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kendrick lamar i

Kendrick Lamar’s ‘i': Universal Truth for Turbulent Times

I think I’m just going to call Kendrick Lamar the new Nas or Talib Kweli.  Our modern rapper for the people. His inspirational track “i” came out a few months ago, and it brings a timely solution to the social unrest in America today. With the recent Ferguson shootings, and the Eric Garner choking, the lyricist just keeps repeating the hook, “I love myself,” to a sick “That Lady” Isley […]

rihanna fourfiveseconds

Rihanna, Paul McCartney, Kanye West Debut ‘FourFiveSeconds’

Now here’s an odd duck trio.  Paul McCartney, Kanye West and badgalriri, Ms. Rihanna herself, have debuted their latest single, “FourFiveSeconds.” First of all, let’s pause.  Former Beatle Paul McCartney is suddenly breaking into hip-pop. Not that he hasn’t done so before; Sir Paul dipped his toe into hip-hop earlier this year with “Only One,” his collabo with Kanyeezy earlier this year. Way to stay relevant, icon. But back to […]


Tupac Immortalized in Grammy Museum

Tupac is about to be institutionalized. In a good way. The Grammy Museum will celebrate the life and times of one of the most iconic figures in hip-hop history with a new exhibition named after his 1996 album: “All Eyez on Me: The Writings of Tupac Shakur.” The exhibit opens on February 2 and will cover Tupac’s entire career, from his Digital Underground days to his successful solo career.  All […]

willow smith interdimensional tesseract

Willow Smith Releases Spacey Mixtape ‘Interdimensional Tesseract’

Very few R&B/soul/hip-hop artists launch their acts by going to space.  Erykah Badu touches down on the zodiac, Andre 3000, and Janelle Monae from time to time, but it is a rarified bunch.  Well, Willow Smith, the zodiac’s newest member, has just joined the space age.  The 14-year-old prodigy of Will and Jada Smith recently dropped her three track mixtape called Interdimensional Tesseract.  Inter-what?  Exactly.  For those of you still […]


‘Dumb Sh*t’ Launches Tyrese’s ‘Black Rose’

Smooth lover man Tyrese has been posting for months that he’s dropping his Last. Solo. Album. Ever. Black Rose.  It’s accompanied by a book and a documentary, A Black Rose That Grew Through Concrete, in which the singer/actor/author/model/motivational speaker remembers his hard-knock-live growing up in Watts.  Raised by a single mother, the young man was exposed to drugs, alcohol and nearly every other vice imaginable.  Before singing, his ultimate dream […]

rawcus white people crazy

Rapper Rawcus Makes ‘White People Crazy’

A man in a mask makes people feel scared, fascinated, intrigued.  A black rapper in a black mask with a hat that says, “White People Crazy,” is bound to make people feel all of the above – plus – a little crazy.  Such is the case with masked rapper Rawcus.  No one knows who this man shrouded in secrecy is, but his hit song, “White People Crazy,” is now a […]

kanye west paul mccartney only one

Kanye West Teams with Paul McCartney on ‘Only One’

Starting the New Year right, one of our fave hip-hop artists jumps into 2015 with an emotional duet, “Only One.”  Following in the famous footsteps of Michael Jackson, Kanye West teamed up with former Beatle Paul McCartney to create a sweet ode to his “chosen one.” The two came together in Los Angeles for a “simple brainstorming session,” that morphed into Paul riffing on the piano and Kanye sketching the […]

run dmc christmas

10 Best Hip-Hop Holiday Songs of All Time (Part 2)

Merry Frickin’ Christmas!

And we’re back! Did the first five jams on our list get you into the Christmas spirit?  Why are so many rappers rapping about egg nog?  And does Santa just sleigh ride right over the ghetto? All those songs about getting coal for Christmas make you just want to give every rapper a hug. That said, the next five songs will bring in the Christmas cheer as you stuff your […]

ying yang twins christmas

10 Best Hip-Hop Holiday Songs of All Time (Part 1)

Merry Frickin’ Christmas!

People don’t usually associate hip-hop with the holly jolly holidays, but rappers have been cashin’ in on Christmas since 1979.  Now, it’s difficult to take a thug rapper seriously who’s bustin’ flows about Santa Claus, but somehow, from the poignant to the ludicrous, these rappers manage to do it – in style.  So, how is Santa’s big day celebrated in the hood? During the ‘80’s, rappers created feel-good mistletoe-y songs […]

50 cent

50 Cent to Release ‘Beautiful Nightmare’?

Fif’s at it again. Quickly becoming the King of Multiple Releases, 50 Cent recently revealed he may be  coming out with yet another album, potentially called Beautiful Nightmare.  Counting June’s lackluster Animal Ambition, and the still-to-be-released Street King Immortal, Beautiful Nightmare makes three. It has been suggested that 50’s business strategy is to pepper the streets with product in order to make himself relevant again to the public (because seriously, […]

reginae carter

Welcome Princess Carter: Lil Wayne Signs Daughter Reginae

Lil Wayne’s Young Money Imprint is officially in the family way.  Meaning Weezy’s birthing a new baby -– his own.  Earlier this year he signed his 16-year-old eldest daughter, Reginae Carter, as the latest (and youngest) Young Money artist.  The singer/rapper (and author!) is prepping her first album, Becoming Reginae, and has just released her first single, “Mind Goin Crazy.” Mind Goin Crazy – Reginae Carter Over a boom-bass beat, […]

Beyonce Drunk In Love

Beyoncé Leads the Pack at 2015 Grammys

Other R&B and hip-hop artists well represented

The 2015 Grammy Awards are upon us, and guess who has been nominated more than any other artist? That’s right, Ms. “7/11” herself – Beyoncé.  She’s probably spinning, spinning, spinning with her hands up right now.  (“I know you care!”).  Or she’s just taking it in stride.  After all, Beyoncé has now become the most nominated female in the history of the awards (52 noms / 17 wins) – even […]

astro computer era

Kid Rapper Astro Jumps In The Rap Ring With ‘Champion’

New cut from Brooklyn rapper Astro (or The Astronomical Kid), of X Factor fame. Remember that kid on the show who smack talked Simon Cowell before launching into, “Stop Looking At My Mom?” Well, after melting the hearts of mothers everywhere, Hollywood came calling.  Astro rocketed into the big and small screens, co-starring in Person of Interest, Earth to Echo, A Walk Among the Tombstones, and Red Band Society.  Still […]

kanye west sam smith carolos serrano

Kanye West x Sam Smith Mash-Up

Kanye always did sound good over a soul beat. But here, cruising over one of the most soulful artists to recently emerge, Sam Smith, he sounds especially heartfelt, magical and sage. The mash-up is remixed by artist Carlos Serrano, and is called “Tell Me I’m The Only One.” “Tell Me I’m The Only One” Kanye West x Sam Smith Mr. Serrano, who has a whole SoundCloud page of creative mash-ups, […]

azealia banks broke with expensive taste

Azealia Banks ‘Broke With Expensive Taste’ – Album Review

Azealia Banks / Prospect Park (2014)

Azealia Banks is one odd duck.  But the eccentric rapper is so unpredictably out the box that her debut album (finally!), Broke with Expensive Taste, is a breath of incredibly fresh air. After all the tweeter beefs Azealia launched in her career (Angel Haze, T.I.), fans wondered if she could even put out an album! But in the tradition of Beyoncé, Azealia surprise-released the album online without promotion (on her […]

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