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Vampire Weekend Modern Vampires of the City

The Top Five Indie/Alternative Albums of 2013

As 2013 comes to a close, it’s time to take a look back at the artists who have released stellar work over the past year. I don’t mind telling you I had a hard time whittling this list down to five—this was simply an amazing year for the indie scene. To help make up for it, I’ve added a couple of honorable mentions at the end. Here are my picks […]

Shout Out Louds Optica

The MIMO Interview: Shout Out Louds [2013 in Review]

As is our custom, toward the end of the year and the beginning of the next, we like to take a look back at some of the more memorable articles published to MIMO. We begin our review of 2013 with an interview David Tillman did with Swedish indie band Shout Out Louds. When we interviewed Carl von Arbin via Skype, the band was actually rehearsing in Sweden, about to launch […]

St. Vincent self-titled

St. Vincent Shares New Single “Birth In Reverse”

After last year’s highly creative and classy collaboration with David Byrne, baroque pop songstress St. Vincent (nee Annie Clark) is back with a new blonde ‘do, an Ingenuity Award from the Smithsonian (for her creative approach to the performing arts), and a new self-titled album in the works. This week, she teased us with a new single, “Birth In Reverse,” from the upcoming record. It’s got to say something when […]

Jake Bugg Shangri La

Jake Bugg “Shangri-La” –Album Review

Virgin/EMI (2013)

Okay. I’m totally enamored with this guy. Brit retro folk-rocker Jake Bugg definitely made a stir with his self-titled debut album last year—enough of a stir, in fact, to get him nominated for this year’s coveted Mercury Prize (alongside notables like David Bowie, Laura Marling and Arctic Monkeys). He continues to solidify his niche with this week’s release of Shangri La. Shunning the EDM club-scene trends of so many of […]


Up-and-Comers: Passenger

The story of Passenger is almost as compelling as his music; it’s a riches-to-rags-to-riches story, at least musically speaking. Started in the UK by Michael Rosenberg and Andrew Phillips ten years ago, Passenger was initially a five-piece band with a major label backing it. Shortly after the release of their debut album Wicked Man’s Rest in 2007, however, Phillips left, and the band subsequently scattered. Undeterred, Michael Rosenberg, the only […]

Midlake Antiphon

Midlake “Antiphon” –Album Review

Bella Union (2013)

Imagine you’re an indie rock band with several critically acclaimed albums under your belt. You embark on a new project, you spend months writing, rehearsing and preparing, and in the middle of recording…your frontman and primary songwriter leaves the band. It’s truly a do-or-die moment, because your band basically has to undergo a heart transplant in order to survive—let alone measure up to the bar set by your previous work. […]

Anna Calvi One Breath

Up-and-Comers: Anna Calvi

It seems quite odd to classify Anna Calvi as an up-and-comer, considering that she’s already a chart success in Europe with two albums to her credit, and that she’s been both a nominee and a judge for the Mercury Prize in her UK homeland. But here in the States, technically, we’re just getting to know her. And I have a feeling that with her sophomore album One Breath, released earlier […]

Best Coast Fade Away

Best Coast “Fade Away” –Album Review

Jewel City (2013)

First, there was Crazy For You—a debut album by California surf/rock duo Best Coast whose buzzy, effected sound placed them at the fore of a whole movement of indie rock and gave frontwoman Bethany Cosentino a bit of celebrity status in the indie community. Then last year, the duo released a follow up record, The Only Place, removing some of the buzz and adding a bit of spit-and-polish to the […]

Cults Static

Cults “Static” –Album Review

Columbia (2013)

Scenario: you form a band with your significant other. You write some songs and make a record. You get famous, and your band travels the world. Then you break up. What are your options? You can either a) break up the band along with the relationship; or b) keep the band together and use the breakup as material to write another record. Thankfully for fans, Madeline Follin and Brian Oblivion […]

The Head and The Heart Let's Be Still

The Head and The Heart “Let’s Be Still” –Album Review

Sub Pop (2013)

In the four years since Seattle Americana-folk outfit The Head and The Heart started getting national attention, it could never be said that they had a reputation for raising the roof. This band is not trading on your trendy bass-drum-foot-stompin’ Mumford & Sons arena-folk; this is more mid-tempo, lyrical, occasional-toe-tappin’ folk. However you describe their sound, they’ve struck a nerve and built a solid following. If there’s anything their debut […]


The MIMO Interview: Meet SHEL

The “family band” concept is one that can be either very cheesy or very chic. For sisters Sarah, Hannah, Eva and Liza Holbrook—collectively called SHEL, an acronym derived from their first names—thankfully, it’s the latter. In fact, given their diverse personalities and sense of style, their dynamic, fun live performances, and their homemade top hats, these siblings from Ft. Collins, Colorado are bringing their own cool vibe to the Americana […]

Deer Tick Negativity

Deer Tick “Negativity”—Album Review

Partisan Records (2013)

Arguably, Deer Tick could easily be considered alt-country’s answer to early Guns N’ Roses—not in terms of music, but in terms of attitude. For years, the band’s raucous, party-till-you-can’t-stand-up persona has entertained fans almost as much as the liquor-soaked music they’ve played. So it seems just a little bit ironic that their fifth release Negativity, while maintaining the façade of drunken country-punk, is actually their most sober and focused work […]

Sleigh Bells

Check Out Sleigh Bells’ New Tune “You Don’t Get Me Twice”

In a very real sense, Derek Miller and Alexis Krauss (aka Sleigh Bells) have carved out a niche for themselves in the noise-pop genre. Their unique blend of electro beats with heavy, shredding guitars (all overdriven through the speakers for good measure) is just plain contagious. This isn’t the kind of music I normally gravitate toward personally (I’m more of a girl/guitar/coffeehouse kind of girl), but I can’t help loving […]

Over the Rhine Meet Me

Over the Rhine Hit the Mark with “Meet Me At the Edge Of the World”

Great Speckled Dog Records (2013)

There’s a reason why husband-wife indie duo Over the Rhine have developed such a loyal cult following over nearly two decade: they keep putting out amazing music, and they keep putting a fresh spin on things. So it’s no surprise that the arrival of their latest, Meet Me At the Edge Of the World, was met with such eager anticipation—and I can tell you the double album is worth every […]

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