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Double Dragon (Film Review)

  Video Game movies suck. They just do. Previous to a few nights ago I had never seen a video game movie that didn’t feel like a pale facsimile of something else. I don’t know what it is about the Video Game medium but their intellectual properties rarely transition well.   Double Dragon is a notable exception. Jesus.   Double Dragon, my friend. Double Dragon.   Have you seen Double […]


Eyeborgs Starring Adrian Paul ( Film Review)

  Let met tell you the only two things you need to know about this cinematic hidden gem known as Eyeborgs: It’s got robots in it and it’s starring Adrian Paul.   Yes, ROBOTS and Mr. Highlander the TV Series himself Adrian Paul.   If that’s not enough for you, I don’t know what to tell you. I can’t help you. No one can. I’m praying to Ed Wood for […]


Kiss Me Deadly

Every now and again you find a movie that reminds you why you love film. You encounter that rare jewel that rips you back to when you were nine-years-old and slams you down onto the couch in the TV room where your mom just put in some movie you’d never heard of called Raiders of the Lost Arc.   Kiss Me Deadly is an amazing film and it reduced me […]


Visioneers (Film Review)

Visioneers is a film that makes you laugh in the least expected ways. The film is a cross between Office Space and something Michele Gaundry would direct minus all the stop motion and felt. Actually, strike that this movie has loads of wigs and dream sequences to that’s got to count for double the felt even if there isn’t actually any felt in the film.   The film has numerous […]


The Fantastic Four (Film Review)

Fantastic Four   I love the Fantastic Four. I’m sure you do too. Everybody knows Reed, Sue, Ben and Johnny, the intrepid scientist family who venture into outer space only to be mutated by cosmic rays and gifted with powers. Then becoming Mr. Fantastic, The Invisible Woman, The Thing and The Human Torch. Thus, The Fantastic Four.   Growing up in comic book stores and movie rental establishments, everybody always […]


Mayhem Motel (Film Review)

  There was a time, in the not too distant past, that every time a birthday, holiday, or other special occasion occurred I would be gifted with the presentation of boxes full of crappy or public domain horror films. I should clarify, when I say ‘boxes’ I mean those collected movie box sets that include 35 different films encased in paper envelopes. Perhaps you’ve purchased them yourself? Well, if not, […]


The Black Six (Film Review)

Have you ever sat back and thought, ‘Self, you know what would be awesome? If someone made a movie that was like the Magnificent Seven meets Easy Rider but staring famous black football players from the 1970’s. That would be awesome.”   Well, you can stop talking to yourself now because that happened and it was called The Black Six. In case you’re part of the majority of Americans who […]


Condorman: The Best Super Hero Movie You’ve Never Seen (Film Review)

    Disney wasn’t always the brightly shining beacon of intellectual property buy out that it currently is. Before they shelled out $8.8 billion to get their hands on Marvel Comics and Star Wars they lost their way a little bit. I’m talking about Tron, The Black Hole and the other few late 70’s, early 80’s live action failures that have since gone on to cult status.   Personally, I […]


Zombie 2 (Film Review)

   Zombies are everywhere. They just are. There’s no denying that they’re approaching levels of played out that previously only the mullet and the jerry curl had attained.   The funny thing is that even though everybody loves zombies they’re really only into a handful of films. The films that everyone always talks about are the Romero films, and rightfully so, Zombieland, 28 Days Later, and The Walking Dead. Rarely, […]


SuperArgo and the Faceless Giants ( Film Review)

  Unbeknownst to me Superargo and the Faceless Giants is actually the second film in a franchise. I just saw a cool looking super hero dude and thought, “Yes, I will watch this.” I do not regret this decision in the least.   After doing some research on the Internet Superargo Contro Diablokus is the first film, where a professional wrestler, after accidently killing a fellow wrestler, decides to abandon […]


Legend of the Seven Golden Vampires (Film Review)

  So there’s this legend, right? And it involves seven vampires, right? In, like, these suits of golden armor or something. So what would do to try and defeat them? You’d gather up a roving band of kung-fu wielding Robin Hood types… and of course their one sister, to try and help you fight these seven golden vampires, which are being controlled by Dracula. That’s obviously the only logical thing […]


C.H.U.D. (Film Review)

The Internet is a strange and wonderful place. I say that because I find the habits that it makes people develop intensely interesting. Upon some self reflection the biggest changes that the ubiquitization of internet has brought about in me is how I consume media. I mean this in both the I’m-sitting-in-front-of-Netflix-for-ten-hours-watching-West-Wing way and in an I’m-going-to-buy-a-bunch-of-weird-DVDs-on-Amazon-at-4am-and-regret-it-the-next-day way. Both habits are ones that I’ve form since the Internet has really […]


Nightmare City or City of the Walking Dead (Film Review)

    Zombies are played out. Plain and simple.   Whenever I meet someone and they tell me they’re working on a zombie project I groan. Zombies are over. They’re done. Leave them alone. Maybe in twenty years there will be a fresh perspective on them, but for right now they’re played out.   That being said, I love zombie movies. Love them. I love the Romero ones, the Lucio […]


Maniac Cop (Film Review)

    Trying to find a cult movie with good production value is like attempting to find a cute girl at a D & D game. They exist, and thanks to the Internet they’re easier to find, but they’re still extremely rare.   Maniac Cop is that girl. She laughs at your Bag of holding jokes. She thinks your crusty Amazing Joy Buzzards shirt is cool. But most of all […]


Kamen Rider Amazon (Film Review)

I strive to be a well-rounded, moral person. I’ve tried to accomplish this daily goal ever since I can remember. Due, in large part, to the super heroes that I read as a kid. Spider-man, Batman, Superman, and Captain America fundamentally changed me as a human being. I tried to be like them. So much so, that I took to dressing like Zorro on trips to the local grocery store. […]

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