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John Altman with James Horner

And Goes On and On – Part 2

With the release of Titanic 3D, and its incredible worldwide success (outgrossing most first run movies this year) I’m once again being asked questions about ‘that moment’. As the ship sinks , the band begins to play ‘Nearer My God To Thee’ and time (and the movie) seems to stand still for a moment of quiet contemplation. It’s probably one of the classic all-time movie moments to rank alongside ‘Here’s […]

John Altman with Billy Zane

My Heart Will Go On (And On) – Part 1

As Titanic 3D sails (sorry about that but hard to avoid – oops there we go again) past the $2 billion mark to become almost certainly once again the highest grossing movie in history, I thought you may be interested in how I came to work on this blockbuster, how I got stuck in a Swiss field full of inquisitive cattle at 4am, and how I sang into an amplified […]

John Altman with Monty Python

Dadadeeeedadada dadada

No matter where I was, if I heard that collection of notes sung in that way it could only mean one thing. I was being greeted by George Harrison. Let me explain. Late in the 1970s it was my great good fortune to find myself a working member of an extraordinary team of people. At the core were the geniuses we now know as ‘the Pythons’ – six masters of […]

Good things come to those that wait - John Altman

Good Things Come to Those That Wait

There was always something extra special about Peter Green. Something that set him apart from the other guitar heroes of the late sixties – Hendrix, Clapton, Beck and Page. Something that hit a nerve in B.B. King, Carlos Santana, and Barney Kessel and resonated with many fans who first came to his playing via John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers and the early incarnation of Fleetwood Mac. It was very hard to define […]

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