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Amazing Spider-man Stills

The Spider-man reboot is chugging along. As such, Sony has released some new stills from the film. While I find it highly unlikely that the film will be able to match Sam Raimi’s Spider-man 2, I’m hopefully that we’ll get a half way decent film this time. Amazing Spider-man  was such a cobbled together nightmare of a film. The news that Sony and Marc Webb have two more Spider-man films […]

‘Lone Survivor’ Trailer Ramps Up Oscar Buzz

Mark Whalberg’s new film looks like it’s going to be pushing him into Oscar territory. No, that film is not Transformers 4. It’s Lone Survivor. The film adaptation of the book penned by Navy SEAL Marcus Litrell. The official plot synopsis is: ‘Based on The New York Times bestselling true story of heroism, courage and survival, Lone Survivor tells the incredible tale of four Navy SEALs on a covert mission to neutralize […]

The Last Circus (Film Review)

Every once and a while you go to a friend’s house for a movie night and you get blown away. Not just ‘man, that movie was awesome’ good, but ‘how have I existed without seeing this film’ good. That’s what my viewing experience of The Last Circus was like. The Last Circus is a film about clowns. It’s also about war and family and love and revenge and insanity. The […]

Watch Thirty Minutes of Star Wars Outtakes

Fan interest in making of Star Wars will likely never go away. It’s too ingrained in our culture at this point. Well, now thanks to the beauty of the internet over thirty minutes of outtakes, from a laser disc compilation, have surfaced online. Check it out! It’s kinda slow but really cool.  

Thor: The Dark World (Film Review)

I’ll be blunt. Thor The Dark World is a mixed bag. A supremely mixed bag. It’s a film that feels rushed at almost every turn. It has some interesting moments and some pseudo-great ideas but ultimately fails to succeed on any real level. Thor The Dark World has many many many problems. The chief of which is that it hand-holds the audience too much. From the terrible opening scene where […]

Robert Rodriguez Will Direct The First Two Episodes of ‘From Dusk Till Dawn’ TV Show

Robert Rodriguez is helping to launch the cable station the El Ray Networks, which is aimed at Latinos. As such he’s lending some of his intellectual properties to the station, as well as creating some. We’ve already heard talk about his ‘latino James Bond’ character and we knew that a From Dusk Till Dawn show was on the table but we didn’t really know Rodriguez’s involvement. Well now we do. […]

New Robocop Reboot Trailer Showcases More Blandness

Robocop doesn’t need a remake, it needs a reboot. It needs an in-continuity sequel. If it weren’t for the Fred Dekker debacle that was Robocop 3, we’d probably be talking about Robocop 13 right now. The original film is flawless, and while two and three kind of killed the franchise, this new film looks terrible. This Robocop remake, being helmed by Jose Padihilla, is everything that’s wrong with remakes. It’s […]

Four New Marvel TV Shows Revealed

There’s long been talk of additional television shows based on Marvel superheroes. Recently we’ve heard that there would be four shows planned and a miniseries event. This information has obviously left fans salivating. Today is the day that we all find out what the shows are. Marvel and Netflix are teaming up to produce Iron Fist, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Daredevil. and the mini series event? It’s going to […]

New Saw Films In Development?

Lion’s Gate has had a lot of success in the horror department. From the Paranormal Activity franchise to the pseudo success that was You’re Next. Horror has kinda been Lion’s Gates bread and butter for a while now. However with most of their franchises winding down, Lion’s Gate is looking to reopen the Saw business. It seems like a decade since the last saw film was released, but it’s only […]

The Raid 2: Redemption

The Raid was one of the must-see films of 2011. The inventive action flick took the world by storm with its unique promise, brilliant execution, and impressive fight sequences. The Raid’s budget was roughly around a million dollars. It’s made over fifteen million worldwide. Needless to say, there’s gonna be a sequel. Gareth Evans, the director of the original installment, is returning for the sequel. However this time the film […]

Who Wants To See A Bigfoot VS Werewolves Movie?

Outlier and Pathbender are currently teaming up to adapt Savage, a comic written by Dan Wickline, Steve Niles and Jeff Frank and illustrated by Mike Mayhew, for the big screen or television. The premise is simple Bigfoot vs Werewolves. Sounds fun, right? Well, Outlier and Pathbender thought the same thing. That’s why they bought the rights to adapt it. Currently, James Cotton is attached to help the flick which is […]

James Mangold In Talks To Direct Wolverine Sequel

It would appear as though The Wolverine is a success. Deadline is reporting that James Mangold is currently in negotiations to write a treatment and come on board as the director. We should hear soon if Mangold officially signs on. Fox is making a smart business move by green lighting a new Wolverine film. With next year’s Days of Future Past sure to ramp up the character’s popularity I’m sure […]

Ron Burgundy Is A Sports Anchor?

Halloween comes but once a year. Which is a freaking shame because I’d watch Paul Gerke, a sports anchor in Idaho, impersonate Ron Burgundy all year round. It would seem that Mr Gerke’s halloween costume was the greatest network anchor who ever delivered the news to San Diego. And Mr Gerke didn’t stop at just wearing the costume. He did the entire broadcast as Ron Burgundy. Witness the amazing below.

Star Trek 3 To Be Helmed By Joe Cornish?

Attack the Block is a wonderful film. I don’t say that lightly. It’s truly one of the most well made, most thoroughly thought out films of the past decade. This is in no small part due to the prowess and skill of director Joe Cornish. It would seem that Paramount feels the same way. Word on the street is that they’re courting the co-writer of Tintin and Ant-man to helm […]

Dead Island Live Action Trailer

A few years ago an amazingly well thought out video game trailer went viral. The trailer was for the then upcoming Dead Island. The trailer’s key idea? Backwards slow-motion. The entire trailer was backwards, but told a simple, emotionally resonant  story that really served to peak interest in the game. Well, now a few years later director BJ McDonnell (Hatchet 3)  has recreated the trailer shot-for-shot with real actors in […]