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Robo Vampire (Film Review)

One of the great crimes of the digital age is the absence of consumer’s accidental discovery. With search sophisticated algorithms, instant streaming and heads-up displays you instantly know what you’re getting into long before you actually consume the media. This last holiday season I took it upon myself, in a Punisher-style one man war on the future, to fight back against the never ending tied of progress. I found a […]


Shock Waves (Film Review)

Peter Cushing is awesome. He’s just a cool dude. Even after his wife died and he was visibly broken as a human being, he was still cool. Even in 1977, the year Shock Waves was released, when he looked like he was approaching 9,000 years old. He was still cool. Even in the scene in Shock Waves where his shirt is left open and his strangely Holocaust-internment-camp-style ribcage is exposed, […]


Power Kids (Film Review)

Grocery shopping is a necessary part of adult life. I may not particularly enjoy it but I feel compelled to do it so that I may continue to survive and not starve to death. Power Kids, the Thai kids action movie, gave me a similar feeling. I felt that I needed to finish watching the film because the Muay Thai martial arts sequences were so cool that I felt I’d […]


Ilsa, She-Wolf of the SS (Film Review)

This is strange to admit, coming from a Hebrew background, I love Nazis. Yeah, just sit there and chew on that for a minute. I love Nazi. Ok, I’ll clarify that statement some. I love Nazi movies. No, not Leni Riefenstahl. Although, her movies are impressive. I love movies where Nazis are the bad guys. I know it’s played out and everybody uses them as a symbol of one-dimensionally unrelenting […]

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