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Ikonika Aerotropolis

Ikonika “Aerotropolis” – Album Review

Hyperdub (2013)

The first female producer on the cult Hyperdub label that’s also home to the likes of Burial, Zomby and Darkstar, in 2010 Sara Abdel-Hamid, aka Ikonika, proved that the whole post-dubstep scene wasn’t just a man’s world with a striking debut album that twisted the genre beyond all recognition. Inspired by her time living near London’s Heathrow Airport, Ikonika’s follow-up Aerotropolis rather aptly ventures into several new territories including shimmering […]

Moderat II

Moderat “II” – Album Review

Monkeytown Records (2013)

The side-project of glitchy hip-hop duo Modeselektor and IDM guru Apparat, Moderat’s early working relationship was so fraught that they named their first E.P., Auf Kosten der Gesundheit (At The Cost Of Health). A long string of creative differences meant that their self-titled debut album only arrived seven years after they began recording it. However, judging by their much more harmonious follow-up, II, the Berlin-based trio now appear to have […]

Clean Bandit

Introducing: Clean Bandit

“So you think electronic music is boring? You think it’s stupid? You think it’s repetitive?” – the opening gambit to Clean Bandit’s breakthrough single, “Mozart’s House,” couldn’t have made the British oddball quartet’s intentions to smash all the conventions of the genre any clearer. Underpinned by a sample of Wolfgang Amadeus’ Quartet No.21, the aptly-titled blend of sweeping strings and chopped & screwed house not only brought the worlds of […]

Example Hits

Example “#Hits” – Album Review

Ministry of Sound (2013)

Initially a cult geezer-rapper signed to Mike Skinner’s The Beats label, Elliot Gleave (aka Example) was then accused of becoming a sell-out when he transformed himself into an electro-pop maestro, selling out arenas and regularly topping the UK charts as a result. However, coinciding with his recent departure from Ministry Of Sound, 16-track compilation #Hits proves that his sung-spoken delivery has always been more effective when surrounded by massive festival-friendly […]

The Other Tribe

Introducing: The Other Tribe

The complete antithesis to the melancholic navel-gazing trip-hop acts that put their Bristol hometown on the musical map in the mid-90s, hedonistic sextet The Other Tribe are only concerned with having fun in the club. Thankfully, as the layers of paint emblazoned across their faces and habit of performing at warehouse raves might suggest, it’s the era of acid house, rather than today’s EDM nonsense, which has shaped their celebratory sound. Graduates […]

David Lynch The Big Dream

David Lynch “The Big Dream” – Album Review

Sacred Bones (2013)

A perplexing blend of warped electronica, avant-garde pop and gothic Americana, David Lynch’s 2011 music debut Crazy Clown Time might have been just as mind-bending as his last big-screen outing, Inland Empire. But continuing his late-in-the-day recording career, his second album, The Big Dream, has much more in common with the soundtracks of his cinematic works. Closer “Are You Sure” is the kind of ethereal torch song that Julee Cruise […]

Pet Shop Boys Electric

Pet Shop Boys “Electric” – Album Review

x2 Recordings (2013)

Pet Shop Boys’ hugely underwhelming last album, Elysium, sounded like synth-pop’s most arch duo had simply given up. So it comes as something of a surprise that less than twelve months on, they have returned not only with a brand new record, Electric, but also the most pulsing, energetic and vibrant album of their thirty-year career. Produced by Stuart Price, the man who oversaw a similar return-to-form with Madonna’s Confessions […]


Introducing: A*M*E

The cheeky younger sister of the burgeoning London dance-pop scene currently busy reviving the classic club sounds of the 90s, 18-year-old Aminata Kabba, aka A*M*E, possesses a far more intriguing C.V. than the likes of Disclosure and Rudimental. Born in Freetown, Sierra Leone in 1994, she was forced to flee her homeland at age eight when her mother’s hair salon was deliberately burned to the ground. After relocating to South […]

Maps Vicissitude

Maps “Vicissitude” – Album Review

Mute Records (2013)

Named after the term for a typically unwelcome change of fortune, UK producer James Chapman’s third studio effort under the guise of Maps, Vicissitude, doesn’t exactly shy away from revelling in doom and gloom. Resembling a cross between a self-hypnosis tape and a soundtrack to an eerie early 80s sci-fi flick, the follow-up to 2009’s Turning The Mind is underpinned by a sense of foreboding which suggests that the twenty-something […]

Daughn Gibson Me Moan

Daughn Gibson “Me Moan” – Album Review

Sub Pop (2013)

Named after an amalgam of Nashville crooners Don and Stevie Ray, Pennsylvania truck driver-turned-troubadour Daughn Gibson twisted country music beyond all recognition with last year’s debut All Hell thanks to an array of warped loops, samples and distortion and a remarkable baritone which sat somewhere between a Vegas Elvis impersonator and the frontman of the Crash Test Dummies. His second album, Me Moan, continues to bridge that rather wide gap […]

The Electronic Music July Playlist

Last month, we began a new feature, a monthly “playlist” of electronic music that ought to be on your radar. Here is July’s instalment of the list. Enjoy! AlunaGeorge – “You Know You Like It” The London duo first released this sumptuous blend of bubbling witch house and slinky 90s R&B last year. But following the pair’s crossover success with “Attracting Flies” and Disclosure collaboration, “White Noise,” it’s now been […]

New Order “Live At Bestival 2012” – Album Review

Sunday Best (2013)

New Order may be one of the most important bands in dance music history. But their reputation when it comes to the live stage has always been a little more shaky, which perhaps explains why even their most ardent fans will probably approach this recording of last year’s headline appearance at Britain’s biggest boutique festival with a certain sense of trepidation. A charity release designed to raise money for the […]

Thundercat “Apocalypse” – Album Review

Brainfeeder (2013)

Previously a member of both a boyband who scored a minor German hit in the early 00s and Los Angeles skate-punk outfit Suicidal Tendencies, it’s little surprise that singer-bassist Stephen Bruner is much less of a chin-stroker than his Brainfeeder label mates. Indeed, despite the presence of long-time collaborator Flying Lotus, his second album under the guise of Thundercat, Apocalypse, certainly isn’t averse to the concept of traditional song structures […]

Introducing: Jagwar Ma

Following John Squire’s recent admission that only a handful of tracks have been recorded for the new long-awaited Stone Roses album, fans of late 80s Mancunian baggy-pop could do worse than look to Australian duo Jagwar Ma for a credible replacement. The pair may have only been knee high to a grasshopper when the ‘Madchester’ scene was in full flow, not to mention living ten thousand miles away from it. […]

Royksopp “Late Night Tales” – Album Review

Late Night Tales (2013)

Kick-started by the likes of Groove Armada and Zero 7 back in the early 00s, the Late Night Tales concept seems tailor-made for Royksopp, an act who have pretty much perfected the art of downtempo electronica over the course of four studio albums. Which is why it’s a surprise that it’s taken the Norwegian duo twelve years to contribute to the critically-acclaimed compilation series. Disappointingly, Svein Berge and Torbjorn Brundtland’s […]