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Bond 24 In Need Of A New ‘Iconic’ Henchman

Bond 24 is inching towards production. They have a script, they have a director and an established cast. What they don’t have is a cool new henchman, apparently.

A casting call just went out for a man who is above 6’2”, age 30 – 45, and has a ‘ very unusual look’.

What that means is they’re looking for someone who is taller than Bond, and has the capability to be the next Oddjob or Jaws. Fingers crossed they find someone cool. The characters current working name is ‘Hinx’.

I’m all about more distinctive characters. The current bond movies have struck a really nice balance between gritty and more exaggerated. I’m a huge fan of both Casino Royal and Skyfall. Here’s hoping that this current film is closer to Skyfall, cause I really enjoyed how they balanced the franchise aspects with the urban warfare aspects.

The fact that they’re looking for a new henchman in the vein of Red Grant and TeeHee is a really good thing, in my opinion. The further we get away from Dominic Green, the better.


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