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Green Day: And Then There Were “¡Tré!”

Reprise Records (2012)

Closing out Green Day’s highly publicized trilogy (starting with ¡Uno! and ¡Dos!), the third album ¡Tré! was not scheduled for release until January, but for some reason (perhaps related to Billie Joe Armstrong’s recovery process) the band decided to just put it out there. Perhaps it’s just as well. While this third record aptly reflects the band’s journey historically, it’s also a bit anti-climatic. Where ¡Uno! took us back to […]

Green Day Builds On “¡Uno!” With “¡Dos!”

Reprise Records (2012)

With the release of ¡Dos!, the second album of Green Day’s three-part trilogy, there’s an inherent temptation/compulsion for writers and critics to tie it in with the band’s recent difficulties (namely, Billie Jo Armstrong’s onstage meltdown and current stint in rehab, followed up with the band postponing their tour). But now that I’ve made the obligatory mention of said difficulties, I’d like to talk about ¡Dos! apart from those issues, […]

Green Day”s “¡Uno!”—A Refocusing of Direction?

Reprise Records (2012)

As ¡Uno!, the first installment of Cali-punk band Green Day’s announced three-album trilogy, is now available to the public, the band itself is surrounded with unrelated publicity that seems almost poetic for a punk band. Over the weekend, during a performance at the iHeartMusic Festival, frontman Billie Joe Armstrong threw an onstage tantrum, smashing his guitar to bits in response to a one-minute teleprompter warning. The next day, the band […]

Yellowcard Breathes the “Southern Air”—Album Review

Hopeless Records (2012)

Let’s be real—it’s rare when a band gets a true “second wind.” That’s why Southern Air, the latest release by pop/punk band Yellowcard, is so worth exploring and listening to. Many bands go on an “indefinite hiatus” and never come back. Many other bands come back from their hiatus, produce a presentable “comeback” record, and then just coast the rest of the way. But the word “hiatus” usually signifies a […]

The Offspring’s ‘Days Go By’ Finds the Band At Its Best – and Worst

Columbia Records (2012)

Days Go By, The Offspring’s ninth studio album, is disappointingly uneven, a trend that’s come to represent their output over the past decade or so. It is, however, stronger than their past two records. The record is bookended by four of the best songs they’ve written in years – “The Future is Now” and “Secrets from the Underground” are a full-on return to the band’s early So*Cal punk days, while […]

Album Review: Make Do and Mend Shine with “Everything You Ever Loved”

Rise Records (2012)

For their new full-length album, Make Do and Mend strayed away a bit from the post-hardcore feel of their 2010 debut, End Measured Mile, adding a bit of a relaxed, melody-reliant alternative rock to the mix. Judging by the results, this couldn’t have been a better decision, as Everything You Ever Loved is easily one of the strongest albums of the year. At times, its songs sound like what can […]

Going to Warped Tour This Summer? Don’t Miss These Bands.

The 2012 edition of the Vans Warped Tour kicked off this week, and we wanted to put together a list of acts you should check out if you’re planning to go. There are a ton of bands on the tour, playing from 10 in the morning until around 8 at night, and the set times change daily. Use this quick list as your guide to some of the most can’t-miss […]

Motion City Soundtrack “Go”—Album Review

Epitaph Records (2012)

Go, Motion City Soundtrack’s fifth studio album (and first since becoming an independent band for the second time), is arguably one of the finest they’ve released in their fifteen-year career. The band, known for their keyboard-driven pop/punk style and Justin Pierre’s emotionally-tinged vocals, must have been in a great place creatively when composing this record. Notably, the synth has returned, in a big way. Gone is the keyboard-free approach that […]

Pennywise “All or Nothing” Album Review

Epitaph (2012)

When Jim Lindberg left Pennywise in 2009, it made sense to write the band off. How could they continue on without his engaging presence, a key factor in making them the legends they are today? In a testament to their punk rock chops, they did. All or Nothing, their first overall record since 2008 and first with new singer Zoltán “Zoli” Téglás (from the OC punk band Ignite), is a […]