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Cee Lo Green’s Got 99 Problems of His Own

(Or perhaps it just FEELS like 99 problems)

Perhaps it’s cruel irony, or just a fact of our modern world, that a guy can get off the hook with no jail time for partaking of illegal drugs and allegedly slipping them to a woman on a date, but loses his reality show in the wake of a series of ill-advised Tweets.

Cee Lo Green has been back in the news lately, for all of the wrong reasons. As a follow-up to what MIMO reported last fall, the singer and former Voice judge has been embroiled for more than a year in a criminal case for allegedly slipping ecstasy to a woman in a restaurant in July 2012. (A previous charge of sexual assault was dropped for lack of evidence.) Last week, as part of a plea agreement, Rolling Stone reports that Green changed his plea from “not guilty” to “no contest,” receiving a sentence of 3 years probation, 360 hours of community service, 52 AA/NA meetings, and zero jail time.

Considering the charges and possible consequences, Green should be counting his blessings (and no doubt he is). But after having been relatively close-mouthed about the case, he apparently took his exoneration a little too far with a series of ill-advised Tweets in which he ranted about what is, and is not, rape, presumably in retaliation against his accuser. Perhaps the most repeated “Tweet-byte” among those statements was the following line: “People who have really been raped REMEMBER!”

In the face of immense hostility from other Twitter users, the Tweets were soon deleted, and even Green’s account was deactivated for awhile. However, the damage had been done. On Tuesday, reports surfaced that TBS was pulling the plug on the singer’s new reality series The Good Life. The network’s explanation was that the decision was made solely on poor ratings, but considering the timing and a recent petition submitted to TBS by UltraViolet demanding the show’s removal, it is widely speculated that the show’s cancellation was connected to Green’s Tweets.

Since that time, the singer has reactivated his Twitter account, and on Tuesday night posted an apology:


Of course, by this time, the damage has deepened further, and his claims about the Tweets being “attributed” to him have led many to doubt his sincerity.

So what do we make of all this? It’s difficult to say, and speculation is all we have; but at the worst, Green deserves all the bad publicity he’s getting (it’s admittedly difficult to get past his posted beliefs about rape, if in fact he wrote them), and at best—he should have left well enough alone. How many times must it be repeated that EVERYTHING posted on Twitter is instantly public, (and, for all intents and purposes, permanent, even if deleted)? Perhaps getting no jail time was not enough for someone whose pride demanded his “side” of the story be told. Perhaps it was nothing more than unbridled emotion getting the better of him.

Or perhaps in the heat of the moment, he said what he really thinks, and revealed his true character.

Time will tell. It’s likely this is still just a bump in the road for Cee Lo Green, and perhaps with better behavior in the future he can erase this self-inflicted blight on his reputation. At any rate, it’s a cautionary tale for us all. Money, power and influence might hold sway in the courtroom, but no lawyer can keep your own words from biting you in the ass. If you want to say words that could destroy your career—don’t write them on Twitter.

Just saying.

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