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The Connection Factor: Your Fans Want a Piece of You (part 2)

In the previous post of this two-part series, we talked about how your fans don’t just want to own your music: they want to feel an ownership in your success. They want a piece of you—meaning they want to feel connected. In the continuation of this train of thought, we’ll talk a little about what this might look like for you, and how it can affect the choices you make with […]


The Connection Factor: Your Fans Want a Piece of You (part 1)

In all you do as a DIY musician to spread the word about your music, there’s one key secret you need to remember: your fans want a piece of you. They want connection. What does this mean, exactly? While your music is definitely art, in the music business (like it or not) you are marketing a product—a product that consumers want to own. It is this sense of ownership that […]


FREE Webinar for DIY Musicians on Promoting Your Music on ReverbNation

Let’s face it: we DIY musicians like free stuff—especially when it comes to helping us advance our careers. This morning, Hypebot.com announced a FREE webinar (in collaboration with Music Biz Weekly) on how to use the website ReverbNation to promote your music. Hosted by Music Biz Weekly podcast hosts Brian Thompson and Michael Brandvold, the 60-minute webinar will feature ReverbNation’s product manager Nick Sehn, who will cover topics such as […]


Why You Need to Learn the Music Biz

Here’s another nugget adapted from my blog The Developing Artist. It talks about why DIY musicians can’t afford to be ignorant about the music business, especially if they are serious about trying to make a living at it. Enjoy! To be honest, I don’t know that many professional musicians who actually enjoy the business side of music.  They’d rather just write, play and perform, and not worry about dollars and […]


Music Licensing and Song Placement: The Future for Indie Musicians?

While the shifts in the music market have made it more difficult for musicians to make a living off of record sales, music licensing and song placement comprise an area where opportunities are increasing, especially for indie artists. As one indie musician put it,  “Music licensing is the new radio.” To summarize the trend as simply as possible, there is a constant (and increasing) demand nowadays for music to be […]


Why You Need Objective Feedback

As you may know, besides my work here at MIMO, I write a blog of my own called The Developing Artist. The following post, “Why You Need Objective Feedback,” is adapted from a post from that blog. Occasionally, I’ll be re-posting nuggets from The Developing Artist that I think will be helpful here; I felt that this post ties in well with my previous post on MIMO, “Flattery Will Get […]


Flattery Will Get You Nowhere: Guarding Our Need for Affirmation

I know very few artists (myself included) who do not have a deep need for affirmation. We create art from inside ourselves, and it’s natural to want people to appreciate it for what it is. But when affirmation turns to flattery, it can actually be dangerous for us, and can do us more harm than good. Part of growing as an artist means growing as a person, and that means […]


Don’t Rule Anyone Out: The Power of Connections and Networking

As an indie musician, networking and forming connections is a part of your job. It’s a part many of us wish we could avoid, sometimes, honestly. An artist’s persona is often introverted by nature, and we’d much rather hole up in a room with our guitar than be out shaking hands and kissing babies, so to speak. In a perfect world, we’d have “people” to do that stuff for us—and […]

The Long Haul: Choosing Substance Over Style

The Long Haul: Choosing Substance Over Style

One of the mantras I drone about constantly to DIY musicians over at my blog The Developing Artist [http://artistdevelopmentblog.com] is that to be successful as a musician, you need to aim to be in it for the long haul. You don’t want to be flash in the pan; you want to light a fire that will burn for a long time. To do this, you need to focus on substance […]

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