversy swirling around “Blurred Lines,” the 2013 hit song by Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams, a jury decided yesterday that the song constitutes copyright infringement, and awarded a restitution of nearly $7.4 million to the estate of Marvin Gaye, according to Billboard. The family of the late R&B singer has long claimed that “Blurred Lines” is effectively a rip-off of Gaye’s 1977 song “Got To […]

the runaways

Billboard’s Girl Group Week: Apparently It’s a Thing

A whole week dedicated to paying tribute to all-girl acts? I’m in. For this entire week, March 2-6, Billboard Magazine has been featuring its second annual Girl Group Week, which officially makes it a “thing.” (If something happens more than once, it’s a thing. I just made that rule up, but whatever.) In fact, they’ve got a poll where you can vote for your favorites—and since the poll closes today, […]


Madonna Plays the ‘Ageism’ Card (Really?) -Editorial

If you’ve paid any attention to Madonna’s actions over the past several years (and more intensely in the past few months), one thing seems pretty apparent: this is a woman who doesn’t want to get old. Or at least, doesn’t want to be seen as such. May it please the court—we present the following as evidence: Her ripping of Lady Gaga (“She’s not me!”) in 2012 for the apparent similarities […]

leslie gore

Sixties’ Pop Legend Lesley Gore (‘It’s My Party’) Dead at 68

Lesley Gore, the pop singer best known for her 1963 smash hit “It’s My Party,” died Monday at New York-Presbyterian Hospital after a struggle with lung cancer, according to Lois Sasson, Gore’s partner of 33 years. Gore, a non-smoker, was 68. Gore was only sixteen years old when she was signed to Mercury Records by another music legend, producer Quincy Jones. Released in 1963, “It’s My Party” went on to […]

sam smith

Grammy Recap: Beck Foils Sam Smith Awards Sweep

It was a night that bore an interesting resemblance to the Adele Grammy sweep three years ago. A relatively unknown Brit singer/songwriter breaks up with a dude, writes songs to process the pain, makes a record that sells a bajillion copies, and goes on to win top honors at the Grammy Awards. Biggest differences: the singer/songwriter in this case also happens to be a dude; and unlike Adele, this was […]

grammy award

Grammy 2015 Preview: Will-Wins, Should-Wins, Dark Horses

As the 57th Grammy Awards prepare to get underway this weekend, the time has come for us pundits, critics and analysts to weigh in with predictions on the winners. (Because, of course, none of us can wait a mere 2-3 days to find out who find out who actually wins before talking about it. Besides, the Super Bowl is over, people are tired of talking about Katy Perry and her, […]

sam smith stay with me

Stolen or Just Similar? 7 Famous Music Plagiarism Cases

“Good artists copy; great artists steal.” –attributed to Pablo Picasso   It’s all over the music news sites this week: Chart-topping pop artist Sam Smith settled amicably out of court with rock icon Tom Petty over alleged music plagiarism, agreeing to share partial writing credit with Petty for the hit song “Stay With Me?” Why? Simple: the chorus (sort of) sounds like it was borrowed from Petty’s tune “Won’t Back […]