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Christopher McQuarrie To Direct Star Blazers Adaptation

Christpher McQuarrie is responsible for one of the greatest screenplays of all time. The Usual Suspects. If you’ve only seen the movie but never read the screenplay, do yourself a favor and look it  up. It’s wonderful. He’s also written Valkyrie and The Way of The Gun.

More recently McQuarrie transitioned into directing. He directed the Tom Cruise vehicle Jack Reacher, which didn’t do as well as everyone wanted it to do. Despite the poor domestic showing, Jack Reacher has done well over seas. Because of this McQuarrie’s directing career isn’t over. In fact it’s gaining momentum. He’s been rumored to direct Mission Impossible 5: This Sequel Is Really Necessary. Now he’s officially signed on to direct a live action American adaptation of Battle Ship Yamamoto aka Star Blazers.

Space Battle Ship Yamamoto is an extremely famous anime in Japan and a cult favorite over here. Star Blazer, much like Battle of the Planets and Gatchaman was dubbed for american audiences. During this process they changed a lot of story elements. It’ll be interesting to see which incarnation of the characters makes it to the big screen. The original Japanese ones or the Americanized ones.

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