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MIMO Talks With the Pros: Shea Fowler, Cornman Music

The business side of the music industry is just as important (and in the eyes of many, just as exciting) as the creative side. At the very least, it’s critical for any artist wanting to make it in the industry to understand how the business side operates, not to mention understanding how people on the business side think. At this year’s Durango Songwriter’s Expo, MIMO had the chance to chat […]

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MIMO Talks with the Pros: Songwriter/Producer Richard Harris

MIMO was present at this year’s Durango Songwriter’s Expo in Broomfield, CO, a three-day conference established to connect up-and-coming songwriters with industry pros who provide helpful information, offer song critiques, and sometimes sign deals with artists and songwriters. (Meghan Trainor is a recent success story of the Expo.) While there, we had a chance to catch up with songwriter/producer Richard Harris, himself a DSE success story, who makes a significant part […]

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5 Tips for Increasing Your Music Sales

Okay, okay. As musical artists (or any other artist, for that matter), we often like to try to tell ourselves, “It’s not about the money, it’s about the art.” In a perfect world (or in Star Trek), that would certainly be true. Most musicians I talk to (including myself—yes, I talk to myself sometimes, don’t you?) tell me they wish they had the freedom just to create without worrying about […]

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Find Your Audience and Connect with Them

If there’s anything a DIY musician should know in this day and age, is that connection is a key to success.  We’re not just talking about industry connections, but also connection with your audience.  Our culture craves connection more than ever, and the most successful musical artists are the ones who have found that connection with the people who love their music.  In this piece adapted from The Developing Artist, […]

Take Charge

The DIY Music Scene: A Blessing and a Curse?

The following is an excerpt from the e-book Take Charge Of Your Music Career: Learning To Think Like a Music Entrepreneur. I wrote this e-book a few months back for the purpose of helping DIY musicians think differently about the changing music market and finding their place within it.  What follows below is the first chapter of the book.  If you’d like to read more, the entire e-book is currently […]

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Musicianship 101: Playing In a Band

Live performance has always been a huge part of being a musical artist, but for DIY musicians it seems to be taking a more critical role than ever.  For those who play in a band, you might be surprised at how many musicians don’t actually understand the band dynamic–how to play music together, rather than separately.  Being a good musician doesn’t automatically make you a good band mate; it requires […]

Durango Songwriters Expo

The MIMO Interview: Jim Attebery, Durango Songwriters Expo

Indie Musicians, Publishing and Song Placement series

As sort of an appendix to the “Indie Musicians, Publishing and Song Placement” series of interviews we conducted with several industry professionals last fall, we felt it would be a great idea to get a perspective from someone who helps coordinate connections between musicians and the industry.  One such person is Jim Attebery, who coordinates the Durango Songwriters Expo twice a year. One great way to for artists to network […]

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Pandora Now Accepting Digital Submissions from DIY Artists

If you’re an indie musician wanting to get your music out there, one of the most important places to do that is on Pandora. Unfortunately, many DIY musicians have been disqualified from the submission process because Pandora has only accepted submissions from artists who have a hard-copy CD with a UPC code, available on Amazon. That is, until now. Today, Pandora announced that it is leveling the playing field by […]

Jessica Cole

The MIMO Interview: Jessica Cole, Lyric House Publishing [2013 In Review]

Indie Musicians, Publishing and Song Placement series

We conclude our annual review of most notable MIMO posts from the past year with the final installment of our series on Indie Musicians, Publishing and Song Placement, first published last fall. In this interview, Jessica Cole of Lyric House Publishing shares valuable insights for indie musicians about the dynamics of song placement, how to craft your material for optimal consideration, working with music publishers, etc.  Definitely worth revisiting. We […]

Steve King

The MIMO Interview: Steve King, Imagem [2013 In Review]

Indie Musicians, Publishing and Song Placement series

The interview series MIMO conducted with music publishers and supervisors last fall contains crucial information for indie artists who are serious about a career in today’s music market. We are concluding our review of 2013’s most important articles by reviewing this entire interview series. Earlier this week, we shared a two part interview with Heather Gardner, music supervisor for Vapor Music. Today, we revisit an interview with Steve King of […]

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The MIMO Interview: Heather Gardner, Vapor Music (Part 2) [2013 In Review]

Indie Musicians, Publishing and Song Placement series

Finishing up our month of reviewing key MIMO articles from 2013…here is Part 2 of Jeff McQ’s interview with Heather Gardner, music supervisor for Vapor Music. First published last fall, this was part of an important series of interviews about song placements and synced music as an outlet for indie musicians.  Check out part 1 here.  Enjoy! –Ed.    *****   MIMO:  What type of sound quality are you looking […]

Heather Gardner

The MIMO Interview: Heather Gardner, Vapor Music (Part 1) [2013 In Review]

Indie Musicians, Publishing and Song Placement series

We  conclude our January review of the best posts on MIMO in 2013 with an important series of interviews that should be especially helpful to indie singer-songwriters and composers.  In recent years, song placements for media have become a major possible outlet for DIY musicians who might not otherwise get their music heard, and some indie musicians have built successful careers around such placements. Last fall, Jeff McQ interviewed several […]


Possibilities Lead To Opportunities [2013 in Review]

In looking over some of MIMO’s more memorable articles from the past year, we found this nugget of encouragement by Jeff McQ. Opening your thinking to embrace possibilities is a key to success for DIY musicians, which is why this article is definitely worth revisiting. –Ed. ***** Let’s face it: being a DIY musician is hard. Even with the many ways musicians now have (thanks to digital technology and the […]

The Three Networks DIY Musicians Need To Build [2013 In Review]

Continuing our review of key MIMO articles from 2013…this piece Jeff McQ wrote back in July offers valuable information for DIY musicians who are responsible for doing their own networking and promotion. Learning how to make connections and how to manage those connections is a skill every serious independent musical artist should learn.  Definitely a topic worth revisiting. –Ed In the music industry, connections are key. This is especially true […]


What Is a Hook, and Why Do You Need One?

The following is adapted from an article I wrote for The Developing Artist. As both a music enthusiast and a songwriter, I understand the need for a good hook in a song, and in my own writing, I always try to include something in the song that makes the listener want to keep listening. The word “hook” seems to come with some negative baggage among DIY musicians, especially those who […]