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Guillermo del Toro Might Use TV’s Constantine For His Justice League Dark Film

Guillermo del Toro has been plugging away at his filmic ‘To Do’ list for a good while now. He’s slowly movie towards filming highly anticipated franchise installments Hellboy 3, Pacific Rim 2, and his Lovercraft love letter Mountains of Madness. However there’s one film that seems to still be lurking in the dark corners of Hollywood that has del Toro’s name still attached to it. Justice League Dark. With the […]

How Winter Soldier Impacts Age of Ultron

The best thing about the Marvel Cinematic Universe is that the films talk to each other. Sometimes that manifests in the characters from one film literally showing up in another. Sometimes it’s just the characters talking about events in other films. It’s wonderful. Absolutely wonderful. It’s everything I wanted when I was ten years old watching Superman The Motion Picture. Well, now we’re hearing some interesting news about how Cap […]

Sin City TV Spots Make The Film Look Really Compelling

Sin City: A Dame To Kill For has been rumbling around in one form or another since the release of the initial film almost ten years ago. The new film, part prequel part sequel, looks to be taking the themes and stylistic motifs invented in the first film another step further. The film has many of the same actors as well as some new, rather interesting additions. As we’re nearing […]

How It Should Have Ended: The Winter Soldier

Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier has come and gone but there are still folks out there who bemoan the ending. Well, now they don’t have to because ‘How It Should Have Ended’ has made a new video just for them. Personally, I’m not that big on Winter Soldier. I know everyone and their mother thought the film was outstanding but it just lacked a tonal balance, in my opinion. […]

Check Out The First Seven Minutes of Star Wars Rebels

A few months ago news broke that almost all of the Star Wars Extended Universe material was going to be discarded by the now Disney owned Lucasfilm. Yes, that’s right. Yes, Heir to the Empire, Dark Force Rising, and The Last Command are now  out of continuity. Along with countless other video games, novels, and comics. Disney has decided that only the six feature films, and the cartoons will be […]

The Transporter Reboot Is Now In Production

The Transporter, one of the more memorable action franchises of the early 2000’s, is coming back to theaters. It’s going to star Ed Skrein as the driver aka Frank aka Not Jason Statham. The film will be titled The Transporter Legacy and presumably deals with the driver post-transporter 3. Well apparently now it’s going to be a feature film trilogy. There were additional rumors that it would be a complete […]

Mission Impossible 5 Starts Filming Later This Month

If it weren’t for the Fast and Furious films we’d all be calling  Mission Impossible the franchise that won’t die. Well, regardless if you want it or not, we’re about to get another installment. Apparently, MI 5 is going to be shooting later this month in London. Purportedly, the film will feature Simon Pegg, Tom Cruse, and Jeremy Renner. Recently, during a press junket, Pegg had these things to say […]

Street Fighter: Assassin’s Fist Gets Sequel

Street Fighter is one of the most successful video games franchises in history. It defined not only a generation of gamers but put a massive imprint no popular culture as well. The Street Fighter video games have spawned t-shirts, animated films, two live action movies, and a virtual avalanche of merchandise. However, within most of this media, most of the incarnations of Street Fighter seem to pale in comparison to […]

Who’s Psyched For Interstellar?

Intersteller, Christopher Nolan’s newest film, has just released it’s latest trailer. The actual plot of the film is still a mystery, however. During this trailer we get a few minor clues what the film is about but the fact that most of the footage of the film we’re seeing is from the first act is really interesting. I like the fact that they’re marketing this film as a ‘mystery box’ […]

Legendary Wants Joe Cornish For ‘Skull Island’

Joe Cornish has been a busy man, as of late. He’s written on Tintin and Ant-man, been considered for the Big Chair on Star Trek 3, and has a spy film Section 6 currently in Pre Production. He’s be a very busy man indeed. The latest news on Joe Cornish is during  Comic Con he’s been offered the job directing the King Kong prequel ‘Skull Island’ for Legendary. This is […]

Mad Max: Fury Road Appears To Be Worth The Wait

Reboots, rehashes, relaunches, and remakes are a dime a dozen these days. They’re everywhere. Every major studio is attempting to grab another piece of whatever franchise you loved as a younger human. Sometimes these remakes are good, sometimes they’re bad, and sometimes they’re VERY BAD. In the case of Mad Max there have been rumors and failed stop and start attempts at breathing new life into the franchise for years […]

Crime Comedy Baby Driver Will Be Edgar Wright’s Next Film

Edgar Wright has been working on Ant-man for a considerably long time. Since before Scott Pilgrim. He co-wrote and was set to direct the film about Scott Lang the man who could shrink to the size of an Ant. And then Marvel stepped in and well… the rest is history. Many had feared that Wright would take some time off to… well, recover from having his film taken away from […]

Dear White People Gets A Full Trailer

Dear White People is the new satirical film that has been causing a stir on the festival circuit. The film has been dividing audiences and starting race discussions all across the country. The film stars Tyler James Williams, Brandon P Bell, Malcolm Barrett, Brittany Curran,  Marque Richardson and Dennis Haysbert. Check out the full trailer below.

Space Station 76 Trailer

Space Station 76 looks to be one of the more original movies coming out in the near future. It also happens to take place in a retro inspired near future… so… y’know… that’s groovy. This unique film looks to be a scifi metaphor for growing up suburbs. It’s a film that has a sly sense of humor and a very specific voice. What’s more: the film was written through improv. […]

Ridley Scott Is Irrelevant

Ridley Scott has been the reigning overlord of the movie industry for almost thirty years. He’s been haled as a visionary director and one of the last true auteurs in western cinema. He’s created some of the most important films of this century. He’s an uncompromising man with an uncompromising view on narrative. And now… he’s old. Ridley Scott is so very, very old. Ridley Scott has officially stepped over […]