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Casey Veggies “Life Changes”: Mixtape Review

self-released (2013)

California is on the rise, thanks to a bunch of young ones who honor the respectable art of rap/hip-hop. Casey Veggies is an example of just that. His relaxed flow is his signature, yet it’s still powerful enough to evoke feelings of excitement and cockiness. He might be connected to Odd Future, but Veggies has paved a lane for himself that’s worth sticking to. His latest piece of musical introspection comes in the form of Life Changes.

The title track kicks off this mixtape with the wonderfully soothing vocals of Phil Beaudreau. Casey then delivers bars about his road to stardom and adulthood over a lullaby-esque beat. It’s fascinating to listen as he details the new occurrences that he’s come across, now that his life had changed for the better. “My Vision” and “Young Winners” are two more excellent entries that trumpet Veggies’ mature stance on his current lifestyle.

“Life” employs an effective use of horns, pianos and drum kicks/snares as Veggies delves into his wealth, fame and money. When he moves away a bit from his chill demeanor, the mixtape becomes a little bit more exciting. “Whip It” and “She In My Car” (feat. Dom Kennedy) focus on Veggies’ penchant for riding clean and capturing the finest ladies on the scene. It’s remarkable to hear this young winner’s viewpoint on impactful and less serious topics.

While most songs on this free album are beneficial to its success, the mixtape’s one less-than-enjoyable song is the sing-songy “I Love Me Some You.” Veggies handles the song’s hook duties with a harsh sounding representation of his singing. Even though I applaud him for trying something different with his talents, I still can’t recommend this track to anyone who appreciates tight R&B vocal presentations.

Thankfully, this mixtape finishes off strong. “These Days” returns to a relaxing space and awards us with dope lyrics about young Veggies’ trials and tribulations. This song features the most memorable line of all: “Got the second mixtape tattooed on my leg, cause I stand for every word I said.” “Take My Life” is the perfect outro for this tape, as Veggies lets it be known that everything could be taken away from him at any moment, but he reminds us he’s here to stay.

Life Changes is a top-notch effort from young Veggies. His songs explain just what he’s been up to since making his name more well-known. Everything he’s done up to this point has solidified him as a dope MC who can offer meaningful songs and party themes for all.

Veggies’ life has changed for the better.

4.5 / 5 stars     

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