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Journal Of an Audio Student–Lesson Two: Acoustics

Continuing my video diary series as a student of the Recording Connection audio engineering training program…Lesson 2 dealt with acoustics, particularly as it relates to studio design. It was very interesting to take an in-depth tour of the studio, not just looking at the aesthetics of the different rooms, but also the materials used to build it. My mentor/instructor explained what materials were behind the walls to help them control […]


Common-Sense Social Networking Tips for DIY Musicians

This article has been adapted from a piece posted in The Developing Artist about 18 months ago, and gives some common-sense tips for DIY musicians regarding social networking. Because social media is a constantly changing landscape, I purposefully avoided too many specifics regarding specific best practices, because what works now might not work a month from now. But the flip side is that these tips I give below are still […]


In the Mix: Why You Shouldn’t Cut Corners With Recording

Who would have thought a few years ago that the digital revolution would be able to turn just about any laptop into a mini recording studio? For an investment of just a few hundred dollars, DIY musicians the world over can now have a recording rig on their home computers with a seemingly unlimited number of tracks, plus drum loops and libraries of virtual instruments that would have made most […]


Improving Your Stage Presence (part 2)

Below is the conclusion of a two-part series that first appeared on The Developing Artist about improving stage presence. In this piece, I try to give some specific examples of good (and bad) onstage behavior, with tips to help you connect better with your audience when playing live. Enjoy! In the previous post in this series, we started to talk about what stage presence is, how it makes a difference in […]


You Can Always Learn More: Keeping an Open Mind As a Musician

In my role as a blogger and a general encourager of DIY musicians, I come across a lot of musical artists who are good, but who could be better. I also come across some who could be doing certain things more effectively in their careers, but aren’t. And I can almost always tell, right off the bat, which musicians are open to input, and which ones think they have the […]


Improving Your Stage Presence (part 1)

The following article was adapted from an early piece I wrote on The Developing Artist. Given the increasing importance of live performance in DIY music today, developing good stage presence is a critical element to establishing a successful music career. In days past, live shows and tours were considered a promotional measure to sell records (and for certain studio musicians, it was an optional measure, at that). These days, however, […]


Journal Of an Audio Student: Lesson One

As mentioned in my previous post, I’m documenting my experiences here with this video diary as a student of the Recording Connection. While primarily an introductory thing, sitting with my mentor talking in the studio, I learned a great deal just from the first lesson, and can already see ways I can begin applying it to my own musical projects.   I’ve completed my first lesson with my mentor at […]


Journal of an Audio Student: Introduction

This post launches a new series called “Journal of an Audio Student,” a video diary by yours truly as I go through a special apprenticeship program as an audio engineering student. As a bit of introduction…while I cover topics related to DIY musicians in this column, I myself am a DIY musician—a singer/songwriter and composer. Recently, I decided to take a course in audio engineering because while I have many […]


DIY Musicians: Think Outside the Box to Find Success

This post has been adapted from a piece I wrote for The Developing Artist. I initially wrote this piece last year to offer some encouragement for DIY musicians who were feeling a bit overwhelmed by the seemingly constant “bad news” about the music industry. I think this post is still relevant for today. Enjoy! If you’ve read my posts in the various outlets where I write, you have probably come […]


Four Ways to Get Your Music Rejected

This piece is adapted from an article I wrote for The Developing Artist. I thought it was relevant to share here because while rejection is part of the game in the music business, too many promising DIY musicians actually set themselves up for rejection through simple lapses in judgement. The things I mention below are obviously not the only things that will get your music rejected, nor is there any […]


Music Artists: Register with SoundExchange TODAY, Or Start Losing Royalties

If you’re a musical artist or band member who has released any recorded material to the public (or a musician that has played on any recordings), you should have already registered with SoundExchange (we’ll tell you why momentarily). According to a report by Digital Music News, if you don’t register by today (October 15), you could begin missing out permanently on some serious royalties. To make sure everyone is in […]


Need Some Help Getting that CD Made and Promoted? Enter This Contest

If there’s one thing you learn about the music business as a DIY musician, it’s that everything costs money: gear, studio time, CD printing, promotion, and on and on. That’s why two notable resources for DIY musicians (namely, Disc Makers and CD Baby) recently announced a sweepstakes with a prize package tailor-made for indie artists and bands. Titled the Great Gear Giveaway, this sweepstakes features a Grand Prize worth over […]


Why You Should Play Open Stages, and How To Make the Most of Them

This article is adapted from a piece I wrote on The Developing Artist. I’ve included it today because there are many DIY musicians who don’t take advantage of open stages, or try to believe that such events are beneath them. As it is, open stages can be a useful tool in your own development as an artist, no matter how advanced you believe yourself to be. Read on, and find […]


Durango Songwriters Expo: October 4-6 in Broomfield, Colorado

We mentioned this last month, but just as a reminder: if you’re a singer/songwriter who wants to learn and grow, there’s still time for you to register for this year’s Durango Songwriter’s Expo, which takes place next weekend in Broomfield, Colorado just north of Denver. An intimate setting for a limited number of participants, the DSE is a three-day event that allows songwriters to interact with over 40 different music […]

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