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Eisley Releases New EP, Plans Spring Mini-Tour, Prepares for LP4

Eisley Releases New EP, Plans Spring Mini-Tour, Prepares for LP4

With relatively little fanfare, indie family/sibling band Eisley released a new EP in February, and are following it up with a mini-tour launching in early March, which will quickly criss-cross the United States, and conclude in their home state of Texas on April 1. The EP, named Deep Space, is a collection of five songs that have become fan faves as the band has performed them for audiences on tour […]

Album Review: Dierks Bentley “Home”

Album Review: Dierks Bentley ‘Home’

Speaking in terms of financial success, country singer Dierks Bentley has come a long way since releasing his first record nearly a decade ago. His latest CD Home (released February 2012) debuted near the top of the Billboard 200 chart, and the title cut (which is also the first single) is getting plenty of airplay. From a purely music business standpoint, it would seem that Dierks Bentley has “arrived.” Buuutt…(sigh) […]

The Cranberries “Roses”—Same Band, Only Older (album review)

The Cranberries ‘Roses’—Same Band, Only Older (album review)

Roses, the long-awaited new studio album from Irish alt-rock band The Cranberries [http://www.cranberries.com/], marks the band’s first studio album in a decade, and the first since they took a six-year hiatus so bandmates could work on their solo careers. First impressions of the record: Meh. Don’t get me wrong—Roses is a good record, and certainly existing Cranberries fans should love it. The opening tracks “Conduct” and “Tomorrow” are probably the […]

Carolina Chocolate Drops “Leaving Eden” Brings String Band Music Back Into the Limelight

Carolina Chocolate Drops ‘Leaving Eden’ Brings String Band Music Back Into the Limelight

If you’ve never listened to old-time string band music, you’re missing out on one of the best parts of Americana. The new album Leaving Eden by Carolina Chocolate Drops should remedy that for you. Old-time music is a style of North American folk that draws from traditional English, Irish, Scottish, and African influences (essentially the main people groups out of which America itself was formed). Next to Native American music, it […]

Good things come to those that wait - John Altman

Good Things Come to Those That Wait

There was always something extra special about Peter Green. Something that set him apart from the other guitar heroes of the late sixties – Hendrix, Clapton, Beck and Page. Something that hit a nerve in B.B. King, Carlos Santana, and Barney Kessel and resonated with many fans who first came to his playing via John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers and the early incarnation of Fleetwood Mac. It was very hard to define […]

Jeff Loomis to Release Solo Album Recorded at Fastback Studios.

Jeff Loomis to Release Solo Album Recorded at Fastback Studios.

Jeff Loomis, former lead guitarist for progressive metal band Nevermore, recently recorded tracks for his much-anticipated solo record Plains of Oblivion at Seattle’s Fastback Studios. Produced by Aaron Smith, the 10-track recording is slated for an early April release by Century Media Records, and is already being hailed as some of Loomis’ best work to date. Loomis has been joined by a number of additional metal heavyweights, including Chris Poland […]

Bon Iver's Unlikely Rise to the Top

Bon Iver’s Unlikely Rise to the Top

Bon Iver (known to his friends as Justin Vernon) is a perfect example of how the music industry has changed, and how you don’t need the backing of a major label to find your audience these days. Vernon’s journey as Bon Iver began with a self-recorded set of songs during a 4-month stint alone in a log cabin in Wisconsin. This year, with his self-titled sophomore record, Bon Iver was […]

Have the Reality Talent Shows Had Their Day? Carrie Underwood

Have the Reality Talent Shows Had Their Day?

It all started with American Idol. Well, not actually. Reality talent shows have been around in some form almost as long as television itself has been around, going all the way back to the early 1950s with shows like Talent Scout and Ted Mack & The Original Amateur Hour. Then, of course, there was Star Search, the long-running show hosted by Ed McMahon. But the current frenzy to find the […]

Blake Shelton’s “Red River Blue”-Album Review

These days, many people identify Blake Shelton with his “other” jobs, like being a judge on NBC’s The Voice, or being “Miranda Lambert’s husband.” But Blake Shelton is, first and foremost, a country singer—and a darn good one. His 2011 release Red River Blue has been hailed by many as the best recording of Shelton’s ten-year career thus far, garnering three Grammy and CMA nods—not to mention landing him honors […]

Adele's Grammy Sweep

Adele’s Grammy Sweep Sends a Message

This was a tough year to win a Grammy Award, if you were not Adele. Thanks to her record breaking sophomore release 21, Adele swept this year’s awards, winning in every category in which she was nominated, including Album of the Year, Record of the Year, Song of the Year, and three others—six in all. Although these weren’t Adele’s first Grammys (she won two in 2009, including Best New Artist), […]