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Evil Dead (Film Review)

When it was announced that there would be an Evil Dead reboot I lost my mind. There’s no franchise as timeless and perfect as the Evil Dead Trilogy. I was so upset I refused to even read anything about the pre-production, production, or release. I completely missed that Sam Raimi had come onboard as producer along with Bruce Campbell. I assumed that the film would be a crappy Platinum Dunes-esque […]

Army of Darkness (Film Review)

The title for Sam Raimi’s third entry into the Evil Dead Trilogy was, rather aptly, initially titled Bruce Campbell Vs The Army of Darkness. The film is a wall to wall camp fest encapsulating everything that made Raimi’s freshman and sophomore episodes so engaging. Unlike The Evil Dead and Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn, the Army of Darkness is takes our lovable hero, Ashley J Williams and catapults him […]

The Substitute

Judging the movie by the poster, I should hate this movie. I find the mini-genre of white people educating minorities to be abhorrent. If I have to watch one more poorly constructed film with a B-list movie star going into an underprivileged school and helping the poor, unwashed minorities extricate themselves from gangs and focus on getting a high school diploma, I’m going to shoot myself. I hate that shit. […]

Kiss Me Deadly

Every now and again you find a movie that reminds you why you love film. You encounter that rare jewel that rips you back to when you were nine-years-old and slams you down onto the couch in the TV room where your mom just put in some movie you’d never heard of called Raiders of the Lost Arc.   Kiss Me Deadly is an amazing film and it reduced me […]

Kevin Smith’s Chasing Amy (Film Review)

The genius that is Chasing Amy can be summed up with one word. Respect. The film deals with numerous issues that, at the time of release, weren’t exactly hot button but have since gone on to become engrained in the popular culture. Namely, the treatment and depiction of nerds.   Most people who are fans of the notoriously internet savvy writer/director Kevin Smith love him for his approachable, loveable and […]

The Fantastic Four (Film Review)

Fantastic Four   I love the Fantastic Four. I’m sure you do too. Everybody knows Reed, Sue, Ben and Johnny, the intrepid scientist family who venture into outer space only to be mutated by cosmic rays and gifted with powers. Then becoming Mr. Fantastic, The Invisible Woman, The Thing and The Human Torch. Thus, The Fantastic Four.   Growing up in comic book stores and movie rental establishments, everybody always […]

Super Saturday Night Fever ( Film Review)

The impact that John Badham’s seminal 1977 film ‘Saturday Night Fever’ had on global culture cannot be understated. The film ostensibly established disco as a near fail-proof commodity and rocketed it’s star John Travolta into global icon territory.   What few people realize is that Saturday Night Fever is a super hero movie.   For the twelve people who haven’t seen Saturday Night Fever, the film chronicles the daily troubles […]

Legend of the Seven Golden Vampires (Film Review)

  So there’s this legend, right? And it involves seven vampires, right? In, like, these suits of golden armor or something. So what would do to try and defeat them? You’d gather up a roving band of kung-fu wielding Robin Hood types… and of course their one sister, to try and help you fight these seven golden vampires, which are being controlled by Dracula. That’s obviously the only logical thing […]

Kamen Rider Amazon (Film Review)

I strive to be a well-rounded, moral person. I’ve tried to accomplish this daily goal ever since I can remember. Due, in large part, to the super heroes that I read as a kid. Spider-man, Batman, Superman, and Captain America fundamentally changed me as a human being. I tried to be like them. So much so, that I took to dressing like Zorro on trips to the local grocery store. […]

Robo Vampire (Film Review)

One of the great crimes of the digital age is the absence of consumer’s accidental discovery. With search sophisticated algorithms, instant streaming and heads-up displays you instantly know what you’re getting into long before you actually consume the media. This last holiday season I took it upon myself, in a Punisher-style one man war on the future, to fight back against the never ending tied of progress. I found a […]

Power Kids (Film Review)

Grocery shopping is a necessary part of adult life. I may not particularly enjoy it but I feel compelled to do it so that I may continue to survive and not starve to death. Power Kids, the Thai kids action movie, gave me a similar feeling. I felt that I needed to finish watching the film because the Muay Thai martial arts sequences were so cool that I felt I’d […]