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Is REVOLT TV For Real or Not?

As I sat beside will.i.am at the mixing board inside one of the studios at the Record Plant in Hollywood, he queued up songs produced for Nas that didn’t make the cut for Hip-Hop Is Dead. I had already been floored to hear these exclusives, with enough ammo in my notebook to write a mini-profile about the Black Eyed Peas frontman’s foray into production. That’s the reason I was there, […]

Alison Gold Chinese Food

Alison Gold’s Unlikely Chart Success with “Chinese Food”

Are the new Internet streaming chart criteria backfiring?

The latest among the viral video sensations, “Chinese Food” by 12-year-old Alison Gold has certainly sparked some conversation, and more than a little controversy, as much for its comparisons to Rebecca Black’s notoriously bad song “Friday” as the speculations of racism that surround it. It’s remarkable what songs happen to break the Hot 100 charts since Billboard changed the rules to include Internet streaming. From K-pop’s surprising dominance with PSY’s […]

DJ Khaled Suffering From Success

DJ Khaled “Suffering From Success” –Album Review

Cash Money Records (2013)

DJ Khaled is the consummate merchant of posse cut whose deal with Cash Money Records revolves around his superior ability to get as many popular singers and rappers on the same track as possible. He has branded himself so well in this lane that it overshadows even We The Best Music Group, his label with major label distribution. The Palestinian-American started out as a Miami terrestrial radio deejay, building up […]

Best Coast Fade Away

Best Coast “Fade Away” –Album Review

Jewel City (2013)

First, there was Crazy For You—a debut album by California surf/rock duo Best Coast whose buzzy, effected sound placed them at the fore of a whole movement of indie rock and gave frontwoman Bethany Cosentino a bit of celebrity status in the indie community. Then last year, the duo released a follow up record, The Only Place, removing some of the buzz and adding a bit of spit-and-polish to the […]

Polica Shulamith

Polica “Shulamith” – Album Review

Mom + Pop Records (2013)

The brainchild of Gayngs’ Ryan Olson, Polica were championed by everyone from Jay-Z to Bon Iver last year following a striking debut which combined the ethereal dream-pop of The Cocteau Twins, the haunting trip-hop of Portishead and the spacious post-R&B of The xx. Like the latter Mercury Prize winners, the Minneapolis five-piece haven’t felt the urge to radically change their sound for their follow-up, Shulamith. Named after the radical Canadian feminist, […]

Cee Lo Green

Cee Lo Green Charged with Furnishing Ecstasy

Previous sexual assault charge dropped

Cee Lo Green, musical artist and celebrity coach on NBC’s talent show series The Voice, entered a not-guilty plea in court on Monday to charges that he allegedly furnished the drug MDMA (ecstasy) to a woman in a Los Angeles restaurant last year, Billboard reports. While it’s a felony charge carrying a possible sentence of four years in prison, it is a step down from an earlier charge of sexual […]

Katy Perry PRISM

A Multi-Faceted Katy Perry: “PRISM” –Album Review

Capitol (2013)

Let me just start with this: “Roar” has got to be the catchiest single that Katy Perry has ever released—this, from a proven hitmaker. Suffice it to say that the bar was raised several notches by that single, meaning her latest effort PRISM gets to launch up against a huge wall of expectations. Remarkably, those expectations are met…with a roar. (Sorry, couldn’t help it.) As a rule of thumb, I’m […]

Richard Marx Right Here Waiting

Pop Rewind: Richard Marx “Right Here Waiting”

While Richard Marx has remained active in the music scene as a performer, songwriter and producer since being discovered by Lionel Richie three decades ago, most people remember the gritty-voiced pop-rocker for his string of radio hits in the late 1980s—and among them, the song below is likely the one we remember most. “Right Here Waiting,” a simple, piano-led ballad, was released in 1989 as the second single off of […]

Cults Static

Cults “Static” –Album Review

Columbia (2013)

Scenario: you form a band with your significant other. You write some songs and make a record. You get famous, and your band travels the world. Then you break up. What are your options? You can either a) break up the band along with the relationship; or b) keep the band together and use the breakup as material to write another record. Thankfully for fans, Madeline Follin and Brian Oblivion […]

Morcheeba Head Up High

Morcheeba “Head Up High” – Album Review

PIAS (2013)

Renowned for possessing a much sunnier disposition than their trip-hop peers Portishead, Tricky and Massive Attack, Morcheeba return arguably more cheerful than ever with Head Up High, their eighth studio album and their second since reuniting with their original vocalist Skye Edwards. Indeed, the follow-up to 2011’s Blood Like Lemonade is arguably the London trio’s most playful effort to date thanks to an inspired list of collaborators which perfectly complement […]

Prince Breakfast Can Wait

Prince Has Invited You to a Pajama Party

Performer opens his home/studio to the public for a second time this month

Pop/R&B icon Prince has discovered a new way to connect with fans—inviting them over to his house for a party. On October 5, Prince invited the public to attend a party held at his home and recording studio complex, Paisley Park Studios in the southwest suburbs of Minneapolis, MN. On October 19, he’s doing it again—only this time it’s an overnight pajama party. The flyer Prince has circulated calls it […]

The Head and The Heart Let's Be Still

The Head and The Heart “Let’s Be Still” –Album Review

Sub Pop (2013)

In the four years since Seattle Americana-folk outfit The Head and The Heart started getting national attention, it could never be said that they had a reputation for raising the roof. This band is not trading on your trendy bass-drum-foot-stompin’ Mumford & Sons arena-folk; this is more mid-tempo, lyrical, occasional-toe-tappin’ folk. However you describe their sound, they’ve struck a nerve and built a solid following. If there’s anything their debut […]

Dom Kennedy Get Home Safely

Dom Kennedy “Get Home Safely”–Album Review

Other People's Money (2013)

Dom Kennedy is a hometown hero, but to say that hometown is Los Angeles is erroneous. Kennedy is actually the hometown hero of Leimert Park, a progressive enclave of South Central Los Angeles better known for Project Blowed and Freestyle Fellowship than for the gang-infested neighborhoods around it. The distinction is important because it’s integral to Kennedy’s artistic DNA and helps explain his breezy vibes, tongue-in-cheek humor and, generally, what […]

Pearl Jam Lightning Bolt

Pearl Jam “Lightning Bolt” –Album Review

Monkeywrench (2013)

Now in their 23rd year as a band, Pearl Jam (already known as the bastions the so-called “softer side” of grunge music) are now facing the paradox of having “elder statesmen” status within a genre once relegated to the young. (Let’s face it—grunge is so mid-nineties.) That said, the band are now at the crossroads to which nearly all bands of their caliber and legacy arrive: do they try to […]

Jessica Cole

The MIMO Interview: Jessica Cole, Lyric House Publishing

Indie Musicians, Publishing and Song Placement series

For DIY musicians and songwriters who want to venture into song licensing and placement, but who have little in the way of industry connections, a good music publisher can be a powerful ally. Where music publishing has historically been thought of in the context of getting music into print and onto records, more and more publishers are turning their focus to the wide-open market of song placement and sync. Unlike […]