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Spike Jonze’s Her Looks Stunningly Beautiful

Spike Jonze, the director of Adaptation, Being John Malkovich, and Where The Wild Things Are, is about to release his newest entry. It’s titled Her. The trailer showcases Spike Jonze’s trademark sense of timing, quirky characters, and unique sensibility. Her appears to be a meditation upon relationships and the nature of love in the digital age. The synopsis is: Set in Los Angeles, slightly in the future, “her” follows Theodore […]

Karl Urban Has Idead For A Dredd Sequel

Karl Urban is awesome. It’s just a fact. Most actors who star in failed blockbusters try and distance themselves from the project. Urban? He just keeps beating the Dredd drum almost as loud as the fervent fans who want another sequel. Urban sat down with IGN to discuss the future of the currently dormant franchise. He had this to say: IGN: You know, there have been rumblings about a Dredd […]

Amazing Spider-Man To Team-Up?

Amazing Spider-man was not the most loved franchise opener. It made some money, and it wasn’t universally loathed. I was not a fan of this reboot. It felt completely stale and wildly out of character for multiple characters. Amazing Spider-man 2, however, seems like it’s heading in the right direction. Electro looks cool, the Rhino seems cool, and there’s supposedly a cameo from the Vulture. Many have posited that this […]

Rumor: Is Batman Going To Be Older in Superman Batman?

It seems like every other day there’s another rumor about David Goyer and Zach Snyder’s Man of Steel sequel Superman Batman. This weeks rumor is that Warner Bros is looking for an older actor for to portray this new incarnation of the Dark Knight. Granted, all of this is slightly up in the air as Goyer is still supposedly working on the screenplay, but the first piece of evidence that […]

New Bourne Film To Be Released by Universal

Universal is moving ahead with yet another entry into the Bourne series. Jeremy Renner is set to return to his Aaron Cross character. Anthony Peckham, the writer responsible for Sherlock Holmes, has been hired by Universal to script another entry into the highly profitable series. No word yet on the plot, other characters returning, or the likelihood of Damon reprising his titular role. Universal is pushing hard to make Bourne […]

A Live Action Akira Should Not Made

Katsuhiro Otomo is one of the greatest storytellers currently alive. His magnum dual-medium opus is arguably one of the most important stories created during the 20th century. Otomo started as one of the most promising young manga artist/writers during the late 1970’s. By the 80’s he had cemented a position as a bonafide star with his highly acclaimed  series, about a haunted apartment complex, Domu. In 1982, Otomo launched the […]

You Will Not Believe Who Was Originally Offered the Villain Role in Fast and Furious 7

Fast and the Furious is not only a lucrative film franchise, but an extremely underrated franchise when considering the recent emphasis placed on interconnectivity and continuity within franchise installments. Sure, Marvel gets most of the credit for popularizing this idea within mainstream movies, but the FF franchise has been quietly doing it for over a decade now. The most recent installment of the franchise, Furious 6, had a post credits […]

Man From U.N.C.L.E. Reboot Lands Leading Lady

Despite the departure of Tom Cruse, The Man From U.N.C.L.E. re-imagining is going forward. Director Guy Ritchie is still onboard to direct with Henry Cavill and Armie Hammer set to star. The film is said to be a period piece  origin story for the two semi-iconic characters. That’s right, the film will actually deal with cold war era fears and not attempt to update the Man From U.N.C.L.E into a […]

New Top Secret Scifi Project Coming from Fede Alvarez

Fede Alvarez, the director of the not-as-terrible-as-everyone-expected Evil Dead, has just sold a top secret science fiction project to MRC. The jury still seems to be out on whether or not people feel that he did a good job with Evil Dead. I thought that it wasn’t great but I enjoyed the cartoony aspects of the narrative symbolism. Well, Alvarez has sold a project to MRC that he’ll be co-writing […]

David O. Russell’s American Hustle Looks Splendid

David O. Russell is one of the finest directors currently working. He’s also know to be a bit of a hot head. Having placed George Clooney in a headlock and verbally assaulted multiple A-list actors, Russell is beginning to be know as much for his films as for his offscreen antics. Never the less, Russell’s latest film American Hustle looks to be a pitch perfect period piece with an all […]

Seven Days Film Review

Seven Days may be one of the most underrated television shows of all time. It was smart, funny, dramatic and knew exactly what it was trying to be. The series, unfortunately failed to find a mainstream audenience and was canceled after three seasons. The series centered on former convict Frank B Parker, who, as a means of commuting the rest of his sentence, has been enrolled in Project Backstep, a […]

Critters Deserves More Sequels

Critters is one of the most under rated horror franchises of the 1980’s. Permanently in the shadow of Gremlins, the Critters films never really caught on culturally the way they should have. The Critters formula is pretty simple. It’s loads of comedy, cute creatures with big fangs, and plenty of bewildered townsfolk for the Critters to devour in semi comical ways. The natural progression of the films is pretty fun. […]

Beverly Hills Cop 4 Actually Happening?

It seems like just yesterday we heard about Beverly Hills Cop being turned into a television series. The show would have followed Axel Folley’s son, who would have been played by Brandon T. Jackson. The show failed to find a home, regardless of basically everyone on the internet saying they were at the least interested. It appears that the resounding ‘Hell Yes’ that echoed throughout the internet when the show […]

Sequelized: Willow

Anyone who has a pulse can see that the 80’s are very en vouge currently. If a movie isn’t ripping off the 80’s visual tropes, then they’re literally just re-inventing a previously broken franchise for the current generation. When surveying the annals of 80’s films that are ripe for re-imagining or sequelization it doesn’t take one long to get to the 1988 fantasy masterpiece Willow. The film is produced by […]

Arrested Development Season Five Is ‘Definitely’ Going To Happen

The ultimate fate of the fan favorite series ‘Arrested Development’ has been up in the air. Well, not that up in the air. But people have been a little gun shy due to the series previous cancelation and long hiatus. Mitchell Hurwitz, creator of the show, just went on record and has officially confirmed that the show will be back for a fifth season. While in Montreal for the Just […]