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Here We Go Magic Rides “A Different Ship”

Secretly Canadian (2012)

Since its origins, Here We Go Magic has been a work in progress, a case study for band evolution. Starting with Luke Temple recording experimental psych-noise alone with a 4-track recorder in his home, the band grew into a five-piece for its second release Pigeons. But if this is an evolutionary process, the band’s new record A Different Ship marks a huge leap, to the point of mutation. This record […]

Sara Watkins “Sun Midnight Sun” Takes a Quantum Leap Forward

Nonesuch Records (2012)

Since the breakup of platinum-selling “newgrass” band Nickel Creek, it seems mandolin player Chris Thile has hogged the spotlight with his new band Punch Brothers. Meanwhile, fiddle player Sara Watkins quietly put out her own, self-titled solo record a couple of years ago, staying well within the bounds of country/bluegrass and drawing little attention. Watkins’ sophomore album Sun Midnight Sun may change all that. Within the first few seconds of […]

Up-and-Comers: The Belle Brigade

A new MIMO feature, “Up-and-Comers” will shine the spotlight on newer indie bands that are on the rise, gaining a following, and whom we think our readers will enjoy. This first installment features L.A.-band The Belle Brigade. Take a look! Although only in existence since 2008, The Belle Brigade’s musical legacy is several generations long. Siblings Barbara and Ethan Gruska have taken their cue (musically speaking) from their father, recording […]

New Regina Spektor Single: “Small Town Moon”—Listen

I might as well come out with it: Regina Spektor is one of my all-time favorite artists. It’s more than just the way she blends her classical training with indie-pop and folk; it’s her whole style of songwriting and performing—she’s catchy, deep, snarky and funny all at once. I don’t know many female singer/songwriters (including me) who wouldn’t like to be her–no one else sounds quite like she does. Like […]

The Backyard Adventures of Patrick Watson

Over the past several years, Montreal-based indie singer/songwriter Patrick Watson (along with the band that carries his name) has been building a solid grassroots following with Bon Iver-esque falsetto vocals and an experimental indie-pop sound that easily draws comparisons to Rufus Wainwright and Andrew Bird. It’s an adventure that has taken the band all over the world. But lately, Patrick Watson has been exploring closer to home. Literally. Their new […]

Brendan Benson “What Kind of World”: Album Review

Readymade Records (2012)

I suppose this is former-Raconteurs-record-release week. Much to his misfortune, imho, powerpop singer-songwriter Brendan Benson has released his solo record What Kind of World on the exact same day as Jack White’s much-publicized release Blunderbuss. Benson’s PR team (if he has one) should be fired. The record is released on Benson’s own label, so if this was Benson’s idea, then it’s probably a case of self-sabotage, and I suppose he […]

The Dandy Warhols “This Machine”—Album Review

The End Records (2012)

The Portland-based Dandy Warhols (whose new release This Machine drops this week) have developed quite an underground following over the years, with their shoegaze-influenced alt-rock sound, their raucous, carefree party vibe, and their penchant for nudity in their live shows and music videos (which are understandably NOT posted here). While their primary international hit “Bohemian Like You” made them (at least temporarily) a household name, their releases since have done […]

Neon Trees “Picture Show”: Album Review

Picture Show, the follow-up effort by Utah-based Neon Trees after their debut album Habits put them on the map a couple of years ago, is a hook-filled, danceable record that will certainly continue the band’s momentum and add to their already growing fan base. The band’s sound, which could be best described as dance/pop/punk, ventures more into synth-rock for this album, with several of the tracks driven by a solid […]

UPDATE: Fiona Apple Adds New Dates to Summer Tour

The news keeps getting better for Fiona Apple fans; apparently, popular demand is pushing her to broaden her reach this summer. Where previously Apple’s announced summer tour (in support of her new album) was only to include 8 cities, the Apple camp now reports that the tour will include 27 cities across North America. Apple has been mostly reclusive over the past several years, rarely performing live outside of the […]

M. Ward “A Wasteland Companion”: Album Review

With his latest release A Wasteland Companion, M. Ward has once again demonstrated the incredible diversity and creativity that has built him such a loyal fan base over the years. As if he didn’t already have enough to do (in addition to his solo work, Ward is the “Him” in She & Him, his duet project with New Girl star Zooey Deschanel; he’s also part of the band Monsters of […]

The Lumineers “The Lumineers” –Album Review

The first thing I thought when hearing The Lumineers for the first time (read: this week) was: Where did these guys come from? In about a week’s time, quite literally, this Americana indie-folk act has apparently gone from relative obscurity within the Denver music scene to gaining national attention, being featured on iTunes, and even landing a spot on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson—all coinciding with Tuesday’s release […]

OK Go Releases New Video “Skyscrapers”

Indie-rock band OK Go has found a niche in the indie scene, in that they  almost more known for their creative music videos than for the music itself. The trend continues with their latest video for “Skyscrapers,” from their record Of the Blue Color of the Sky. Beginning with the famous “treadmill” video for “Here It Goes Again,” OK Go just seems to keep outdoing themselves, leaving us scratching our heads […]

More Details Emerge on Fiona Apple’s New Release

For whatever reason, singer/songwriter Fiona Apple has been fairly elusive during the past several years, rarely performing live (and then only around L.A.). Perhaps that’s why there’s so much buzz surrounding her upcoming release The Idler Wheel…, due to drop June 26—and why her recent live appearance at SXSW (during which she played three songs from the album) apparently drew the attention of the entire music community. The new album’s full title […]

Of Monsters and Men “My Head Is an Animal”—Album Review

My Head Is an Animal is the debut full-length from Icelandic indie-pop outfit Of Monsters and Men—and if this record is any indication, we are in for some real ear candy over the next several years. While Iceland has become mainly known for spawning more experimental acts like Sigur Ros and Bjork, Of Monsters and Men is producing a sound that is far more accessible overall, while still remaining more […]

Album Review: Civil Twilight Holy Weather

Album Review: Civil Twilight “Holy Weather”

Listening to Holy Weather, the sophomore release from South African indie rockers Civil Twilight, it’s simply impossible not to draw direct comparisons to U2 and Radiohead. In fact, if U2 and Radiohead had an arm-wrestling match and U2 won, this is kind of what the recording might sound like. As it turns out, I like U2. And let’s just say I respect Radiohead. So while the critics are likely to […]