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Amazing Spider-man 2 Time Square Footage

Amazing Spider-man 2 is inching closer and closer to its release. As such, we’re seeing more and more footage for the potential summer blockbuster. We’re beginning to see footage of the second and tertiary villains, more acton set pieces and even more of Jaimie Fox’s Electro. The most recent clip to debut was shown at the New Year’s Eve celebration in Time Square in New York. It even has an […]


New Captain America: The Winter Soldier Stills

Captain America: The Winter Soldier is rapidly approaching release. As the last Marvel film before the release of The Avengers many are expecting it to set up much of what will happen in the ten pole crossover film. New images from the film have debuted online thanks to Empire Magazine. The shots showcase Nick Fury, Cap, Black Widow, and the titular Winter Soldier.         ‘After the cataclysmic […]


Rumor: Another Villain To Be Featured In Avengers: Age of Ultron

Avengers: Age of Ultron has been the subject of a whirlwind of attention. Everybody wants to know more about the film. They want to know what characters are going to be popping up, the want to know what actors are going to appear, and they want to know how this film is going to dictate the broad scope of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. A few weeks ago it was confirmed […]


Sony To Produce ‘Venom’ and ‘Sinister Six’ Films

We’ve been hearing rumblings of spin off films starring some of Spider-man supporting characters for a little while now. Everyone knows that the Amazing Spider-man franchise is eventually going to lead up to the appearance of the Sinister Six. Well, Sony is officially giving them their own spin off film. Them and Eddie Brock aka Venom. That’s right. The Sinister Six and Venom are getting their own films. Sony is […]


Amazing Spider-man 2 Trailer Gives Away Too much

Creating the perfect blockbuster trailer is an art. You want to get people excited about the next installment it whatever obviously lucrative franchise you’re marketing, but you want keep the thrills, chills, and reveals in tact. You want to promise a roller coaster ride. You don’t want to deliver an abbreviated version of the two hour experience in two minutes. At that point, you’re just spending $150 million dollars to […]


Marvel Zombies Vs Army of Darkness Fan Film

Not too long ago Dynamite Entertainment and Marvel Comics put out a crossover comic book titled Marvel Zombies vs Army of Darkness. Needless to say, it stars Ash from Army of Darkness and your favorite zombified Marvel heroes. Last week some enterprising fans got together and gave the crossover life.   Unfortunately, Marvel didn’t like the success that the creators of the video were garnering so they took it down. […]


First Look At Sinister Six In Amazing Spider-man 2

Sony is really trying to turn Spider-man into a franchise within a franchise. They’re talking about spin off films, new sequels, and maybe even prequels. Needless to point out, Sony is trying to milk the Spider-man cow as much as possible. There have been numerous rumors about the possibility of the Sinister Six showing up on film in the coming movies and it looks like today we’ve got our first […]


Amazing Spider-man Stills

The Spider-man reboot is chugging along. As such, Sony has released some new stills from the film. While I find it highly unlikely that the film will be able to match Sam Raimi’s Spider-man 2, I’m hopefully that we’ll get a half way decent film this time. Amazing Spider-man  was such a cobbled together nightmare of a film. The news that Sony and Marc Webb have two more Spider-man films […]


Thor: The Dark World (Film Review)

I’ll be blunt. Thor The Dark World is a mixed bag. A supremely mixed bag. It’s a film that feels rushed at almost every turn. It has some interesting moments and some pseudo-great ideas but ultimately fails to succeed on any real level. Thor The Dark World has many many many problems. The chief of which is that it hand-holds the audience too much. From the terrible opening scene where […]


Four New Marvel TV Shows Revealed

There’s long been talk of additional television shows based on Marvel superheroes. Recently we’ve heard that there would be four shows planned and a miniseries event. This information has obviously left fans salivating. Today is the day that we all find out what the shows are. Marvel and Netflix are teaming up to produce Iron Fist, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Daredevil. and the mini series event? It’s going to […]


Malekith Awakens In This Latest Clip From Thor 2

  Thor: The Dark World is right around the corner. As such, Marvel is rolling out new publicity campaigns. This latest clip, detailing the villainous Malekith, showcases some quick moments. In all honesty, it doesn’t really inspire all that much confidence. Why is everything covered in Predator text? This clip is so out of context, it almost makes me want to see the film even less. Maybe you’ll think differently. […]


Marvel To Develop New Television Shows

Marvel taking the ratings success of Agents of Shield and running with it seems pretty obvious. We’ve already heard that the House of Mouse and the House of Ideas are planning an Agent Carter television show, based on their short film from the Iron Man 3 DVD, but supposedly they’re woking on four new series and a mini series. Marvel’s catalogue is chock full of characters that would be perfect […]


McFarlane Talks About The Spawn Reboot

It would seem that every two or three months Spawn creator Todd McFarlane talks about his dream of making yet another Spawn movie. Well, if believe him, it looks like things are progressing in the right direction. Spawn, originally adapted for the big screen in 1997, chronicles the journey of a government assassin who is killed in action, goes to hell, makes a deal with the devil, and returns to […]


Warner Bros. Talks Up Wonder Woman

Super hero movies are here to stay. They’ve now been through a boom and bust cycle and they’ve survived. They’re no longer in the ‘slasher’ style decade of popularity followed by a genre wide implosion. They’re bomb proof, at this point. The super hero is no longer a sub-genre. That being said the genre is dominated be Marvel Entertainment. They put out two or three movies a year and they […]


Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D (Film Review)

Agents of Shield premiering on ABC is a massive step for branded entertainment. It’s the first time that a successful comic book franchise has taken their exploits to the small screen, kept continuity, and had prominent ‘A-list’ movie stars guest star. It’s a literal miracle that this show has made it to production, let alone be released, and has been proven to be a massive success with over sixteen million […]

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