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Wilson Phillips

Pop Rewind: Wilson Phillips “Hold On”

When the song “Hold On” by Wilson Phillips first started hitting the airwaves in 1990, the typical reaction of listeners was something like, “Wow. Who’s THAT?” The catchy melody with gorgeous, tight female harmonies floating over those rapid-fire lyrics was different from anything else on the radio at the time. The debut single from the vocal trio was an instant hit, shooting to Number 1 on the Billboard charts. Most […]

Lea Michele Louder

Lea Michele Enters the Battlefield with “Louder” –Album Review

Columbia (2014)

There’s a gorgeous piano ballad called “Battlefield” on Lea Michele’s debut album Louder that is perhaps more apropos than even she realizes—because truly, in so many ways, she’s dropping this record into one.  A battlefield, that is. Before we get into the songs themselves, let’s start by taking a look at the field, and just how much was working against Lea Michele before the album even came out of the […]

Michael Jackson Thriller

Pop Rewind: Michael Jackson “Billie Jean”

From a music history standpoint, Michael Jackson really had two careers: a child singing star who stole the spotlight among his brothers early on as part of the Jackson 5; and his emergence as the “King of Pop” in the 1980s.  This week’s rewind, “Billie Jean,” the second single from 1982’s breakthrough album Thriller, is one of the songs that helped propel Jackson’s second career into megastardom. Ironically, “Billie Jean” […]


Devo’s Bob Casale Dead at 61

For the second time in nine months, a prominent member of new wave band Devo has passed away. Guitarist Bob Casale, who started Devo with his brother Gerald in 1972 and played on every Devo album, died suddenly of heart failure on Feb. 17, as confirmed by his brother. He was 61. Gerald Casale released a statement concerning Bob’s passing: “He was my level-headed brother, a solid performer and talented […]

Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars Shines at Super Bowl Halftime

Red Hot Chili Peppers not too shabby, either

In case there were any doubts as to Bruno Mars’ superstar potential, those doubts were effectively put to rest as the star-on-the-rise put on one of the most flawless Super Bowl halftime shows in recent memory. For Denver Broncos fans, the brief but power-packed halftime show of Super Bowl XLVIII was the single bright spot in an otherwise long and painful night. For Seattle Seahawks fans, it was simply more […]

Billy Joel Piano Man

Pop Rewind: Billy Joel “Piano Man”

We could spend numerous rewinds going over the hits of icon Billy Joel—and likely we’ll review more in the days to come—but having been recently awarded the coveted Kennedy Center Honors for his lifetime achievement, and given his upcoming residency at Madison Square Garden, it seems appropriate to start with Billy Joel’s very first (and now signature) hit, “Piano Man.” When the song was first released as a single in […]

A Great Big World

A Great Big World “Is Anybody Out There?” –Album Review

Epic Records/Sony (2014)

After hitting the national stage last fall with their smash melancholy hit “Say Something” (with an added push from Christina Aguilera to nudge them even further into the spotlight), pop duo A Great Big World now have the chance with their debut album Is Anybody Out There? to show whether they have the musical chops to carry them over the one-hit-wonder hump. On first listen, I feel like they’ll definitely […]

David Bowie The Next Day

Best Pop and Rock Albums of 2013

I gotta be honest—I had a hard time finding a whole lot to love about this year’s pop and rock offerings.  I gave some good reviews to albums in both genres, but even then, I often based it on respect for the work more than personal enjoyment. However, when I liked something—I found I really liked it. There were a few from newer or current acts, but interestingly, a number […]

Miley Cyrus

Why We Should Ignore Miley Cyrus [2013 In Review]

We’re taking a look back at some of 2013’s more memorable articles here on MIMO. Several months after Tim Ferrar posted this commentary, Miley Cyrus is still in the news almost daily. Think what you will about her, she’s the most talked-about musical artist of 2013. Tim thinks that shouldn’t be so. What do you think? –Ed ***** You couldn’t watch the news or scan the Internet yesterday without hearing/reading […]


Why You Should Keep Your Eye on Haim [2013 in Review]

As we continue looking back at some of the more memorable MIMO articles from this past year, we came across this analysis piece written back in April by Tim Ferrar on LA-based sister act Haim. Earlier, David Tillman had included them on his 2013 Acts to Watch list, and it turns out they didn’t disappoint. Haim became one of the hottest acts on the festival circuit, followed up by a […]

Johnny Mathis

Pop Rewind: Johnny Mathis “O Holy Night”

Though now over 150 years old, the carol “O Holy Night” remains an all-time favorite during the holidays. Originally composed by Adolphe Adam in 1847 as an adaptation of a French poem by Placide Cappeau, it was first adapted for English by John Sullivan Dwight in 1855. Since then, as is common with so many traditional carols, “O Holy Night” has endured numerous versions, revisions and additional verses to the […]

Bing Crosby White Christmas

Pop Rewind: Bing Crosby “White Christmas”

Few Christmas songs have become more indelibly imprinted in American culture than Irving Berlin’s tune “White Christmas.” Since its release in the early 1940s, the song has been recorded and covered more than 500 times.  However, the Bing Crosby version not only is the best-known among them, but in 2007, the Guinness Book of World Records documented Crosby’s version as the best-selling single, ever. Of the 100 million total copies […]

Eartha Kitt Santa Baby

Pop Rewind: Eartha Kitt “Santa Baby”

One of the most-covered modern Christmas tunes in memory, “Santa Baby” has been recorded by everyone from Maria Muldaur to Natalie Merchant to Taylor Swift to Miss Piggy—and even by a few guys (like Michael Buble and comedy duo Homer & Jethro). But not even Madonna in her prime could match the subtly delicious delivery of the one who sang it first—singer/actress/Broadway star Eartha Kitt. Written by Joan Javits and […]

Nu Shooz

Pop Rewind: Nu Shooz “I Can’t Wait”

Between the heavy synths, drum loops, big hair and oversize pastel clothes, nothing screams the 80’s like freestyle dance-pop group Nu Shooz. While they only made a brief appearance on the mainstream charts, barely missing one-hit wonder status by logging two Top-40 hits, the husband-and-wife team of Valerie Day and John Smith got feet moving on dance floors around the world, especially with their biggest hit, “I Can’t Wait.” While […]

Lana Del Rey Tropico

Lana Del Rey Announces New Album “Ultraviolence”

Reveals album title at premiere of short film "Tropico"

Apparently, rumors of Lana Del Rey’s departure from music last summer were greatly exaggerated. At least for now. Wednesday night, at the Hollywood premiere of her 30-minute short film Tropico, Del Rey addressed the crowd: “I really just wanted us all to be together so I could try and visually close out my chapter before I release the new record, Ultra-Violence.” As has been her M.O., she gave no details […]