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Durango Songwriters Expo

The MIMO Interview: Jim Attebery, Durango Songwriters Expo

Indie Musicians, Publishing and Song Placement series

As sort of an appendix to the “Indie Musicians, Publishing and Song Placement” series of interviews we conducted with several industry professionals last fall, we felt it would be a great idea to get a perspective from someone who helps coordinate connections between musicians and the industry.  One such person is Jim Attebery, who coordinates the Durango Songwriters Expo twice a year. One great way to for artists to network […]

Priscilla Ahn

The MIMO Interview: Priscilla Ahn

Since her early days playing open mics around New York City clubs in the mid-2000s, singer-songwriter Priscilla Ahn has become something of a staple in the indie music scene. Her warm, folksy style has landed her tour slots with the likes of Joshua Radin, Ray LaMontagne, DeVotchKa and even Willie Nelson, and her songs have become regular fare on prime-time shows like Grey’s Anatomy and motion pictures like My Sister’s […]

Jessica Cole

The MIMO Interview: Jessica Cole, Lyric House Publishing [2013 In Review]

Indie Musicians, Publishing and Song Placement series

We conclude our annual review of most notable MIMO posts from the past year with the final installment of our series on Indie Musicians, Publishing and Song Placement, first published last fall. In this interview, Jessica Cole of Lyric House Publishing shares valuable insights for indie musicians about the dynamics of song placement, how to craft your material for optimal consideration, working with music publishers, etc.  Definitely worth revisiting. We […]

Steve King

The MIMO Interview: Steve King, Imagem [2013 In Review]

Indie Musicians, Publishing and Song Placement series

The interview series MIMO conducted with music publishers and supervisors last fall contains crucial information for indie artists who are serious about a career in today’s music market. We are concluding our review of 2013’s most important articles by reviewing this entire interview series. Earlier this week, we shared a two part interview with Heather Gardner, music supervisor for Vapor Music. Today, we revisit an interview with Steve King of […]

Heather Gardner

The MIMO Interview: Heather Gardner, Vapor Music (Part 2) [2013 In Review]

Indie Musicians, Publishing and Song Placement series

Finishing up our month of reviewing key MIMO articles from 2013…here is Part 2 of Jeff McQ’s interview with Heather Gardner, music supervisor for Vapor Music. First published last fall, this was part of an important series of interviews about song placements and synced music as an outlet for indie musicians.  Check out part 1 here.  Enjoy! –Ed.    *****   MIMO:  What type of sound quality are you looking […]

Heather Gardner

The MIMO Interview: Heather Gardner, Vapor Music (Part 1) [2013 In Review]

Indie Musicians, Publishing and Song Placement series

We  conclude our January review of the best posts on MIMO in 2013 with an important series of interviews that should be especially helpful to indie singer-songwriters and composers.  In recent years, song placements for media have become a major possible outlet for DIY musicians who might not otherwise get their music heard, and some indie musicians have built successful careers around such placements. Last fall, Jeff McQ interviewed several […]

Lucy Schwartz Timekeeper

The MIMO Interview: Lucy Schwartz [2013 in Review]

Continuing to review some of the more memorable pieces from MIMO in 2013…we came across this interview Jeff McQ did with Lucy Scwhartz back in August.  She’s had a lot of opportunities as an indie artist to get her music heard, some of which have come from growing up near the entertainment industry; but as you’ll see in the interview, a lot of opportunities have also come her way from […]

The Mowgli's Waiting For the Dawn

The MIMO Interview: The Mowgli’s [2013 in Review]

At the time David Tillman turned this piece on The Mowgli’s into MIMO back in April, they were just starting to gain attention with their single “San Francisco,” with a debut full-length record in the works. Since then, they’ve guested on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, had their music featured in a major motion picture trailer, and seen their song “San Francisco” climb to No. 11 on the alternative […]

Blue October Sway

The MIMO Interview: Blue October [2013 In Review]

One of our best-received MIMO interviews from the past year was the one Jeff McQ did back in August with Justin Furstenfeld of Blue October. On the eve of the band’s new album release Sway, Furstenfeld seemed notably enthusiastic and hopeful as he talked about the dynamics of “going independent” with Blue October, and about his own newfound sobriety. We thought this interview was definitely worth revisiting. Enjoy. –Ed.   […]


The MIMO Interview: Lissie Talks “Shameless” [2013 In Review]

2013 was a great year for MIMO interviews, from industry representatives to Platinum-selling artists. In this piece from June, Jeff McQ got a chance to ask folk-rocker Lissie a few questions about her upcoming record Back To Forever (released this fall), and about the single “Shameless” in particular. The conversation produced some insightful and vulnerable moments that are worth revisiting. Thanks again, Lissie. –Ed. ***** Folk-rock singer/songwriter Lissie is one […]

Shout Out Louds Optica

The MIMO Interview: Shout Out Louds [2013 in Review]

As is our custom, toward the end of the year and the beginning of the next, we like to take a look back at some of the more memorable articles published to MIMO. We begin our review of 2013 with an interview David Tillman did with Swedish indie band Shout Out Louds. When we interviewed Carl von Arbin via Skype, the band was actually rehearsing in Sweden, about to launch […]


The MIMO Interview: Introducing Malkovich

Meet Malkovich, a rapping entrepreneur from L.A. who has logged more airline miles than most of us combined. Having returned to the U.S. from a prolonged stint in Namibia and Europe, just last week he released a new video for a song of his most recent studio album, Great Expectations, available on Bandcamp. The Iran-born, U.S.-raised rapper may be known in some circles for his “I Ran So Far Away” […]

Jessica Cole

The MIMO Interview: Jessica Cole, Lyric House Publishing

Indie Musicians, Publishing and Song Placement series

For DIY musicians and songwriters who want to venture into song licensing and placement, but who have little in the way of industry connections, a good music publisher can be a powerful ally. Where music publishing has historically been thought of in the context of getting music into print and onto records, more and more publishers are turning their focus to the wide-open market of song placement and sync. Unlike […]

Steve King

The MIMO Interview: Steve King, Imagem Creative Services

Indie Musicians, Publishing and Song Placement series

Continuing our interview series on “Indie Musicians, Publishing and Song Placement,” Music Is My Oxygen has been talking with a number of music industry professionals to get their best advice on how DIY musicians can tap into the growing market of song licensing and placement. Steve King is the Director of Creative Services for Imagem, a large independent music publisher with a huge and diverse catalog encompassing everything from classical and […]


The MIMO Interview: Meet SHEL

The “family band” concept is one that can be either very cheesy or very chic. For sisters Sarah, Hannah, Eva and Liza Holbrook—collectively called SHEL, an acronym derived from their first names—thankfully, it’s the latter. In fact, given their diverse personalities and sense of style, their dynamic, fun live performances, and their homemade top hats, these siblings from Ft. Collins, Colorado are bringing their own cool vibe to the Americana […]

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