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No, It’s Really Bad: Star Trek Nemesis (Film Review)

Recently, Star Trek Into Darkness was voted by a crowd of Star Trek convention goers as being the worst Star Trek film of all time. This is unconscionable to me. Absolutely astounding. Star Trek Into Darkness had some plot holes, but it wasn’t that bad. It wasn’t Star Trek V The Final Frontier. Did everyone just sleep through Insurrection? Where were you when Nemesis came out? I willingly watched that […]


Ultraseven (Film Review)

Ultraseven is the second installment of the long running Japanese film and television franchise based on the television character Ultraman. Ultraman, and Ultraseven of course, is an amalgam of western super hero archetypes and japanese moral and ethical codes. The first majorly successful Japanese superhero was named Starman. He was essentially a superman archetype. Ultraman, following in Starman’s footsteps, was also deeply influenced by the big blue crusader. Ultraman was […]


Schwarzenegger To Appear As Villain In Avatar 2?

Latino Review is reporting that the Govenator aka Ah-nuld will appear in Avatar 2 as a villainous general. Latino Review is usually right on the money, but they have been known to be incorrect every once in a while. Part of this rumor sounds like something that complete fanboy dream with no actual substance to it. Schwarzenegger is trying really hard to re-cement himself as a major bankable star. He’s […]


Star Trek Geek Round Table

Right now is an interesting time to be a Star Trek fan. There’s a feature film franchise, TNG is about to celebrate its twenty-fifth anniversary, and the original seres is about to turn fifty. In that context, looking back and looking forward, what did Trek mean, what will Trek mean, and what does it mean currently. A virtual all-star panel of Star Trek writers and fans were gathered by GEEK […]


Mad Max: Fury Road First Official Image

George Miller’s Mad Max: Fury Road has had a rough time making it to theatres. The film was stuck in development hell for nearly three decades, and now it’s looking like it’s not doing so hot again. Warner Brothers has released the ‘first’ official image for Tom Hardy as Max Rockatonsky. The only problem? This is the same photo that leaked online around six months ago. This coupled with reports […]


Terminator Reboot Lands Director

The new Terminator reboot trilogy, which will reportedly still feature Schwarzenegger, has officially landed Alan Taylor (Game of Thrones, Thor 2) as its director. The new Terminator reboot will be titled simply ‘Terminator’ and rumors have suggested that it will take place in the past. At this point, with Taylor just coming on board, I wouldn’t be surprised if a large portion of the previously laid plans are thrown out. […]


Robocop Looks Terrible

Robocop is one of the most iconic movie characters from the 1980’s. Paul Verhoven’s Robocop is a searing inditement of 80’s corporate policies, the media, and the overt violence of the time. Robocop is a brilliantly constructed film that is both enjoyable as an action film and as a satiric statement on the decade. The new Robocop reboot does not appear to have any intention of having any meta textual […]


Check Out Artwork From The Unfilmed American Akira

Akira is a globally beloved cultural touchstone. Individuals all over the globe thrill to the adventures of Kaneda and Tetsuo. Akira is so popular all throughout the globe that American film studios have tried to adapt the manga/anime into a live action film numerous times. The most recent attempt was set to star Kristen Stewart, Dane Dehaan, Morgan Freeman, and Ken Watanabe. Thankfully, this ill advised attempt at remaking Akira […]


Chris Pratt Chats About Guardians Of The Galaxy Crossover

Chris Pratt, the actor playing Peter Quill aka Star Lord in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, has been chatting about the new Marvel movie. It’s interesting to hear what Pratt has to say about the tone of the film and how it could fit into the rest of the Marvel Universe. Here’s what Pratt had to say when IGN sat down with him: IGN: What’s the experience been like shooting […]


Transformers 4 To Feature The Dinobots?

Transformers 3 feels like it came out just yesterday. Regaurdless, Transformers 4 is filming in Chicago. And as such details from the production are slipping out. Namely that Kelsey Grammer is going to be playing a part in the film. In addition, the fact that the Dinobots, from the dinosaur themed Transformers sequel/reboot/whatever will be appearing in the film as well. I, like most people my age, am probably more […]


No, It’s Really Bad: Pacific Rim

Before its release, there was a tremendous buzz surrounding Guillermo Del Toro’s kaiju epic Pacific Rim. The convention footage that was shown whipped everyone into a frenzy, the early set reports detailed massive constructions being erected, and the actors involved seemed top notch. At some point the buzz died down. People seemed less enthused by the idea of gigantic stompy monster fighting robots. Then, just weeks before the release of […]


The Best TV Show You’ve Never Seen: Space Sheriff Gavan

Japanese television is a wonderful thing. It’s a bizarre concoction of western influences, Japanese archetypes, and shameless intellectual property theft. Japanese television in the 1980’s was all that on steroids. The 1982 japanese television show Space Sheriff Gavan is a bizarre acid trip of other dimensional beings, 40-something equestrian stable boys who secretly moonlight as alien crime fighters, and a crap load of shape changing alien bad guys named Doublemen. […]


Microsoft To Back Remake of Blake’s 7

For those of you who don’t know, Blake’s 7 was a BBC sci fi television show that ran during the late 70’s and early 80’s. It was a mashup of genre elements resulting in a vibe somewhere akin to Magnificent 7 meets Robin Hood meets Star Trek. The show had a massively fervent fanbase in England but never really caught on here in the states. Well, Microsoft thinks that’s going […]


Universal Is Betting That ‘Soldiers Of The Sun’ Will Launch A Franchise

These days there’s only one word that studios care about. Franchise. Does your idea support a franchise? Will the story you’re telling directly dove-tail into a franchise? Does the film that’s being produced have enough real star power to propel it into franchise territory? Those are all questions that studios are asking every five seconds. Apparently Vin Diesel makes all of those questions irrelevant. The star of the XXX, Riddick, […]


What If Episode II Was Good?

The Prequels are a constant source of ire for most members of the nerd community. The films are so bad it’s almost comical. No, that’s not right. They’re literally comically bad. Jarjar? Even by kid’s films standards. They’re horrendous. Well, it would seem that Youtube sensation Belated Media has taken it upon himself to fix the prequels. You know what’s crazy? They’re actually funny, reasonably well crafted ideas. I, for […]

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