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FIMO INTERVIEW: David A. Prior & Ted Prior

David A. Prior and Ted Prior are the brothers behind such movies as Future Zone, Sledgehammer, and Deadly Prey. The brothers have created over thirty feature films together. David A Prior, writer and director, along with his brother Ted Prior, actor, have produced stories set in a myriad of genre. They’ve created everything from horror films to action pictures to scifi romps. The brothers produced most of their body of […]

Deadly Prey (Film Review)

Thanks to the internet there have been numerous low-to-no budget films that have taken on serious cult status. Case in point, Troll 2. Troll 2 is the worst thing ever made but people love it for precisely that reason. It’s an artifact from a bygone era. Granted, that era wasn’t that long ago, but still. People have a serious cast of the 80’s nostalgia currently. A film that was released […]

No, It’s Really Bad: Pacific Rim

Before its release, there was a tremendous buzz surrounding Guillermo Del Toro’s kaiju epic Pacific Rim. The convention footage that was shown whipped everyone into a frenzy, the early set reports detailed massive constructions being erected, and the actors involved seemed top notch. At some point the buzz died down. People seemed less enthused by the idea of gigantic stompy monster fighting robots. Then, just weeks before the release of […]

The Best TV Show You’ve Never Seen: Space Sheriff Gavan

Japanese television is a wonderful thing. It’s a bizarre concoction of western influences, Japanese archetypes, and shameless intellectual property theft. Japanese television in the 1980’s was all that on steroids. The 1982 japanese television show Space Sheriff Gavan is a bizarre acid trip of other dimensional beings, 40-something equestrian stable boys who secretly moonlight as alien crime fighters, and a crap load of shape changing alien bad guys named Doublemen. […]

The Wolverine (Film Review)

After a production misfire with Darren Aronofsky in the director’s chair, the second Wolverine film, The Wolverine, has finally arrived in theaters. This time around the venture is directed by James Manigold (3:10 to Yuma, Walk The Line) and, of course, stars Hugh Jackman. My initial misgivings about the proposed adaptation of Claremont and Miller’s acclaimed mini series, where logan travels to Japan, were pushed aside when I learned that […]

Elysium (Film Review)

Let’s get straight to the point: Neil Blomkamp’s sophomore offering Elysium is much better than you’ve been led to believe. All over the blogosphere it seems like doom and gloom is associated with Elysium. People seem to be talking about how much of a let down Elysium was and hot it wasn’t as good as District 9. They’re all wrong. Don’t listen to the 67% on Rotten Tomatoes. Don’t listen […]

Danny Boyle’s Trance (Film Review)

Something weird is happening with Danny Boyle. I love Danny Boyle. I’ve loved almost every single film that the man’s made. His visual style, his narrative sense, and the projects he selects are all always on point. He’s an auteur. He guides his films with the deftness and steady hand of a seasoned pro. Well, at least he used to. If you’ll cast your mind back to the last Olympics […]

Antoine Fuqua’s Olympus Has Fallen (Film Review)

Antoine Fuqua is a director that I used to love. That is to say, I loved him for a very definite amount of time. I thought Fuqua was going to be the next Spike Lee. I was chomping at the preverbial bit to see how he would follow up his stunningly brilliant feature film Training Day. He had already made The Repracement Killers, a favorite of mine, and Bait, which […]

Seven Days Film Review

Seven Days may be one of the most underrated television shows of all time. It was smart, funny, dramatic and knew exactly what it was trying to be. The series, unfortunately failed to find a mainstream audenience and was canceled after three seasons. The series centered on former convict Frank B Parker, who, as a means of commuting the rest of his sentence, has been enrolled in Project Backstep, a […]

Critters Deserves More Sequels

Critters is one of the most under rated horror franchises of the 1980’s. Permanently in the shadow of Gremlins, the Critters films never really caught on culturally the way they should have. The Critters formula is pretty simple. It’s loads of comedy, cute creatures with big fangs, and plenty of bewildered townsfolk for the Critters to devour in semi comical ways. The natural progression of the films is pretty fun. […]

Sequelized: Willow

Anyone who has a pulse can see that the 80’s are very en vouge currently. If a movie isn’t ripping off the 80’s visual tropes, then they’re literally just re-inventing a previously broken franchise for the current generation. When surveying the annals of 80’s films that are ripe for re-imagining or sequelization it doesn’t take one long to get to the 1988 fantasy masterpiece Willow. The film is produced by […]

Dear Mr Ryan Reynolds…

Dear Ryan, We spent some time together in college. You were that guy who showed up to all the parties that nobody really invited but once you got there you were nice enough and charming enough so  nobody really got that pissed off. That’s really my entire recollection of you, Ryan. You were just around. You weren’t terrible you, weren’t the best. You were just there. The weird thing about […]

Sequelized: Fallen

Time is on my side. Yes, it is. Anyone who has seen the Denzel Washington vehicle Fallen knows exactly what I’m talking about. Most people that I’ve encountered don’t even correlate the song with the Stones anymore. It’s Fallen. Walking through a crowd of people singing “Time Is On My Side” will inevitably result in someone stopping to ask if you’re singing the song from ‘That Denzel Movie’. How could […]

Sequelized: James Bond

James Bond has been around for a long time. He’s been in virtually every form of media. He, obviously, started off as a literary creation and then spread like a virus to almost every form of media know to man. He’s been in video games, comic books, coloring books, Pez dispensers, and, most famously, movies. The James Bond brand is an eternally enduring one. Despite many misfires, behind the scenes […]

The Donald Haire Dairies #2

  I woke up on the couch.   That isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It happens a lot. I have this habit of watching movies, pouring MDMA, via a tricked out eyedropper, into my eyes and rubbing this frayed patch on the left cushion until I pass out.   I’m not exactly sure when I started doing this, but, nonetheless, it’s become something of a ritual for me.   Last […]