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Former Devo Drummer Alan Myers Dies

CORRECTION: Initial news reports incorrectly named brain cancer as Alan Myers’ cause of death. Actual cause of death was stomach cancer. -Ed. Alan Myers, former drummer for New Wave outfit Devo, has passed away. As reported by Slicing Up Eyeballs, the man affectionately nicknamed “The Human Metronome” succumbed to a long battle with brain cancer on June 25. First news of his passing came from the Facebook page of his […]


Skillet “Rise” Again with Powerful New Album (Review)

Atlantic (2013)

Let’s start by saying that hard rock band Skillet are an anomaly. It is not that uncommon these days for people of faith to form bands who succeed in the mainstream, but it is a rarity for a band to find mainstream success while being notably outspoken and open about their faith. It’s even more rare these days for a band that got its start deep within the Christian music […]

The Story

Rock Rewind: Brandi Carlile “The Story”

“The Story” by folk-rocker Brandi Carlile, released in 2007 on the album by the same name, is almost too new to categorize as a “rewind.” Also, the song itself was not a huge chart success (it peaked at #75 on the Billboard Hot 100), nor did it garner Carlile any awards. So why is it on the Rock Rewind? Simply put, I’m a sucker for girl rockers singing outstanding songs. […]


The MIMO Interview: We As Human

Hard rock band We As Human broke into the music industry in a way that almost never happens anymore: they were “discovered.” After years of plugging away at their craft and playing their big-sounding music in tiny venues, one of their demos was passed to John Cooper of veteran rock act Skillet. This led to an introduction, and eventually a record deal, with Atlantic Records. Now poised to hit the […]


Rock Rewind: U2 “One”

Released on the Achtung Baby album in 1991, U2’s “One” is considered by many to be the song that essentially saved the band’s career. One of their most heartfelt and emotional tunes, and one that has served as an anthem for several of the band’s social justice causes, the story behind its origins is just as personal and compelling. After the monumental success of The Joshua Tree, the members of […]


Jimmy Eat World “Damage” –Album Review

RCA (2013)

There’s a double-edged sword associated with being a band that winds up capturing the emotion and angst of a particular generation.  How many high schoolers in the early 2000s cite powerpop act Jimmy Eat World’s Bleed American as part of their life soundtrack? (Answer: it’s a lot.) From one standpoint, it’s the best measure of success for a band, because it not only gives them plenty of exposure and helps […]


Goo Goo Dolls Brighten It Up on “Magnetic” –Album Review

Warner Bros (2013)

There seems to be an undercurrent of expectation these days that rock bands need to strive to reinvent themselves or take quantum evolutionary leaps forward with each new album they create. However, after 25 years, 9 studio albums and gobs of success, it’s a bit unrealistic to place that kind of expectation on the Goo Goo Dolls. They have a sound that works for them, a sound their fans have […]

nin newalbum

Nine Inch Nails: A New Album, but No Adrien Belew

Many industrial rock fans have been wondering when/if Trent Reznor was going to end his foray into film scoring and start up Nine Inch Nails again. (Although, let’s face it, the soundtracks for The Social Network and The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo were pretty friggin’ awesome.) Reznor started dropping clues earlier this year that the band was ramping up again, presumably only for some live show dates. But on […]


Queens Of the Stone Age “…Like Clockwork” –Album Review

Matador (2013)

Make no mistake about it: frontman Josh Homme wants to unnerve you. If we could describe the vibe on the latest release by Queens Of the Stone Age, …Like Clockwork, in a single word, I think “unnerving” would be a good word choice. It starts with the album cover (‘nuff said), and intensifies with the leadoff track “Keep Your Eyes Peeled”, opening with the sound of shattering glass and following […]


Ben Fold Five Goes “Live”

Ben Folds/Sony Music (2013)

Anyone else as glad as me to hear these guys together again? Not that Ben Folds isn’t awesome on his own, because he is. But there’s just something about when Ben Folds Five come together with their synergy of pop, rock and jazz that sends me. That synergy doesn’t just come across in their records; it also makes for some amazing live performances. Happily for us, when BFF reunited and […]


Alice In Chains “The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here” –Album Review

Capitol (2013)

Let’s start with an honest admission: Alice In Chains will never be quite the same band after the tragic death of frontman Layne Staley in 2002. And it wouldn’t feel right if they tried to be. Staley wasn’t just the voice of Alice In Chains; in many ways he was the heart, as well. But that doesn’t mean this metal-tinged grunge band (or grunge-tinged metal band, depending on how you […]


Rock Rewind: Oasis “Wonderwall”

Rock/Britpop band Oasis are one of those bands whose legacy has as much to do with the bands they have influenced as their music itself. Claiming The Beatles as their own biggest influence, Oasis came to their heyday in the mid-1990s amidst a well-publicized rivalry with fellow Britpop artists Blur. Since that time, they have been cited as a primary influence by the likes of Coldplay, Maroon 5, The Strokes, […]


30 Seconds To Mars “LOVE LUST FAITH + DREAMS”: Album Review

Virgin Records (2013)

There’s a pitfall associated with lots of hype and big buildups: if you hype something up, you had better deliver, or you won’t be taken seriously next time. 30 Seconds To Mars, the brainchild of actor Jared Leto, has never shied away from the grandiose or from claims of its own epic-ness, billing itself as more movement than band, and drawing a fiercely loyal fan base around its own messiah […]


Rock Rewind: Pat Benatar “Love Is a Battlefield”

Pat Benatar was at one time the most unlikely person anyone would think of as a rock-chick superstar: trained classically as a vocalist and in the theatre, completely separated from the rock scene, a one-time Julliard candidate, married to her high school sweetheart by age 19. She began her singing career as a lounge singer and didn’t delve into rock until age 22. (She later divorced, but retained her married […]


Natalie Maines “Mother” –Album Review

A decade is a long time for a musical artist to remembered primarily for publicly bashing and apologizing for a sitting President in a time of war. (Case in point: most of you would already know who I’m talking about, even without reading the article title.) Certainly Natalie Maines, the outspoken vocalist from the Dixie Chicks, must hope that after her years of silence, the release of her solo effort […]

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