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Tyler Hilton “Forget the Storm”: Album Review

Chances are you know Tyler Hilton for something other than music, although Forget the Storm is actually his third full-length release. Many people know Hilton for his role as musician Chris Keller on One Tree Hill, or as young Elvis in the Johnny Cash biopic Walk the Line (he does look the part, doesn’t he?) But he doesn’t just play a musician on TV or the movies; Tyler Hilton is a […]


Pop Rewind: Genesis “Land of Confusion”

Here’s a fun trip down memory lane for you: remember Genesis? You know, before Phil Collins was just Phil Collins? “Land Of Confusion” is one of Genesis’ classic hits, from their album Invisible Touch, and it’s a perfect example of 80’s rock (synths, drum machines, the works). Most of us who lived in that time remember the video (below) particularly for its use of puppets depicting not only the Genesis […]

Madonna - MDNA

Album Review: Madonna “MDNA”

So after lots of teasers, Madonna’s new release MDNA, her 13th studio album, has finally dropped. And apparently it’s already dropped into the hands of many anticipating fans, having broken pre-sale records on iTunes. So let’s start with props where they’re due. First of all—Madonna and her crew certainly know how to market their product. From her featured appearance at the Superbowl halftime show, to soliciting help from modern divas […]

Justin Bieber’s Boyfriend May Be His Most Successful Single to Date

Justin Bieber’s “Boyfriend” May Be His Most Successful Single to Date

ITunes and the Internet have been recently abuzz with the release of Justin Bieber’s new single “Boyfriend,” a teaser to his upcoming album Believe. Not only is the single poised to shatter Bieber’s previous weekly download sales record (by more than double), but the song has already generated significant radio airplay which is certain to land him a respectable debut on the Billboard Hot 100. Bieber, like so many teen […]

Who Is One Direction, and Why Should You Care?

Who Is One Direction, and Why Should You Care?

Just when you thought boy bands had gone the way of the dinosaur…there’s Up All Night, the debut recording from One Direction. One Direction, the UK’s latest incarnation of the N-SYNC-esque version of boy-band pop (complete with the occasional New Kids On the Block falsetto riff), would seem at first glance to be an unlikely pick to start off at the top of the US sales charts. In my humble […]

“Birdy” Spreads Her Wings

“Birdy” Spreads Her Wings

Birdy is a name many people don’t know yet in the United States, but gauging from the response of people in the UK, it’s only a matter of time before she’s a household name. Birdy (known to friends and family as Jasmine van den Bogaerde) is not yet 16 years old, but her piano-based folk pop has already won over many fans across the pond. Her rise to fame began by […]

With Stronger, Kelly Clarkson Hits Her Stride (Again)

With Stronger, Kelly Clarkson Hits Her Stride (Again)

The pop-star journey for vocalist Kelly Clarkson (American Idol’s first winner) has been a roller-coaster ride, to put it mildly. After seeing some initial successes with hits like “Breakaway,” “Because of You” and “Since U Been Gone,” it started to feel for awhile that the idol’s veneer was starting to fade. Even though Clarkson continued to chart with singles like “Never Again” and “I Do Not Hook Up,” there was this […]

Ting Tings: Sounds From Nowheresville—Album Review

Ting Tings: Sounds From Nowheresville—Album Review

The music of UK indie-pop dance duo The Ting Tings is basic. Simple. Redundant. Uninventive. Predictable. Redundant. (Oh, wait, I said redundant already, didn’t I?) Oh. And it’s also some of the catchiest stuff on the market. The Ting Tings (a.k.a. Jules de Martino and Katie White) seem to have capitalized on the concept that sometimes less is more. They’ve basically combined jangly guitars, a solid dance beat, and Katie White’s […]


With ‘Some Nights,’ fun. Takes Off

If you’ve watched any television at all the past few months, or listened to the radio, you’ve probably heard the almost annoyingly catchy anthem “We Are Young” by indie-pop/rock outfit fun.—the first single off their new release Some Nights. The single, which features a cameo by Janelle Monae, [URL: http://www.jmonae.com] recently enjoyed placement on a Chevrolet Superbowl commercial, and the cast of Glee recently covered it, as well. Not to […]


Why We Shouldn’t Write Off Lana Del Rey (Just Yet)

So Lana Del Rey is a name being tossed around a lot lately—and not in the best way. Like many modern performers, Lana Del Rey (the stage name/femme fatale alter ego of singer Lizzie Grant) has been building a major fan base the past few years via the Internet. But the January 2012 release of her record Born to Die has received tepid reviews so far from the critics, who seem […]

Adele's Grammy Sweep

Adele’s Grammy Sweep Sends a Message

This was a tough year to win a Grammy Award, if you were not Adele. Thanks to her record breaking sophomore release 21, Adele swept this year’s awards, winning in every category in which she was nominated, including Album of the Year, Record of the Year, Song of the Year, and three others—six in all. Although these weren’t Adele’s first Grammys (she won two in 2009, including Best New Artist), […]

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