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Comic Con Update

What did you miss this weekend? Well, a lot. So, let’s dig in.

Marvel has announced that the title of Avengers 2 will be Avengers: Age of Ultron. Obviously the principle villian will be the evil robot Ultron.

Tom Hiddleston showed up at the Marvel panel in character as Loki.


The fist look at the Dawn of the Planet of the Apes footage looks great.



Warner Brothers has announced that instead of Man of Steel 2 they’ll be making Superman Batman.



Rumor has it that post Superman Batman Warners is looking to release a Flash film and then a Justice League film.

Fox is going to relase a 3D version of the John Mctiernan classic Predator.

The X-Men Days of Future Past panel has given me a little more confidence that the film will indeed be great and not break under the weight of all of the characters.



That’s the greatest hits of the movie announcements at Comic Con. Enjoy!

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