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Condorman: The Best Super Hero Movie You’ve Never Seen (Film Review)

    Disney wasn’t always the brightly shining beacon of intellectual property buy out that it currently is. Before they shelled out $8.8 billion to get their hands on Marvel Comics and Star Wars they lost their way a little bit. I’m talking about Tron, The Black Hole and the other few late 70’s, early 80’s live action failures that have since gone on to cult status.   Personally, I […]


SuperArgo and the Faceless Giants ( Film Review)

  Unbeknownst to me Superargo and the Faceless Giants is actually the second film in a franchise. I just saw a cool looking super hero dude and thought, “Yes, I will watch this.” I do not regret this decision in the least.   After doing some research on the Internet Superargo Contro Diablokus is the first film, where a professional wrestler, after accidently killing a fellow wrestler, decides to abandon […]


Kamen Rider Amazon (Film Review)

I strive to be a well-rounded, moral person. I’ve tried to accomplish this daily goal ever since I can remember. Due, in large part, to the super heroes that I read as a kid. Spider-man, Batman, Superman, and Captain America fundamentally changed me as a human being. I tried to be like them. So much so, that I took to dressing like Zorro on trips to the local grocery store. […]

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