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No, It’s Really Good: Scanners II: The New Order

David Cronenberg is not known for launching franchises. He’s known for crafting intense psychological horror films that deal with trauma inflicted from within the body. Cronenberg is a master craftsman and one of the most prestigious filmmakers currently living. His 1981 instant cult classic is one of the finest horror films of the decade. It’s a searing indictment of corporate greed, governmental manipulation and the horrors that are endemic to […]


Lifeforce (Film Review)

Everyone in the horror community knows the name Tobe Hooper. He’s the man who directed one of the most terrifying films of all time, the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. What most people don’t remember Tobe Hooper for is directing a little film called Lifeforce. Lifeforce was the first in Tobe Hooper’s three picture deal with Cannon Films. The other two were Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 and the remake of Invaders from […]


Hammer Films To Reboot ‘The Abominable Snowman’

Hammer Films, one of the most prolific and beloved horror houses of the 60s, 70s, and 80’s, is preparing to reboot one of their lesser known films. The Abominable Snowman. The original film starred Peter Cushing and Forrest Tucker. It was, obviously, about a team of scientists who accidentally awake the eponymous beast. The new reboot will be written by John Crocker (Woman in Black: Angel of Death) and Mathew […]


Leigh Whannell To Star In ‘Home Invasion’

Leigh Whannell is one of the most sought after horror writers currently working in Hollywood. Did you know that he started off as an actor? Yep. You know the guy in the white t-shirt in the first Saw movie? Yep. That’s him. Whannell has been writing up a storm lately, with Insidious Chapter Two being a big success and Chapter Three already slated for release. Whannel is in high demand […]


No, It’s Really Good: Phantasm III

The Phantasm franchise is one of those pseudo hidden gems that exist in plain sight but never really gets the recognition it deserves. Throughout the four released Phantasm movies writer/director Don Coscarelli weaves a fun filled, horror packed, gore-slosion tale of suspense and awesomeness. Yes, that’s right. Coscarelli, the man who brought you the Beastmaster, Bubba Ho-Tep, and John Dies At The End wrote and directed all four Phantasm movies. […]


‘Chopping Mall’ To Be Re-Released Into Theaters

Yeah, you read that correctly. Jim Wynorski’s classic B-movie Chopping Mall is going to be re-released into theaters to celebrate the fact that Chopping Mall is receiving a brand spanking new digitally remastered print. According to a press released, Jim Wynorski and producer Bill Denver are prepping the film for re-release in order to celebrate the past glory of Chopping Mall and to introduce the film to a new crowd. […]


The Last Circus (Film Review)

Every once and a while you go to a friend’s house for a movie night and you get blown away. Not just ‘man, that movie was awesome’ good, but ‘how have I existed without seeing this film’ good. That’s what my viewing experience of The Last Circus was like. The Last Circus is a film about clowns. It’s also about war and family and love and revenge and insanity. The […]


Evil Dead 2 Not Happening?

It wasn’t that long ago, March to be precise, that Fede Alvarez was on record saying that he was still co-writing and directing the sequel to his successful remake/reboot/re-imagining of Sam Raimi’s classic Evil Dead. Apparently that’s changed. Now, according to co-writer Rodo Sayagues, they’re both off the project. Rodo said: “Look, I am sorry to tell you this but that movie won’t happen. Evil Dead 2 is not going […]


The Burning (Film Review)

In the cult horror circles here in Los Angeles there’s one movie that fanatics obsess over more than most. That movie is The Burning. I’ve been on multiple sets where everyone from the gaffers to the director are chatting about the brilliance of and immense impact that The Burning had on them. The Burning, like many horror films from the 80’s, centers on a group of summer camp inhabitants.  The […]


Almost Human (Film Review)

The Beyond Fest in Los Angeles has been unleashing some exquisitely interesting films upon their audiences. With engagements such as showing a slew of Dario Argento’s film, having cult favorite horror rock band Goblin play, and showing Nightbreed: The Cabal Cut with a Q & A with Clive Barker the Beyond Fest has set an extremely high standard. On last friday Beyond Fest chose to show a double feature of […]


Check Out The Inspiration For Trick R Treat

Michael Dougherty, writer of such films as Superman Returns and X-men 2, recently released a great horror film titled Trick R Treat. It’s a fun romp and it deserves a sequel. We’ll see if that end up happening. Trick R Treat is a low budget, fun halloween film that doesn’t get half the credit it deserves. The film has a star studded cast with Dylan Baker aka Dr Curt Connors […]


No, It’s Really Good: Predators (Film Review)

The Alien and Predator have undergone some very extreme ups and downs. From studio mismanagement to financial disaster these two franchises have experience just about every snag known to Hollywood. From the brilliance of the initial entries into the series, to the disappointing Predator 2, the so good it’s almost unbelievable Aliens, the jumbled mess that is Aliens 3,and  the complete and utter train wreck  that is Aliens: Resurrection. After […]


John Carpenter’s Halloween

It’s October. It’s almost Halloween. You know what that means. Time to start breaking out all those horror movies and watching them again. Chief among them should be John Carpenter’s Halloween. Carpenter’s Halloween is arguably the film that birthed the slasher genre. It’s also a film that holds up considerably well. Take a look at this wonderful mini documentary that details the finer points of the film.


Orci and Kurtzman To Make Shared Universe Mummy and Van Helsing Films

It seems like the obvious choice that the next studio to follow Marvels lead with the ‘shared universe’ idea is the studio that pioneered the concept nearly fifty years ago. Universal. Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman have been hired to produce a series of films for Universal based on their classic monster franchises. First up is Van Helsing with The Mummy to be the second entry. It’s been ambiguous as […]


Leviathan (Film Review)

Peter Weller is one of those actors that I’m so intrigued by that I’ll pretty much watch him read the phone book. He straddles the line between leading man and quirky supporting character.  Weller, most famously known for portraying Robocop and Buckaroo Banzai, plays the leader of a deep sea mining crew who encounter a soviet submarine wreck on the ocean floor. The crew discover some bizarre cargo, bring it […]

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