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phil rudd

AC/DC Drummer Phil Rudd Pleads Guilty to Murder Threats

It would appear that in the midst of their comeback tour, Aussie rock icons AC/DC are experiencing another personnel change. Remember last November when their drummer, Phil Rudd, was arrested in New Zealand on murder-for-hire charges, then the charges were dropped for lack of evidence? As is usually the case, that wasn’t all there was to the story. There were other charges to be addressed, including drug possession and threatening […]

brand new

Brand New Unveil Brand New Song ‘Don’t Feel Anything’

It really says something about a rock band’s grass-roots popularity when they’ve all but gone off the grid for six years, with very little but rumors about a new album to go on, and when they play a new song at a show with no introduction, the fan video goes viral. This week, the Interwebs lit up when punk/alternative band Brand New gave concertgoers a foretaste of their long-anticipated upcoming fifth […]

john cougar jack and diane

Rock Rewind: John Cougar (Mellencamp) “Jack & Diane”

First it was Johnny Cougar. Then just John Cougar. Then it was John Cougar Mellencamp. Then just John Mellencamp. Rarely has a musical artist gone through so many moniker changes over the course of a career (right up there with Sean Combs-Diddy-P Diddy-Puff Daddy). But regardless of the name changes, Mellencamp’s unique style of heartland rock has been a constant force, his songs evoking indelible images of the American Midwest. […]

mike porcaro

Mike Pocaro, Former Bassist for Toto, Dead at 59

Mike Pocaro, who played bass for Grammy-winning band Toto for more than 20 years, has died of ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease), according to his brother and fellow bandmate Steve Pocaro. He was 59. “Our brother Mike passed away peacefully in his sleep at 12:04 AM last night at home surrounded by his family, Steve posted on Facebook. “Rest in peace, my brother.” Mike was one of three Porcaro brothers who […]

the police roxanne

Rock Rewind: The Police ‘Roxanne’

It was 38 years ago today (Feb. 12) that British punk/new-wave band The Police went into the studio to record their first-ever single “Fall Out” in 1977, for the equivalent of $250. The song never charted and never appeared on a studio album (only on compilations and live recordings), and today only the most dedicated Police fans probably remember it. However, their second single, “Roxanne,” generated enough interest to land […]

motley crue

Mötley Cruë Are Really, Truly Breaking Up This Year (Really)

Announce final tour dates, last concert "ever" in Los Angeles Dec. 31

Have you heard? Mötley Cruë is breaking up. No, really. This week, the hair metal band who first rose to international acclaim in the 1980s announced what they swear will be their final tour dates ever—a 6-month-long trek across North America concluding with a final show in Los Angeles on December 31, 2015. Of course, this news isn’t really a shocker. After all, the band first announced their end game […]

foo fighters sonichighways

The Top Five Pop and Rock Albums of 2014

Yeah…I know…another year-end list. You’re going to find lots of Top 20 and Top 50 lists of best albums of 2014 on the Interwebs right about now, but for this list, I wanted to keep it short—narrow it down to five pop/rock albums that aren’t just really, really good (because there are lots of records that could be on that kind of list), but also albums that broke ground artistically […]

elvis presley blue christmas

Rock Rewind: Elvis Presley “Blue Christmas”

The well-loved holiday tune “Blue Christmas” has been an established part of American culture since the late 1940s, and has been covered by literally hundreds of artists over the years ranging from Johnny Mathis to Porky Pig. But without a doubt, Elvis Presley’s version of the song is by far the one that is most recognized, most played, and best loved. Written by Billy Hayes and Jay W. Johnson, “Blue […]

extreme more than words

Rock Rewind: Extreme “More Than Words”

Occasionally (and ironically), a band’s best-known song turns out to be the song that was the greatest departure from that band’s style. “More Than Words,” the acoustic ballad by funk-metal band Extreme, is a perfect example. Extreme first emerged as a “supergroup” in 1985, with all four members coming together out of previous bands playing in Boston’s rock scene. As they built a solid local following, they eventually landed a […]

george harrison got my mind set on you

Rock Rewind: George Harrison “Got My Mind Set On You”

In between his work with The Beatles and The Traveling Wilburys, George Harrison was also successful as a solo artist. In fact, he actually has three number-one solo hits to his credit in the U.S., more than any of the other ex-Beatles (including Paul McCartney, who’s still kind of a big deal). After sort of peaking in the 1970s with “My Sweet Lord” and “Give Me Love (Give Me Peace […]

phil rudd

UPDATE: Murder-For-Hire Charge Dropped Against Phil Rudd

AC/DC drummer still faces other charges

Within 24 hours of AC/DC drummer Phil Rudd’s widely publicized arrest in New Zealand on Thursday, the most serious of the charges was dropped, according to Stuff.co.nz. After appearing in court on a charge of “attempting to procure a murder,” for which he entered no plea—along with a series of drug charges stemming from cannabis and methamphetamine allegedly found in his home—Rudd was cleared of the murder-for-hire charge by New […]

phil rudd

AC/DC Drummer Phil Rudd Arrested on Murder-for-Hire Charges

Band assures fans the album and tour will continue

Phil Rudd, longtime drummer for hard rock band AC/DC, was arrested in New Zealand on Thursday morning on charges of attempting to procure a murder, along with cannabis and methamphetamine possession (found in a raid on his home). As reported by Stuff.co.nz, the rock drummer appeared in Tauranga District Court after his arrest, where he entered no plea to the charges, posted bail, and was released pending another court appearance […]

stevie nicks 24 karat gold

Stevie Nicks Mines for ’24 Karat Gold’—Album Review

Reprise Records (2014)

Typically, when an artist digs into the “vault” for previously unreleased tracks, the result is a set of “B-sides” intended for only the most devoted of fans to enjoy. (After all, there’s a reason they were vaulted.) But when Stevie Nicks does it, apparently, it’s gold. More specifically, the aptly titled 24 Karat Gold: Songs From the Vault, a brilliant late-career move that reminds us of the timeless impact the […]

Paul Revere

Rock Legend Paul Revere (of the Raiders) Passes Away at 76

The Internet has been abuzz over the weekend over the news that rock icon Paul Revere (organist and bandleader of the equally iconic, colonial-outfit-bedecked rock band Paul Revere & the Raiders) had passed away at his home in Idaho on October 4. He was 76. The news first broke on the band’s website and Facebook page, accompanied by a touching tribute letter from a fan. No cause of death was […]

Janis Joplin

Rock Rewind: Janis Joplin “Piece Of My Heart”

Forty-four years ago today—on October 4, 1970—rock legend Janis Joplin was late for a recording session at Sunset Sound Recorders in Los Angeles. Concerned, her road manager drove to her hotel and found her in her room, dead from a heroin overdose. Sixteen days prior, the world had lost Jimi Hendrix to a similar fate. (Both were 27 years old at the time of their passing, giving rise to the […]