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A Tribe Unto Himself: Q-Tip’s Best & Brightest Jams

Let’s get this out of the way first – A Tribe Called Quest stands as one of (if not THE) greatest rap/hip-hop groups of all time. They were the golden boys during the genre’s Golden Era, and their albums inspired many of today’s artists to pursue their own musical aspirations. Oh, and let’s not forget about their iconic album covers and strong usage of African tribal colors and famous faces. […]


Rockie Fresh “Electric Highway” – Mixtape Review

Maybach Music Group (2013)

Maybach Music Group is packed full of eccentric artists whose styles mix and match well. The newest member of the bunch, Rockie Fresh, is a Chicago native who has an appreciation for rock music and DeLorean rides. Rockie’s association with MMG is slowly playing itself out, while his futuristic mixtape (Electric Highway) coasts along at a perfect speed. Rockie proves here that he’s MMG’s next young gunner to blow. Rockie […]


Casey Veggies “Life Changes”: Mixtape Review

self-released (2013)

California is on the rise, thanks to a bunch of young ones who honor the respectable art of rap/hip-hop. Casey Veggies is an example of just that. His relaxed flow is his signature, yet it’s still powerful enough to evoke feelings of excitement and cockiness. He might be connected to Odd Future, but Veggies has paved a lane for himself that’s worth sticking to. His latest piece of musical introspection […]


Weekly Mixtape Mini-Reviews: Gunplay, Consequence, 9th Wonder/Jay-Z

Occasionally, a whole bunch of musical content is released all at once, and it may be difficult to keep track of all the fresh mixtapes that come available. Allow me to remedy that situation. This mini-roundup of a week’s worth of music should catch you up to speed.   Cops & Robbers by Gunplay – Gunplay is off house arrest and angry at the world. No surprise there, right? His […]


Why Authenticity Doesn’t Matter (Or, At Least Doesn’t Matter That Much) [2012 In Review]

We’ve been scouring the MIMO vaults this month for some of 2012’s more intriguing posts. Today we came across this gem from Shane Danaher, first posted in August, discussing the issue of authenticity in the hip-hop scene. His poignant insights are always fun to read, and give food for thought. -Ed   The buzz for Rick Ross’s God Forgives, I Don’t has outgrown the scale of conventional pre-release marketing to take on […]


The Art of Storytelling: 10 Dope Rap/Hip-Hop Songs With A Tale to Tell

If there’s one aspect of the rap/hip-hop genre that I appreciate the most, it’s the art of storytelling. I enjoy listening to street poets waxing eloquent about real or fictionalized situations. I’m always glued to every word that a rapper says once he/she weaves a tale about any topic they please. Once Slick Rick opens his mouth, images of a troubled young man and illegal activity race around inside my […]


Ace Hood “The Starvation 2” – Mixtape Review

We The Best Music Group/Cash Money Records (2013)

Ace Hood’s constant hustle and devotion to his craft is commendable. Even though the Florida rapper is signed to the one of the biggest record labels in the game, Ace continues to work hard and build his brand beyond his DJ Khaled affiliation. His latest mixtape, The Starvation 2, continues the rapper’s knack for trunk rattling beats and memorable flows. This piece of hood music floods the streets with a […]


A$AP Rocky “LongLiveA$AP” – Album Review

A$AP Worldwide/Polo Grounds/RCA (2013)

DAT PMF is riding high off hot singles, major features, high fashion and top of the line mixtapes. A$AP (Always $trive And Prosper Rocky, to some) is an eccentric MC who hails from Harlem, NY but sounds like he’s from Texas. Nevertheless, this young rapper has made major headway into the game and brought his A$AP Crew along for the ride. Rocky’s major label debut, LongLiveA$AP, is now out in […]


Where’s The Beef?: Cassidy vs. Meek Mill

Philadelphia is a breeding ground for hard rappers who, as I’d like to put it, are about that life. Beanie Sigel scares the life out of me every time he mean mugs the camera. Black Thought may be one of the most underrated rappers of all time…and he may just be ready to snap on a fool who thinks otherwise. Two Philly MC’s have been in the news lately – […]


Straight From Da Vault: Kwest Tha Madd Lad “101 Things To Do While I’m With Your Girl”

I admit to being an aficionado of old school rap/hip-hop. My idea of a perfect day is entering a record store and browsing through dozens of popular/super-obscure rap records. You can probably tell I miss Fat Beats in NY so, so much. Now that I have an outlet to showcase my passion for my favorite genre of music, I feel like putting you folks onto some cats that probably weren’t […]


Top Five Picks for 2012’s Best Rap/Hip Hop Album

As I sit in front of my home computer eating an oversized bag of popcorn, I can’t help but look through my iTunes playlist. It’s packed with 2012’s most outstanding rap/hip-hop albums. Is that the only genre of music I listen to? Not at all–but it seems like the only genre I get the most enjoyment out of nowadays. This year has been really kind to my ears. This year […]


What Justin Bieber and the Odd Future Have in Common [2012 In Review]

We’re highlighting some of MIMO’s more interesting posts from 2012. Last fall, hip-hop writer Shane Danaher turned in this interesting comparison between Justin Bieber and the Odd Future. Some interesting insights about the state of the music industry. -Ed The most interesting anecdote from The New Yorker’s recent profile of Justin Bieber’s manager Scooter Braun, came when Braun explained how he had turned “the most Googled person on the planet” into […]


Digital Delights: 2012’s Dopest Rap/Hip-Hop Mixtapes (Part 3)

We’ve covered the previous seven mixtapes on my list here and here. And now I present to you, my top three rap/hip-hop mixtapes of 2012:   3. Trae Tha Truth, Tha Blackprint – The Texas rap/hip-hop lifestyle infatuates me. I love hearing rappers with a down South drawl rap about candy painted cars, fast women, hard drugs, and sippin’ “lean.” I remember a few years back when any rapper out […]


Digital Delights: 2012’s Dopest Rap/Hip-Hop Mixtapes (Part 2)

Continuing my countdown of this year’s best rap/hip-hop mixtapes (you can catch Part 1 here), let’s take a look at my next three:   6. Talib Kweli and Z-Trip, Attack The Block – Brooklyn’s most underrated MC (in my opinion) is the great Talib Kweli. He’s capable of spitting some of the most thought provoking rhymes, while still being fun enough to rap about the party life and luxurious women. […]

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