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Critters Deserves More Sequels

Critters is one of the most under rated horror franchises of the 1980’s. Permanently in the shadow of Gremlins, the Critters films never really caught on culturally the way they should have.

The Critters formula is pretty simple. It’s loads of comedy, cute creatures with big fangs, and plenty of bewildered townsfolk for the Critters to devour in semi comical ways.

The natural progression of the films is pretty fun. They go from simple backwoods townspeople combating the invading fuzzy aliens to downright space opera. There are four entries in the franchise with cameos and supporting roles being filled out by surprisingly high profile actors such as Leo DeCaprio, Vivica Fox and that-guy-who-played-Wormtounge-in-Lord-of-the-Rings.

The films balance humor and horror in interesting, if not always successful ways. Due to the fact that 1980’s cult properties are being snapped up left and right for remakes and re-imaginings you’d think someone would have snagged Critters by now. Unfortunately for the movie-going populace that hasn’t been the case. There has been a distinct lack of Critters in the cineplex this last two decades.

What really needs to happen is for someone to get JJ Abrams a Critters spec script. Do I have one? No. But I’m sure someone out there loves Critters almost as much as me and has some spare time on their hands.

Look at it this way, if George Romero’s The Crazies deserves a remake, then Critters surely does. I like The Crazies but there’s really no reason to remake it. It doesn’t have a large fanbase. It’s not really that relevant to 2012, or whenever it was remade, and the original film was pretty much all that needed to be made. But some suit, somewhere thought that in the wake of the Dawn of the Dead remake that there would be some money to be made and so… poof… More needless remakes.

Does Critters NEED a remake or a sequel? Maybe, maybe not. Do I need a Critters remake or sequel? Yes. Yes, I do. I do, very badly. It’s just the plain fact of the matter. I won’t be happy until the Critters franchise is alive and kicking again. I just won’t.

Let’s start a petition. Let’s create a fan-site. Let’s start a movement. If Firefly and X-Files and who knows how many other shows can be brought back by fan involvement, then I’m sure we can get New Line to make a Critters 5.

We just need to bad together. There’s strength in numbers. There’s might in the fact that we have Critters on our side.

Let’s do it, fellow readers!

Let’s get Critters back on the big screen!!!!

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