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The Resurgence of Live Music

The article below has been adapted from a piece I wrote for The Developing Artist three years ago. Since the article was written, the trends toward live performance seem only to have increased, so I felt the topic was worth revisiting, with a few adaptations made to account for current trends. If you are an independent musician, it’s definitely important for you to take live performance seriously. Enjoy!   Many, […]


Resources for Booking House Concerts

You probably already know this if you are a DIY musician, but in case you didn’t…house concerts are a thing. A big thing. In fact, house concerts may just be the saving grace of the independent music scene because like the Internet, they give relatively unknown artists a chance to connect directly with their fans across the country without the expectation of having to fill a venue. Why are house […]


Finding and Developing Your “Wow” Factor

This article has been adapted from a post I wrote for The Developing Artist. It’s my opinion that in some way, as indie musicians, we all have a “wow” factor–that element to our art that makes us unique, that makes us stand out. In a growing pool of competition, we need to discover this “wow” factor and strengthen it, now more than ever. Enjoy! There’s a sort of intangible “something” […]

Jessica Cole

The MIMO Interview: Jessica Cole, Lyric House Publishing

Indie Musicians, Publishing and Song Placement series

For DIY musicians and songwriters who want to venture into song licensing and placement, but who have little in the way of industry connections, a good music publisher can be a powerful ally. Where music publishing has historically been thought of in the context of getting music into print and onto records, more and more publishers are turning their focus to the wide-open market of song placement and sync. Unlike […]

Steve King

The MIMO Interview: Steve King, Imagem Creative Services

Indie Musicians, Publishing and Song Placement series

Continuing our interview series on “Indie Musicians, Publishing and Song Placement,” Music Is My Oxygen has been talking with a number of music industry professionals to get their best advice on how DIY musicians can tap into the growing market of song licensing and placement. Steve King is the Director of Creative Services for Imagem, a large independent music publisher with a huge and diverse catalog encompassing everything from classical and […]

Heather Gardner

The MIMO Interview: Heather Gardner, Vapor Music (Part 2)

Indie Musicians, Publishing and Song Placement series

Yesterday, we launched a new series of posts under the heading “Indie Musicians, Publishing and Song Placement” with an interview with music supervisor Heather Gardner. Below is the conclusion of that interview. (If you’re just joining us, you should read Part 1 first.) Enjoy!   *****   MIMO:  What type of sound quality are you looking for with song placements? Is it okay to send in a demo or should […]

Heather Gardner

The MIMO Interview: Heather Gardner, Vapor Music (Part 1)

Indie Musicians, Publishing and Song Placement series

With the expansion of cable and satellite into hundreds of channels, the rise of Internet video, and a boon of new films and television shows over the past few years, the demand for song placement and licensing has exploded right along with it. Full-time music supervisors for corporate media entities have become nearly as important to the industry as label A&R reps have been, as they are always looking for […]

Durango Songwriters Expo

Durango Songwriters Expo Kicks Off October 3-5

If you’re a songwriter looking for publishing and placement opportunities (as well as helpful industry critique), one of the best places you can connect is at the Durango Songwriters Expo, which takes place in various locations several times a year. This weekend, the DSE will take place October 3-5 in Broomfield, Colorado, just north of Denver. Hailed as one of the best expos of its kind, the DSE is particularly […]


Self-Promotion Is NOT a Four-Letter Word

The post below has been adapted from a piece I wrote for The Developing Artist called “Shameless Self-Promotion.” I think it contains some important reminders for DIY musicians that not only is it appropriate to self-promote, but it is necessary–especially when you are on your own with it. Like I said in the post, if you don’t do it–who will?   I don’t know about you, but in my background, […]


Why You Shouldn’t Worry About the Upheaval in the Music Industry

It seems like independent musicians have plenty to worry about these days. While it is certainly possible for DIY musicians to find their own audience (thanks to the Internet and social media), and while it’s even possible to make some money, it also seems like there are a lot of obstacles to making enough money. We live in a time where most indie musicians have to supplement their income with […]


The Three Networks DIY Musicians Need To Build

In the music industry, connections are key. This is especially true of indie musicians who cannot rely on industry “people” to make connections for them. To be well-connected as a DIY musician, you need to focus your efforts on building three important networks—three groups of people with whom you need to form relationships. There can be overlapping between these three groups, but you will approach each one a bit differently, […]

cross paths

Why Musicians Need To Keep Their Options Open

In my previous post in this column, I talked about how when DIY musicians open themselves to possibilities, it can open up more opportunities. Along that same line, I thought this piece I originally wrote for The Developing Artist about keeping your options open would fit in quite well with this discussion. I thought I’d share a bit from that article here. More food for thought. ************ Here’s something for you to […]


Possibilities Lead To Opportunities

Let’s face it: being a DIY musician is hard. Even with the many ways musicians now have (thanks to digital technology and the Internet) to reach an audience without having to be “discovered” or signed to a major label, the flip side is that there is no support system built into the process. Label artists have “people” who handle administration, promotion and marketing, while DIY musicians have to take care […]


“When Are You Going to Grow Up?”: Dealing With Emotional Resistance

The following post is adapted from a piece I wrote last year for The Developing Artist. It deals with some of the emotional resistance DIY artists frequently face from people, including those who are sometimes closest to them. This piece seemed to resonate quite a bit with my readers, so I thought it was worth sharing here. I’m always intrigued to hear artists and musicians tell their personal stories. With […]


Journal Of an Audio Student: Lesson 4 – Microphones

Here’s the next installment of my video diary as a student apprentice of the Recording Connection. In Lesson 4, we discussed microphones in detail. Enjoy!     Continuing my lessons as an apprentice of the Recording Connection…in this lesson I was introduced the various kinds of microphones used in a recording studio (and other settings, as well). I learned about dynamic/moving coil mics, dynamic ribbon and condenser mics (the kinds […]

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