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HAIM Days Are Gone

HAIM “Days Are Gone” –Album Review

Columbia (2013)

So the wait is finally over. The worldwide buzz generated over the past year by LA-based sister act HAIM, fueled by a slew of singles, festival appearances and tour dates with Mumford & Sons and Florence + The Machine, has finally been punctuated with an oft-talked-about, much-anticipated debut album, Days Are Gone. To be sure, HAIM have earned every bit of the acclaim they’ve received so far. Their feel-good blend […]

Lorde Pure Heroine

Lorde Proves Her Staying Power on Debut “Pure Heroine”

Universal Music NZ, Ltd. (2013)

From outward appearances, the sudden worldwide success of New Zealand teen-songstress Ella Yellich-O’Connor (nee, Lorde) seems like an anomaly. After all, she’s not a Disney child actress-turned-pop-star like Selena Gomez (or a Disney child actress-turned-slut like Miley Cyrus); nor is she a used-up-and-spit-out femme fatale persona like Lana Del Rey. Look at a picture of her; nothing about her says bigger-than-life. She comes across as just about as normal a […]

EMF Unbelievable

Rock Rewind: EMF “Unbelievable”

The signature guitar riff and dance rhythm of  “Unbelievable” are an indelible part of pop culture today, and as often as it has been played in films, video games, sporting events and the like, the average American can recognize it instantly. But fewer can identify who made the song famous. British alternative dance-rock band EMF were by all accounts a one-hit wonder here in the U.S. (although they fared better […]

Kings of Leon Mechanical Bull

Kings of Leon Return Strong with “Mechanical Bull”

RCA (2013)

Fresh in our minds is the season of 2008-2009, when Kings of Leon—a band of brothers and a cousin who had already been plugging away for nearly a decade by that time—captured the world’s attention with two smash singles off their fourth album. (The album was Only By the Night, and the singles were “Sex On Fire” and “Use Somebody.”) Fresh in our minds, too, is the band’s unmistakable sound—a […]

Cher Closer to the Truth

Cher: Strong as Ever on “Closer To the Truth”

Warner Bros (2013)

It must be the week for music icons in their ‘60s to release landmark new records. Not only did we see 66-year-old Elton John release the remarkably defining record The Diving Board this week, but 67-year-old Cher is out with Closer To the Truth, her first record in nearly 12 years. I gotta be honest: I was impressed with Elton John, but I was flabbergasted by Cher. Seriously. While all […]

Bon Jovi

Bon Jovi Update: Second Emergency Surgery for Drummer Tico Torres

Less than two weeks ago, Bon Jovi postponed several shows as longtime drummer Tico Torres underwent an emergency appendectomy in Mexico City. By the time he had recovered enough to perform, however, he complained of severe abdominal pain and was rushed to the hospital again, this time to have his gallbladder removed. Where before Bon Jovi had rescheduled shows around Torres’ condition, this time the band concluded the show must […]

Elton John The Diving Board

Elton John Jumps In With Both Feet with “The Diving Board” (Album Review)

Mercury Records Limited (2013)

Ironic thought of the day: it turns out that Sir Elton John—you know, the piano rock icon?—despite having created a public image that indelibly associates him with the piano, has never actually made a piano-driven record before now. That’s right: it has taken the 66-year-old thirty studio albums before he finally released one that brings his primary instrument front-and-center. This definitely adds a deeper level of meaning to the title […]

Mumford and Sons

Mumford and Sons Conclude Tour, Announce Hiatus

Friday night, folks in Bonner Springs, KS saw the last performance anyone is apparently going to see from Mumford and Sons for awhile. Keyboardist Ben Lovett told Rolling Stone earlier in the week that at the conclusion of the band’s Babel tour, the guys were planning to go on hiatus for what is described as an extended and indefinite length of time. “There won’t be any Mumford & Sons activity […]

Eminem Lose Yourself

Rock Rewind: Eminem “Lose Yourself”

Yeah, yeah, I know. This isn’t rock; it’s rap. But I’m the one making the picks, so deal with it. Actually, there’s a solid reason why I chose this tune for the Rock Rewind. While he would likely eschew this fact, Eminem is arguably one of the biggest crossover rap artists on the planet, and “Lose Yourself” is arguably his biggest crossover hit. Not in the sense that he blended […]

Madonna Secret Project

Madonna to Release Short Film via BitTorrent

“Secretprojectrevolution” marks the launch of her Art For Freedom project

Prior to her notorious and hugely successful MDNA tour last year, Madonna ventured into film direction with W/E, an indie film which garnered mixed reviews but landed an Oscar nomination. Yesterday, as Rolling Stone reports, the dance-pop superstar announced the release of a new 17-minute short film secretprojectrevolution, which she co-directed with Steven Klein. The film will be made available for free download via BitTorrent, and will mark the official […]

Jack Johnson From Here

Jack Johnson “From Here To Now To You” –Album Review

Brushfire (2013)

Confession: I’m probably not the best person to review a Jack Johnson album. He’s one of these guys whose talent I can definitely respect, but his relaxed, understated surf-folk vibe is something I personally can’t get into—not song after song, album after album. It’s not bad music—it just doesn’t give me much to get excited about. So listening to From Here To Now To You, Johnson’s sixth studio effort, I’m […]

The Police Synchronicity

Rock Rewind: The Police “Every Breath You Take”

Over the years, “Every Breath You Take” has arguably become the song most people identify with British rock group The Police—the band often credited with bringing New Wave to the mainstream. “Every Breath You Take” was the best-selling song from their best-selling album Synchronicity (1983)—which, ironically, was also their last. While every one of The Police’s five albums had done well since the band formed in the late 1970s (all […]

Sky Ferreira

Sky Ferreira Changes Upcoming Album Title and Release Date—Again

Man, this has to be setting some sort of record. (Pun intended.) After several years of announcing a debut album, only to postpone said debut and release an EP instead, synth-pop chanteuse Sky Ferreira has actually managed to surprise us by moving her elusive release date forward a few months. The last we heard over the summer, the album formerly titled I’m Not Alright had been changed to I Will, […]

Bon Jovi

Bon Jovi Drummer Tico Torres Has Emergency Surgery

Band postpones tour dates in Mexico, South America

  Bon Jovi can move on without longtime guitarist Richie Sambora, but apparently they can’t do without their drummer. The band was forced to postpone their scheduled show in Mexico City while drummer Tico Torres underwent an emergency appendectomy on Tuesday. Jon Bon Jovi posted an explanation to the band’s Facebook page yesterday: “Last night Tico Torres underwent an emergency appendectomy. Thankfully, the operation was a success and Tico is […]

Coldplay Atlas

Coldplay Release “Atlas” Single for “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire”

The fact that Coldplay is in the midst of a three-year hiatus apparently does not mean that they can’t come out of hibernation to record an epic song. That’s exactly what Chris Martin and crew have done, releasing the single “Atlas” for the soundtrack of upcoming film The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. Since its release five days ago, the lyric video for “Atlas” has garnered nearly 3.5 million YouTube views, […]