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the new pornographers brill bruisers

The New Pornographers “Brill Bruisers” –Album Review

Matador (2014)

Someone ought to look this up, but it seems to me that The New Pornographers might hold some sort of record for longest-lasting supergroup, or at least deserve to be on some list of that sort. All of the bandmates are in other functioning bands, four are solo artists…it’s amazing these folks have time to do anything together, let alone continue making music together for as long as they have. […]

First aid Kit cedar lane

Check Out First Aid Kit’s New Video “Cedar Lane”

Sweden has definitely proven herself a leader in the electro-pop market these days, but Americana?  That’s for, you know, Americans.  Right? Think again. Johanna and Klara Söderberg, the Swedish siblings performing under the moniker First Aid Kit, have spent the last few years building a reputation for giving the American Americana artists (say that five times fast) a run for their money, proving that when the passion is there, “foreigners” […]

Manchester Orchestra Cope

Manchester Orchestra “Cope”—Album Review

Republic (2014)

To state the obvious—Manchester Orchestra’s new album Cope is loud. Really loud. Front to back. And that’s exactly how they planned it. If you’re a fan of Manchester Orchestra, you need to know this up front because if you’re looking for a repeat of the dynamic variation found in 2011’s Simple Math, you’re bound to be disappointed.  For Cope, Andy Hull and crew have eschewed their more introspective side for […]

Beck Morning Phase

Beck “Morning Phase”—Album Review

Capitol (2014)

Let’s get this part out of the way:  Beck aficionados will not be able to listen to his new album Morning Phase without immediately associating it with 2002’s Sea Change.  They are cut from the same cloth: slow-paced, highly introspective, somber, hangover-infused songs with an appropriate tip-of-the-hat style-wise to Laurel Canyon and Neil Young. The two records are sisters in that they sound very like each other, and very different […]

St. Vincent self-titled

Stream St. Vincent’s Self-Titled Album a Week Early

The time is finally here.  Avant-garde pop songstress Annie Clark (nee, St. Vincent) has been teasing us for months with a systematic release of singles (including “Birth In Reverse,” and “Prince Johnny”)—and now, a week before the actual release of the record, fans can stream the entire album online via NPR First Listen. The biggest problem with experimental artists is that they have a tendency to get so far “out […]

Woman's Hour

Up-and-Comers: Woman’s Hour

Here’s a band you’re likely to hear a lot more from in the coming months. A four-piece electro-pop act based in London, Woman’s Hour is just now coming on the radar, but they’ve already made best-of lists on publications like BBC6 Music and Line of Best Fit for last year’s tunes “Darkest Place” and “Thunder,” as well as an impressive cover of Leona Lewis’ “Bleeding Love.” Their just-released new single […]

Bombay Bicycle Club So Long

Bombay Bicycle Club “So Long, See You Tomorrow”—Album Review

Universal Island Records (2014)

Over the years, London-based indie-rockers Bombay Bicycle Club have developed an interesting reputation in that the one predictable thing about them is their unpredictability. We buy records from our favorite other bands because we pretty much know what to expect, but we buy BBC records for the opposite reason—because we don’t know what they’re going to sound like this time, but we have to find out. It’s a risky prospect […]

Priscilla Ahn

The MIMO Interview: Priscilla Ahn

Since her early days playing open mics around New York City clubs in the mid-2000s, singer-songwriter Priscilla Ahn has become something of a staple in the indie music scene. Her warm, folksy style has landed her tour slots with the likes of Joshua Radin, Ray LaMontagne, DeVotchKa and even Willie Nelson, and her songs have become regular fare on prime-time shows like Grey’s Anatomy and motion pictures like My Sister’s […]

Dum Dum Girls Too True

Dum Dum Girls “Too True” –Album Review

Sub Pop (2014)

From the beginning of their career, Dum Dum Girls have been running something of a risk by leaning so heavily on the past for their sound—a goth-infused, reverby noise-rock influenced by the likes of Siouxsie and the Banshees, The Stone Roses and The Cure. It’s a retro sound more at home in the 60s than in the twenty-teens.  And yet, Dee Dee Penny and company have somehow owned this sound […]


Warpaint “Warpaint”—Album Review

Rough Trade (2014)

In the four years since all-girl indie-rock outfit Warpaint released their debut album The Fool, they’ve experienced a slow burn of increasing popularity not entirely unlike their atmospheric musical style. By putting the music out there and letting it simmer, they’ve gone from being a name known only to the most dedicated of underground indie-ers to being the band the whole indie scene seems to be watching for cues—and with […]

Young the Giant Mind Over Matter

Young the Giant “Mind Over Matter”—Album Review

Fueled By Ramen (2014)

“This is where I come from / This is where I belong,” sings Young the Giant frontman Sameer Ghadia in his signature warbly vibrato on “Crystallized,” the second advance single from their sophomore effort Mind Over Matter. If there’s a line in the song that encapsulates the feeling of this album, to me, it’s this one. After a debut album that yielded two radio-friendly hits but little else, the band’s […]

Lucy Schwartz Timekeeper

The MIMO Interview: Lucy Schwartz [2013 in Review]

Continuing to review some of the more memorable pieces from MIMO in 2013…we came across this interview Jeff McQ did with Lucy Scwhartz back in August.  She’s had a lot of opportunities as an indie artist to get her music heard, some of which have come from growing up near the entertainment industry; but as you’ll see in the interview, a lot of opportunities have also come her way from […]

The Mowgli's Waiting For the Dawn

The MIMO Interview: The Mowgli’s [2013 in Review]

At the time David Tillman turned this piece on The Mowgli’s into MIMO back in April, they were just starting to gain attention with their single “San Francisco,” with a debut full-length record in the works. Since then, they’ve guested on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, had their music featured in a major motion picture trailer, and seen their song “San Francisco” climb to No. 11 on the alternative […]

Broken Bells After the Disco

Broken Bells Release New Single “After the Disco”

Upcoming album of the same name drops Feb. 4

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been waiting/hoping for a new album from indie-rock duo Broken Bells for quite some time. The combination of Danger Mouse and Shins frontman James Mercer might be considered a side project, but considering that their self-titled debut album peaked at No. 7 on the Billboard 200 and earned a Grammy nomination, its obvious that their unique combined sound deserves to stand on its […]


The MIMO Interview: Lissie Talks “Shameless” [2013 In Review]

2013 was a great year for MIMO interviews, from industry representatives to Platinum-selling artists. In this piece from June, Jeff McQ got a chance to ask folk-rocker Lissie a few questions about her upcoming record Back To Forever (released this fall), and about the single “Shameless” in particular. The conversation produced some insightful and vulnerable moments that are worth revisiting. Thanks again, Lissie. –Ed. ***** Folk-rock singer/songwriter Lissie is one […]