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Introducing: Jess Mills

There’s been much made over the fact that Jess Mills, the daughter of Labour Member of Parliament Tessa Jowell, has embraced the world of dubstep, drum n’ bass and trip-hop with such style. As if it’s unfathomable that anyone associated with the world of politics could possibly have anything in common with a sound synonymous with pirate radio stations and London council estates. Not that the 30-year-old should have to […]

Tiesto Tops List of World’s Highest Paid DJs

A concept which began in the late 90s, the era of the superstar DJ was presumed to have been dead and buried up until the EDM scene started to take over America almost a decade later. Now, according to a new rich list published by Forbes magazine last week, the world’s biggest knob-twiddlers are raking in the kind of cash that most rock acts could only dream about. Indeed, the […]

Yeasayer “Fragrant World”—Album Review

Mute (2012)

Renowned for cramming more ideas into one song than many of their hipster-pop contemporaries would manage in an entire career, Brooklyn quintet Yeasayer remain unashamedly restless on their third studio album Fragrant World, due to drop Aug. 21. Indeed, perhaps even more hyperactive than 2010’s Odd Blood, every single one of these self-produced 12 tracks ends up veering off in a completely different direction from where it started in a manner reminiscent […]

David Lynch Recruits Dance Music’s Biggest Names For Remix Album

Cult film director David Lynch’s career has been anything but predictable, but his recent decision to reinvent himself as an electronic bluesman seemed almost as baffling as one of his mind-bending thrillers. However, debut solo album, Crazy Clown Time wasn’t the car-crash that most were anticipating. Indeed, having produced Julee Cruise’s first two records, composed scores for Twin Peaks, Mulholland Drive and Wild At Heart, and showcased his Southern drawl […]

Underworld’s Magical Score Was the Making of Olympics Opening Ceremony

Director Danny Boyle is quite rightly being tipped for a future knighthood following the astonishing four-hour spectacular which kick-started the London 2012 Olympic Games on Friday night. But almost as pivotal to the stunning opening ceremony as his ingenious vision was the dramatic and hugely emotive score from electronic veterans Underworld. Having largely flown under most people’s radar since 1996’s anthemic “Born Slippy,” Karl Hyde & Rick Smith weren’t exactly […]

Niki & The Dove “Instinct”–Album Review

Sub Pop (2012)

Combining the avant-garde pop of early Bjork with the melancholic electro of Robyn and the minimal techno of The Knife, Stockholm trio Niki & The Dove further cement Scandinavia’s reputation as the true home of the nu-synth revival with their Sub Pop issued debut album, Instinct. Whilst many similar acts have struggled to make themselves heard having emerged from such an already-crowded scene, Malin Dahlstrom’s naturally kooky vocal presence and […]

London 2012 Gets Into the Groove With Official Olympic Themes

From Whitney Houston’s “One Moment In Time” to Gloria Estefan’s “Reach,” the official Olympic themes are usually epic power ballads full of inspirational messages about achieving your dreams and reaching your goals. However, adding a more contemporary twist to the concept, the organisers of London 2012 have chosen not one but five very different sporting anthems to soundtrack this year’s Games. Perhaps reflecting the dominance of electronica in the current […]

Introducing: Purity Ring

The name may conjure up images of The Jonas Brothers, but Canadian witch house duo Purity Ring produce the kind of unsettling creepy electronica that would give the squeaky-clean former Disney trio nightmares. Formed in Edmonton in 2010, producer Corin Roddick, previously a drummer with post-rock outfit Gobble Gobble (now Born Gold), and trained pianist-turned-bewitching chanteuse Megan James became the darlings of the blogosphere after uploading a futuristic blend of […]

Delilah – From The Roots Up

From Emeli Sande’s Heaven to Lana Del Rey’s Born To Die, several of 2012’s biggest breakthrough female artists have flirted with the timeless trip-hop sounds of Massive Attack, Portishead and Tricky. But with From the Roots Up, 21-year-old French-born chanteuse Delilah is perhaps the first to commit to an entire album of such dark soulful electronica. Co-written with a rather random selection of collaborators, including former Razorlight drummer Andy Burrows, […]

Introducing: Disclosure

Possibly the most boring inspiration for a band name ever, South London siblings Disclosure chose their moniker, not because of a fondness for the Michael Douglas film, but because they spotted the term whilst filling in a car insurance form. Luckily, their music is rather more imaginative. At the forefront of the sound which has been coined ‘post-garage,’ 20-year-old Guy Lawrence and younger brother, Howard, 17, may have been far […]

Can Skrillex Prove Himself To Be More than a One-Trick Pony?

A virtual unknown two years ago, former From First To Last frontman Sonny Moore has since become dubstep’s first-ever superstar under the moniker Skrillex, picking up three Grammy Awards, courting the attention of everyone from nu-metal pioneers Korn to rock legends The Doors, and even bagging himself a celebrity girlfriend in the shape of Ellie Goulding. Continuing his remarkably rapid rise to fame, it was announced this week that Skrillex […]

Hervé – Pick Me Up, Sort Me Out, Calm Me Down

Cheap Thrills (2012)

Perhaps the most appropriately-titled dance album of the year, Pick Me Up, Sort Me Out, Calm Me Down, Joshua Harvey’s first studio album under the name of Hervé, is as hyperactive and restless as you’d expect from an artist who changes his moniker seemingly on a daily basis. The man also known as Young Lovers, Action Man and Voodoo Chilli, one-half of London electro duo The Count & Sinden and […]

Flashback: The Prodigy – Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned

After a seven-year wait during which their leader Liam Howlett had ditched a whole album’s worth of material, disowned their disastrous 2002 self-parodying comeback single, “Baby Got A Temper,” and relieved Keith Flint and Maxim of their duties, The Prodigy were always going to struggle to live up to the ground-breaking success of 1997’s US & UK number one, The Fat Of The Land. So it was no surprise when […]

Introducing: Madeon

Inspired by the space disco of Sheila B. Devotion, the P-funk of George Clinton and the sampling techniques of the Chicago dance scene, the French house movement has produced an endless supply of loop-filtering duos (Cassius, Modjo, Galleon) since Daft Punk’s ground-breaking Homework in the mid-90s. But considering David Guetta and Bob Sinclar have all but abandoned their roots in favour of rubbing shoulders with pop royalty, 18-year-old Hugo Pierre […]

Elton John vs Pnau – Good Morning To The Night

Casablanca (2012)

An aging piano man more renowned for throwing tantrums than throwing shapes and perhaps the most eccentric act to emerge from the thriving Australian indie-disco scene? On paper, a collaboration between Sir Elton John and Sydney duo Pnau seems as unlikely as the pop legend’s previous forays into hip-hop with Eminem and Tupac. However, Good Morning To The Night (set for a July 17 release) is far from a random hook-up. […]